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  1. Of course, as soon as they have taxed motorhomes so much nobody can afford to run them, and forced us all onto passenger aircraft, they'll tax those out of all proportion as well... I'd better not mention that they are looking into a km tax here for all vehicles just in case it gives Westminster new ideas....Drat! I just mentioned it!😅
  2. Consider this. Currently, the greenies are moaning about the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. They say (petrol engined) cars are the major producer of it. Maybe they are, maybe thats true, maybe its not. All that is needed to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of virtually any reasonable modern car is a hacksaw and length of pipe...Not that the ywill allow it. Green taxes are nothing more than a way of stealth taxing "Average Joe."
  3. I think this is the reason. If I understand things correctly, the way emissions were measured was according to the NEDC method. Thanks to the VW emissions scandal a while ago, it was realised that this method does not replicate real world emissions. So, the (the EU) changed the way things were measured. The new method is called WLTP. This gives higher values than the old. That being part of the reason taxes are raised. Somehow, they have managed to "bake in" EU Directive 715/2007. This only applies to Light Vehicles, that is to say, those under 3500kg's. It also answers the question of why it does not apply to older vehicles...they still use the NEDC method. I may be wrong, and apologies in advance if I am, but thats my interpretation of things. As an aside, this was brought into force here on September 1st., 2018. Earlier today, I saw the motorhome sales statistics for this country. During the first 6 months of this year, some manufacturers sales have dropped by over 50%!!!! At least one Company are making workers redundant. No doubt others will soon follow their lead.
  4. Not quite true bikerbri. From what I've seen of the antics of the UK government, they're based on another planet that speaks some unknown language! 🤣 Gordon: Your comment about the way governments raise revenue is very correct the world over.
  5. As I am living outside of the UK, I dont think that I am allowed to sign the petition. If I could I would. Tax on new Motorhomes was raised here last year. Very roughly, from about £600 pa to something in the region of £2500 pa. for the first three years. As bikerbri so rightly put it, it seems that the benefit of having a Euro 6 is reduced. The only benefit I can think of offhand is being able to enter certain cities in France, Germany etc. The thing I find interesting is that governments are totally ignoring a recent research study done in Norway that showed Motorhomes to be environmentally conscious vehicles.
  6. Scania

    Fog Lights

    A little follow up to my earlier post, followed by a comment in regards to what I consider to be a good post by klyne. Back in the '70's, I used to race motorbikes. I stopped due to a bad accident, that amongst other things rendered me unconscious for 14 hours, and also damaged both my knees, my left one quite badly. So badly I was told that sooner or later I would end up either in a wheelchair, or on crutches. Thinking about "our Stan" that I mentioned earlier, I refused to even take pain killers. Something that I have always avoided. Leaving out a few things, and moving on to 1993, I was having a chat with my parents GP, and the subject of pain came up in the conversation. He told me exactly the same thing that klyne wrote. That is to say, pain is more manageable for some than others. I'm not trying to sway anybody with the next comment in any way, merely discussing his thoughts, and hoping that I can explain them clearly. He had noticed if a patient took some kind of pain relief, then they became less capable of manging their pain. Conversely, those that avoided medication found their pain easier to manage. Especially if they realised that an operation, or whatever would change their life in a negative way. I'm not for one minute saying that the opinion is right or wrong, but maybe it is something to think about. As an edit, even if I do still have problems with my knee, and it does stop me doing certain things at times, I'm still using both my legs.
  7. Scania

