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  1. Welcome. I am in the same boat as you, VWPassat & Adria Adora gone and 2 Fiats to replace them, although the 500 belongs to my wife I have to go to work in it. The fuel economy is nowhere near as good as the VW. I'm not surprised you are having to wait 5 months for your AT. My next door neighbour works there and he says most of their current manufacturing is being exported to Australia & New Zealand.
  2. I know it's not exactly the same, but the thermocouple on the fire in my lounge recently failed - so they do fail!
  3. Welcome Billypants, I'm sure you will get along just fine with the rest of us here.
  4. Hi and welcome. I see you are from Scarborough, a lovely part of the world.
  5. Hi and welcome. You say you haven't got a MH yet and the underlying suggestion in you post is that you will have one built to your own spec (correct me if I am wildly off course here. Your location of Hougham - is that the one in Lincs or Kent? If its Lincs and you are planning to have a MH built you could do worse than get in touch with Magnum Motorhomes in Grimsby. They are excellent.
  6. Hi Grim and welcome. I see you are from Grimsby. We live in Cleethorpes, just off Queen Mary Ave.
  7. Welcome, we made the move too, about a month ago after caravanning more years than I care to remember.
  8. I know their location is quite a way from you, but try www.magnummotorhomes.co.uk. They carry a lot of discontinued stock.
  9. Ironically, the best quote I got was from Adrian Flux which was quite a lot cheaper that any of the others.
  10. You really have to drive through the Pass of LLanberis, the scenery is awesome.
  11. I know that it is discouraged by car park height barriers and overzealous parking wardens in Lincolnshire and I also noticed height barriers at the park and ride car park in Bridlington, but I have no knowledge of further north.
  12. Welcome from another CT convert
  13. From another newbie........WELCOME
  14. It has really tickled me over the last 2 days driving through Yorkshire at the number of Motorhomers who take the trouble to give a friendly wave when passing in the opposite direction. It is something we never saw when we were caravanning and I must say it is a refreshing change.
  15. You have convinced me. I will keep the little cased solar panel I was planning to sell and put it in the MH, which my 5 year old granddaughter has already named HaRVey.
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