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  1. I have an Autotrail Tracker FB (2012) with a media system fitted. This includes a reversing camera that shows on the 7 inch Sat Nav, Radio thing when reverse is selected. Or rather, it did, but it no longer works. Everything else on the Sat Nav, radio TV whatsit works but not the reversing camera. I have checked the feed to the reversing light and that illuminates properly when reverse is selected. I have been quoted over £200 for a local Autotrail stockist to 'take a look' but was told it would cost over £400 to replace the camera if that is what has broken. He suggested that I take a look in the cupboard above the bed and check the wiring for a bad joint. I did. The only wiring I found was to the the lights above the bed and the radio speakers. I have seen mirror mounted rear view monitors on some models. Do they only work when reversing or are they a live feed all the time? I am thinking about getting one. Anyone with any views on the systems. Advice sought.
  2. I was warned by someone I met abroad that these Lillypad Windblockers are alright for a bit of a breeze but if it gets windy, you have to take them down as they are too frail. What is your experience with them?
  3. I like to use my Cadac BBQ when out and about in my motorhome but frequently breezes blow out the flame. I have a 5m wooden poled windbreak (like you use on a beach) which is a devil to use on gravel hardstanding and impossible on concrete or tarmac. I am debating whether to buy a better, lighter windbreak or to get some Awning ends (Thule G2 for my omnistore sun shade). Does anyone on here have any advice
  4. We came back via Le Tunnel at Calais on Monday morning and didn't see any sign of any migrants at all. Lots of razor wire fences but no migrants.
  5. That big long river in South America that begins with 'A'
  6. Try www.searchforsites.co.uk Not every site is listed but I found a site in Florence that was not listed in ACSI guide or Camping Cheques. I also used the Camperstops Europe book to locate day parking in PISA that was only one mile from the famous leaning tower.
  7. Tuesday sees us heading for Italy. Our Itinerary is a bit vague at the moment but hope to see Iseo, Venice, Florence and Rome over the next four weeks. Then in Mid july we are off to Chester for a few days followed two weeks later with a few days in Kirkby Stephen. August is Brid for a few days with the Grandchildren then September....who knows Well the trip to Italy went well. Very hot! Didn't get as far as Rome but did spend several days each at Lake Iseo and Maggiore and can recommend both.. Roll on Chester and Tatton Flower show.
  8. Thanks to everyone, I have got my Italian/Spanish two sided sign and will be making use of it in a couple of days.
  9. I have found the following web site a rather useful tool for planning stays. www.searchforsites.com I say I have found it useful - that actually remains to be seen as we have not set off yet. Another week until we can test it out!. It even works well on my windows mobile phone.
  10. Thank you for all your replies. I have ordered one from that famous river company and it is winging its way to me from Germany.! I have ordered a two sided one so I can go to Sunny Spain too.
  11. I am planning to go to Italy this summer with our new (to us) motorhome. I have read that it may be compulsory to have a red and white diagonal stripe marker board on the back of my bike rack. Enquiries reveal that Fiamma do one at about £9.50 but it I plastic and that may now be acceptable as the rules say it should be aluminium and the cheapest I can find is £27 plus £11 postage. In addition, the are different stripe arrangements for Italy and Spain. Anyone have any advice? Do I really need one and if so, which type?
  12. It has been a steep learning curve after coming across from the dark side last year. We love it so far but it remains to be seen how we cope with four weeks away later in the year.
  13. Had two trips out so far but only three nights apiece. We are away again next week and have the tunnel booked for a 4 week stay away in June when we hope to go to northern Italy for a change. Other than that, we have a four day relaxing break planned with the Grandchildren in August and then we will need a holiday to recover!
  14. There are so many forums and so little time (especially if you are away in the motorhome.
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