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  1. I think the difference in price is a factor to consider, we run our panel connected to both main batteries (cab & leisure) through the control unit plus a 100amphr battery on a 120 Solar Panel. I have installed several double USB sockets and a cigar socket for TV linked directly to third battery used when not connected to mains and never had an issue.
  2. Hi Steve, I use a Solar Panel which is connected to a small Control Unit which then sends power to the batteries, unfortunately I have no experience where PV is concerned but assume some type of controller would be required. Plugging direct into a socket designed for other uses is not a good idea. If you can't find the answer on the internet you could try the company who actually built the van, or you could be lucky that someone on this forum knows all about PV units.
  3. Replacing the fuses is the first option, this will have the advantage of indicating any underlying electrical fault should they blow again when powered up. Auto Electrician may be needed if this happens, there may be a short circuit or overload in the system. 12v option will not operate when connected to mains supply only on battery power
  4. We have a large Bosch 110amp Solar Panel mounted on the actual roof rack. The controller has 2 outputs to charge both batteries, we actually added a 3rd battery and linked all 3 together so each received a top up charge. I installed the complete system myself quite easily mostly thanks to having the roof rack rather than drilling holes in the roof itself for mounting. The wiring is simple requiring only basic skills plus planning on how & where to route the cables once inside the MH using cable trunking. We did do a lot of wildcamping and found the system ideal but for
  5. I have done a lot of Winter Storm Chasing in North Wales while wild camping using a combination of engine generated power on the journey there and my large roof mounted solar panel without any problems. I keep my MH on home hook up so plenty of charge before setting out, that is of course before Lockdowns became popular.
  6. If you 'Browse Forums' you will find some references to problems with Bailey motorhomes which seem to be design/build faults reported by others on the forum.
  7. We shall continue with long weekends (Fri-Sat-Sun) weather permitting but mostly to destinations we know well and know what to expect when we arrive. In just 2 hours we can be on our favourite quiet beaches in mid Wales . Local folklore dictates ''A change is as good as a rest'' To watch & listen to the waves and beachcombe for seashells on a very quiet beach is the best therapy against Covid I can think of. The tourists are welcome to the hotspots any day.
  8. We have found that the 3 & 4* campsites prove to be quieter and better spaced out especially without specific marked pitches allowing a wider choice where to pitch away from others. Facilities however are still a factor but manageable with the correct precautions. It is difficult to know what is best but recent scientific predictions are the virus will not be clear for 2 years, too long to totally avoid the possible risks I would suggest. The 'R' factor is again rising according to the news and another lockdown a possibility in the future, time to get out and about before it
  9. Despite every effort to remain positive I have to admit that Jayne & I have finally conceded that 2020 is pretty much over with for trips other than our occasional weekends in Wales. On the plus side the MH is gleaming inside and out, just looks good on the drive.
  10. Could it be Tywyn for that Ice Cream?? Famous Ice Cream factory there. That's where we were just outside the town (our 2nd home we call it) We normally park on the Neptune Caravan Park but not accepting tourers this year due to pandemic.
  11. I think the effects of Covid and our changeable weather reflects the lack of activity on the forum. We did manage a long weekend earlier in the month on a campsite in Wales during the hot weather but other plans for August have been put on hold until the current weather improves. Our plans for the France Trip to Saint Tropez on 1st Sept is also cancelled thanks to Covid with the need to wear masks in ever increasing regions throughout France, it was looking positive when plans were made but spikes have changed all that. Our alternatives were either Cornwall or Snowdonia but partner J
  12. Good news all round Jeff, I can definately confirm that bikers are very good business, just get the word out there. Regards
  13. Hi Jeff, I spend a lot of time in Wales with the motorhome but visiting Rhayader & Elan Valley your location could be a good option. Have noted your details for future reference. Early days yet but Electric Hook-up would possibly widen the appeal to many. Good luck with the venture.
  14. You can buy Sat Nav's specific to motorhomes due to size of vehicle but priced accordingly, we use a TomTom Go with Europe Maps installed and have found it more than satisfactory. All the major manufactorers produce similar designs but I do prefer TomTom. Apart from UK we have used our device in Spain & France without concerns.
  15. We are actually going to France on 1st Sept to Saint Tropez, I will ring our chosen site 2 days prior to leaving rather than pre-book. I always have several back-ups whenever we travel and optional destinations. As for Sunelia they may well be in financial difficulties which makes any booking an increased risk, there is more than one way to lose a deposit.
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