    Fog Lights

    A true story about knees and knee problems. During the interwar years "our Stan" fell on a knitting needle which went straight through his knee. The attending Doctor said that as it was so badly damaged, an amputation was needed. His father (my great grandfathers brother) replied saying that "he came into the world with two legs, and he is going out with two!" and the operation was never carried out. Some months later, Stan walked from Leigh, Lancashire (on the outskirts of Manchester) down to Oxford, picking up what work he could along the way. Upon arrival in Oxford, he asked a motorcycle dealer if he could earn a few bob unloading motorbikes from a lorry. They doubted he could do it due to him being crippled, but he persuaded them, and completed the task. He got a job, and worked his way up, eventually running what was by the 1950's the largest dealer in the UK. That just goes to prove that in some cases, Doctors aren't always right! There is a bit of a follow up to this story, a couple in fact.
  8. I couldnt agree more with those comments. After a lifetime either in or connected with the automotive industry, I could tell you stories about accountants that would not believe!
  9. Thank you. I'd never even heard of those before. Slightly off topic, but does anyone know how long it is legal for a foreign registered Motorhome to be used in the UK before it has to be put onto UK plates?
  10. Well done Brian, and well said Gordon. You have brought up a good point in regards to a Motorhome Action Group. It would be a good idea. We have a mini version here that at this present time are pressurising the government to reduce road tax on Motorhomes after new rates were introduced a while ago.. Whether or not they will succeed is anyones guess, its not election year!
  11. A warm welcome from me also. I hope that you enjoy the forums.
  12. Thats how it was on the Knaus I had previously. It had a screw on cap that should have had a rubber seal in it to prevent leaks. As so often happens, the rubber seal had been removed. Presumably, the previous owner had just left the tap open to allow grey water to slowly drip out. The Adria I have now doesnt have anything over the end! A step backwards, perhaps?
  13. Thanks for posting the link. I read through it earlier, and thought it appropriate to write a few words regarding stellplatz. Standards do tend to vary a lot. As I mentioned in my opening post, this was the best one we have used. Like the one mentioned in the link, it had a gravel surface. The biggest difference was that the pitches were bigger. I would guess around the 65sq. metre mark for ours. So we werent "cheek to jowl" with our neighbours. Surfaces do vary from good to bad. The worst one I can think of offhand was grass that was poorly drained. Even after a light rainfall, there was a major risk of getting stuck. That particular site had the worst facilities we have so far seen. The stench from the toilets was only matched by the stench from the showers! To add a bit of humour, they were the kind of place that you wiped your feet on the way out! Although the stellplatz of the thread could really have had more showers and toilets, they were absolutely spotlessly clean. In regards to the cost of electricity that was mentioned in the link, I fully agree. It is expensive in Germany, especially when it has to be paid for by using €0,50 coins in a machine. Again though, the price varies. On some places, electricity is pre-paid when checking in, and a refund given upon checking out. Others have a flat rate per day. Its as was stated, it can get expensive though if propane is not available. Many, such as ourselves that travel to Germany on a regular basis will make sure that they have 2 full 11kg bottles at the start of the trip. If our Camper did not have the storage for two bottles, quite honestly, it would not have been bought! I suppose what I am trying to say is this. Just like Campsites, there are good and bad stellplatz. This particular one was better than a 5 star campsite we stayed on last year. In comparison to that one, not only did it feel more secure, it was more suited for the disabled as well.
  14. This years Easter break was spent at this stellplatz. Simply put, the best one we have ever used in Germany! As can be seen in the photo, it has been awarded a "top 10" place every year since 2005, so it appears that I am not the only one that has that opinion! All of the pitches are hard standing and level, even if some people did insist on using levellers! Its run by a german association called NGD, which may put some off as it is connected to the church. Its within walking/cycling distance of the town, so there are no problems to find something to do. For the first time, they had arranged what they call an "Easter Special." Three nights stay, tour of Rendsburg on the Saturday afternoon, dinner on the same evening, and breakfast on the Sunday. We were all surprised to find that small gifts of chocolate Easter eggs and rabbits were placed by every Camper on the Sunday morning. The tour had a professional guide and was both interesting and informative especially if one has an interest in both civil and military history. The dinner was typical german food. A gulasch, sausage (of course) and beer. The atmosphere at the dinner was jovial. Helped along by a group of Norwegians singing Christmas drinking songs. Of course, the fact that they invited all to schnapps was not exactly an obstacle! More photos to come in the next posting.
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