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  1. bikerbri

    JULY 5th

    Well it looks like we are being allowed out to campsites soon in our motorhomes, providing we stay in England of course if we are intent on the UK. Hopefully Wales will follow suit very soon after. Have made plans for South of France in early September for a couple of weeks but holding back on actual booking until nearer the time. Will be giving the MH a good wash & wax in preperation and re-fitting the scooter rack.
  2. I often wonder about automotive designers, do they actually drive the vehicles they create? I doubt there is a style of vehicle that does not have simple but annoying 'faults' designed to spoil the driving experience, cars especially and as Gordon points out motorhomes are not exempt. I know a few people with Chausson conversions and mostly the feedback is positive but best to follow the golden rule and have a good test drive in whatever your thinking of buying to ensure everything is to your liking.
  3. If it's too good to be true, etc etc etc A bit fishy is an understatement.
  4. bikerbri

    Road Tax

    Personally Dave I have written off this year so intend to SORN 31st May. I believe we are safer in our own MH on our own pitch but no campsite can guarantee your not at risk until either a vaccine or pandemic declared over. Using facilities provided on site alone is risky, contamination by touch is a reality. We all have to make our own Risk Assesments.
  5. bikerbri


    Thanks for the suggestion, will look into Comfort with a few others and see what emerges.
  6. bikerbri


    ADAC have decided to no longer offer their Plus Membership to anyone outside of Germany, only those with a German residence. As existing membership become due for renewal the cover will cease. At £90pa for full European & UK Breakdown Cover this will indeed be a sad loss, the search for a reliable cost effective alternative begins all over again for 2021. Any suggestions ???
  7. bikerbri

    Road Tax

    That was my logic since March David and we may be a little wiser after Sunday's announcement but not hopeful. EU has extended restrictions on ''unnecessary journey's'' to June 15th and I think it will again. The UK as yet is still being very cautious regarding the Lockdown and leisure driving I fear is bottom of the list We can but live in hope
  8. bikerbri

    Road Tax

    Dave, I don't think driving your MH back to your address would be an issue, it's those heading a distance away from their home that are at risk. You could always ask your local police if it's ok just to be sure. Portugal for you and Spain for me all on hold probably for the rest of this year. Every year we either fly to Lanzarote in Sept or India in Oct and that's not going to happen either, so it's Costa Del Shropshire on Playa Backgarden for us.
  9. bikerbri

    Road Tax

    Not much happening to report but although I am waiting to hear what Boris has to say to the nation on Sunday I am now seriously considering putting the MH on a SORN rather than waste any more Road Tax just to sit on the drive. Despite talk of easing the Lockdown in a phased manner I think it will be quite some time before worthwhile travel will be allowed and probably just in time for winter. At least it can be re-activated instantly should a miracle occur.
  10. We all know it more expensive to buy from a dealer than a private seller normally but not when things go wrong. Everyone likes to think they are getting a bargain and it's that very factor scammers rely upon, my search goes on for my friend's motorhome
  11. While helping a friend to find them their first motorhome on a limited budget I was amazed how many there are priced only to attract the unwary leading to the inevitable scam. A classic case of ''if its too good to be true it probably is'' Motorhomes half their realistic value mostly sold as Classified Add rather than auction and always on behalf of a ''friend'' or ''family member'.' Bank Transfer up front and not cash on collection. Even a viewing & test drive is no guarantee (and often encouraged) as Doc's and Keys will only be released after payment cleared by which time seller & MH mysteriously disappear. Moral of the story has to be, buy only from a genuine dealer or cash on collection from private seller's.
  12. Hi Mas, welcome to the Forum. We are all looking forward to getting back on the road again and who knows you may be parked next to one of us one day soon.
  13. Hi Pav, welcome to the site. With such a huge choice of makes and spec's available it is important to understand what exactly you will use the MH for and what you really need inside it for your own comforts. If used mainly in the UK with the occasional trip abroad then a RH Drive makes more sense but general condition inside and out with a Service History is a bonus. I personally would suggest buying from a dealer rather than private, you should get new MOT and limited Warranty for peace of mind. Either way check everything works, Water, Gas, Electrical and if coachbuilt look for signs of water ingress. Good luck with your search
  14. Hi Rob, if you can't see any obvious adjusters it's probably not an option. It could be down to the fixing position being slightly out. There may be somebody on here who knows differently if your lucky.
  15. Hi Harry, keep us posted on that. Very valid point and worth asking them for a response. Although I'm not a member myself but I imagine it's like asking for a Road Tax and Vehicle Insurance rebate for the same reason and probably with the same outcome. Good Luck
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