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  1. Thanks for all the replies much appreciated. At first I thought having the drop down bed would give more living space but not not sure how much this should affect my decision for example the Hobby in the link below seems to be a nice option and a fixed bed does appeal to me. I’ll definitely be buying from a dealer as hopefully I’ll get something for my caravan. There’s only so much you can do online so when things get back to normal I’ll go round a few dealers. I agree with the advice given here it’s only when you go around looking you pick up information almost without r
  2. Hi all Me and the wife have had a caravan for a few years now but we would like to get a motor home and tour around Europe. I don’t want anything too long that’s a struggle to drive and had looked at maybe a second hand 4/5 berth Hymer 544 with the drop down bed and kitchen at the back. At the same time As I’m buying second hand I don’t want to narrow my choice too much so does anyone have any recommendations. Budget £15 - £30 k. There’s pros and cons with respect to left or right hand drive I don’t mind either way. Any advice much appreciated.
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