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  1. bikerbri


    I think in cases like yours Gordon this extension is worthy of consideration, I only thought of it as it would help Jayne reach the handbrake lever a little easier but it's not located in such a way that she struggles to operate it. At £80 it's not really a bargain.
  2. bikerbri


    Been thinking about one of those myself, mostly for my better half as she does all the driving abroad while I navigate and pay the toll's. Where did you get it from and how much?
  3. Hi Rob, let us know how you get on with it, nothing like personal recommendation
  4. Hi Rob, if you click on Browse Forums and go down to Motorhome Holidays you will see a dozen reviews I did on Spanish Campsites plus an overview of the whole trip. You may find some inspiration hopefully. Did the trip in 2018. Can always contact me if you want more in depth.
  5. Hi Rob, what part of Spain are you thinking of visiting?
  6. Hi Rob, not knowing the full facts but I assume contacting the seller/dealer would be your first option. If there is a makers name on the unit you could try the internet assuming there was no operating manual supplied with your MH or Autotrail themselves. It could be connected directly into the wiring loom (or not connected at all) and possibly fused internally but that's pure guesswork, others on here may be more helpful.
  7. We are definately in a changing world David, no longer a good idea to take anything for granted anymore and I don't think the worst has yet arrived. The warning signs are there and all that we have become accustomed to will slowly be eroded. The best interests of the climate will override all other considerations eventually, the government is on record as stating that all new petrol & diesel vehicles will be assigned to history by 2030. Realistic or not the intention is there.
  8. Welcome ''M'' Having had a caravan in the past I definately prefer the motorhome, it is far less hassle not having to unhitch the car when parking up or when reversing. Both options have similar interior specifications allowing like for like in size etc. Most important is choosing the model that best suits your needs. Hope you find what your looking for. Brian
  9. Quite agree Gordon, it could be said that caravan sales should benefit from the new tax changes but looking longer term like it or not the majority of cars will be electric and I wonder how they would cope towing a caravan and if it would shorten the range. There is no simple answer to the problem other than avoiding those vehicles attracting the new tax. Thankfully my old trusty MH is under the radar for the time being but I am left wondering for how much longer.
  10. I think it would be fair to say that most, if not all, MH owners have a pretty good idea how often & when their MH is likely to be on the road rather than the drive so with a little thought and motivation it can be possible to severely restrict the impact of the new tax by simply declaring a SORN when confident useage is unlikely. A change of habits on MH use is of course necessary and you can declare a SORN & Restore usage as often as you like easily online. The low average annual miles of the majority of MH's should and could be turned to advantage whereas in the past it was not really an issue. Weekend & Day trips are of course the biggest victim if usually taken on a whim but the alternative is paying extortionate tax to park up on the drive. Just a thought for really very little effort........................................................................................
  11. bikerbri


    I'm still here Gordon, we are not parked up but this year has not been too kind with Jayne's health which has restricted our travels but plans are in hand for Spain again in 2020 and another trip shortly to our favourite beach in Wales for a few days. The scooter is tucked up for the winter but will need the rest before we get into our stride again, so bicycle rack back in favour at the moment. Have just this week renewed the MH Insurance so might as well make best use of it. Brian
  12. Hi to you both and welcome. Have a good look around the forums, plenty to see and always good advice available if you need any. Quiet at the moment due to the Motorhome Show at NEC. Brian
  13. That Petition Response is an awfully big plaster Gordon but failed to cover ALL the cracks. I think the upshot is ''Tough- its happening regardless'' Government thinking often defies logic and promotes discrimination. As a life long biker I have seen this aimed at my chosen lifestyle countless times. Some years ago new riders faced a mountain of new legislation designed to discourage ownership under the banner of 'safety & training' whereby having once overcome the barriers and passed a test they were further restricted by BHP (Brake Horse Power)and limited to engine cc. However no such restrictions are faced by young drivers having passed a test, classic example being pass a test in a 1 litre car and next day but a 200mph roadburner as your first car limited only by financial considerations.
  14. Political Correctness was the death of not only Freedom of Speech but also Freedom of Choice, once on the popular bandwagon (of the day) driven by lobbyists and activists our political leaders will adopt any policy to appear supportive of 'responsible' legislation. Which should go some way in answering the points made by Scania & Gordon, if the general population of the UK were fully minded regarding climate change then why isn't the Green Party in government running the country with a massive majority?? Talk the talk, don't walk the walk !!! Before too long it will not matter what engine you have in your MH (NEW OR OLD) it will be banned from ever increasing ''Zones'' Today Euro 6 is considered acceptable, but kid yourself not, for how much longer??
  15. Hi Plaskovski, sorry I'm late replying but only just got back today from 2 week holiday in Lanzarote. If you look in Browse Forums for Motorhome Holidays and scroll down the topics you will see my France Trip in some detail (France 2017) Routes & Campsites with photo's. If you need more then send me a Message Direct. Regards Brian
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