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  1. I have an Autotrail Tracker FB (2012) with a media system fitted. This includes a reversing camera that shows on the 7 inch Sat Nav, Radio thing when reverse is selected. Or rather, it did, but it no longer works. Everything else on the Sat Nav, radio TV whatsit works but not the reversing camera. I have checked the feed to the reversing light and that illuminates properly when reverse is selected. I have been quoted over £200 for a local Autotrail stockist to 'take a look' but was told it would cost over £400 to replace the camera if that is what has broken. He suggested that I take
  2. I have found the following web site a rather useful tool for planning stays. www.searchforsites.com I say I have found it useful - that actually remains to be seen as we have not set off yet. Another week until we can test it out!. It even works well on my windows mobile phone.
  3. I do feel a fool. I have been back out to re-examine the tyres and the one I thought was load rating 100 was in fact 109. I was reading it upside down (my excuse anyway) All the tyres say 69PSI but further round there is a Maximum Pressure of 5.5BAR rating so everything is alright and I can go ahead and inflate the tyres as instructed by AUTOTRAIL. Must get my glasses cleaned some time soon!
  4. As per my previous query, I now have an Autotrail Tracker FB which is 4 years old and has 8700 miles on the clock. I bought it from a firm in Nottingham who told me to ignore the Tyre Pressure plate inside the cab door and they had inflated all the tyres to 65PSI as this was adequate. The vehicle is rated at 3650KG I decided to take a further look at this as the plate on the cab door and the Autotrail owners manual suggests that the tyres be inflated to 72PSI front and 79PSI rear. I went down to the local garage to adjust the tyre pressures accordingly but was surprised to
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