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  1. Hi Pav, welcome to the site. With such a huge choice of makes and spec's available it is important to understand what exactly you will use the MH for and what you really need inside it for your own comforts. If used mainly in the UK with the occasional trip abroad then a RH Drive makes more sense but general condition inside and out with a Service History is a bonus. I personally would suggest buying from a dealer rather than private, you should get new MOT and limited Warranty for peace of mind. Either way check everything works, Water, Gas, Electrical and if coachbuilt look for signs of water ingress. Good luck with your search
  2. Hi Rob, if you can't see any obvious adjusters it's probably not an option. It could be down to the fixing position being slightly out. There may be somebody on here who knows differently if your lucky.
  3. Hi Harry, keep us posted on that. Very valid point and worth asking them for a response. Although I'm not a member myself but I imagine it's like asking for a Road Tax and Vehicle Insurance rebate for the same reason and probably with the same outcome. Good Luck
  4. DFDS have today offered me a no penalty refund for our ferry booking to France and pre-booked campsites are also starting the process. I must admit was expecting a flood of Loopholes because all concerned are looking at financial problems thanks to the virus, nice to know Customer Service/Relations for once outweighed profit. As and when thing return to something like normal these companies will once again get my business. I still have a UK booking outstanding for May10th in Cornwall, be interesting to see if the worst comes if they match up to our european cousins
  5. Too true Gordon, if nothing else I am a realist so expectations are tempered accordingly. Unsure how true it is I have heard that if you wait for your vendor to cancel you stand a better chance of a refund as opposed to being the first to ''jump ship'' This did actually work for me with Jet2 eventually but not all companies operate under the same logic. On previous trips abroad I never pre-booked campsites and just turned up hoping for a pitch, beginning to wonder if I should have stuck with it, and ferry just 7 days prior. Moral of the story is Stick with what you know
  6. Interesting to note the hostility by many communities towards ''outsiders'' invading their local area. Outsiders such as Caravan and Motorhome owners escaping to the more remote area's according to the news. Scotland seem's to have started the ball rolling closely followed by North Wales and Cornwall. The Welsh Assembly is considering closing all holiday and touring parks plus campsites which in turn encouraged Cornwall to suggest similar restrictions. Holiday Home owners are particular targets it seems from communities afraid that an influx of ''townies'' merely to escape crowds will bring Covid 19 with them. Not alone in their self interest it seems that Ferry operators are keen to quote T&C's at any hint of a refund rather than a voucher. I booked a ferry to France in early Feb for 31st May but as France & Spain are now fully ''locked down'' and therefore unable to travel the response is basically their contract is to deliver you to your chosen ferry port even though the authorities will never allow you to leave. So pointless, so greedy. I am awaiting replies from the campsites in France & Spain regarding refunding deposits, watch this space.
  7. Im still trying to work out why we all need 1000 toilet rolls in the house because of this virus ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ My Malaga trip on 30th with Jet2 cancelled and in the tiny T&C's they are not obliged to refund under Civil Aviation Legislation, now there's a suprise. Our 1st June trip to Spain now under the spotlight of course, Ferry and deposits all paid in advance, they may not still be in business by then ๐Ÿ˜ฎ No further comments printable.......
  8. Have a great trip Rob, hope all the info I gave you works out well for you both, tell kikopark to keep the kettle on๐Ÿ˜„
  9. We normally plan 6 weeks for our trip but due to Jayne's work commitments we had to settle for one month hence the need to use toll's. Total millage for the trip is 2635. Our best bargain is Camping Les Sablons , a 5* rated beach side complex in South of France ยฃ240 for 7 nights, new site for us to try. All our chosen campsites offer a multitude of potential tourist sites to visit on the scooter. French toll's are notoriously expensive but we want the maximum time possible in Spain on our shortened timespan without trying to cover the whole of France in a single trip to the spanish border as we have done previously. I have set a max limit of 300 miles between campsites for this trip.
  10. Fingers crossed Gordon, because it is all pre-booked I will stay within the plan for once ๐Ÿ˜Š Just could not find suitable sites in Portugal so maybe some other time. We are considering an ATMB Toll Tag for France, reviews seem good.
  11. Decided on our final plan for 2020 and its a partial re-run of our 2018 trip. Newhaven to Dieppe down to the Spanish border and on to Valencia region. Fingers crossed concerning Coronavirus but at least were not leaving till June 1st for 4 weeks. Review as follows:- DFDS Ferry to Dieppe June 1st onward to Camping Robinson (Bourges) 1 Night. Camping Les Cerisiers (Compeyre) 1 Night. Camping La Corona (Blanes/Tarragona) Spain 1 Night. Camping KikoPark (Oliva) 10 Nights Camping Bonterra Park (Benicassim) 5 Nights. Camping La Pinar (Blanes/Tarragona) 1 Night Camping Les Sablons (Beziers) France 7 Nights Camping Les Cerisiers (Compeyre) 1 Night Camping Robinson (Bourges) 1 Night and onward to Dieppe Ferry Port. All booked in advance and deposits paid online.
  12. Always best to try and solve problems yourself to save high labour charges. Hope it all goes well Kevin
  13. Hi Kevin, your best options is either contact Eldridge for advice first then search online for a supplier once your happy it is at fault. Do a web search for "faulty sensor" solutions relating to your product. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  14. bikerbri


    HI Lynne, there could be several reasons for your problem but logic suggests your mains charging could be at fault, a multimeter at the van end of the cable will confirm if power is reaching your vehicle while plugged in (very carefully of course) There should be a fused power converter connected to the power input plug for the cable, pays to check a fuse has not "tripped out" Lastly you could have a short circuit up to or after the battery, it may be best to get a qualified person to check the system if nothing obvious.
  15. Just planning our Spain/Portugal trip in June, the spanish campsites are all sorted but really struggling with portugal. Never having been there and using all the normal camping websites all I can seem to find is Motorhome Touring Parks or Aires which seem very cramped and void of privacy rather than campsites as I know them (spacious pitches fully serviced) Will enter Portugal from Huelva heading for Albufiera, Sines & Figueira Da Foz before re-entering Spain towards Toledo. Have seen two references on here for Sintra & Salema but no details regarding the location where parked. Any advice or recommendations welcome.
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