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  1. We are taking Benny off for his inaugural European Trip to see the Grand Depart by Mont Saint Michel, Granville and Omaha Beach and we can't wait. We have booked a site for the lead up to the start and the whole she-bang is going to fly right past the gates on day 1 - it's after that we are a little unsure of.. Is there any unknown etiquette to go by when you are stopping at the side or the road? Can you sleep there or cook there..? (although we'll probably be living on Fresh bread and not so fresh cheese the entire time). Has anyone done it before and has any hints and tips or an
  2. Thanks for your replies We had a brilliant weekend, the site wasn't fantastic but is closest to my in laws so we made sure we only pitched up at night to sleep and charge the battery (He is having a solar panel installed on Wednesday..) We beach hopped the whole weekend and got to see the sunset from South Stack and West Beach.. just brilliant..! Gordon, our beloved MH was initially called Bessie but we have friends who call their VW camper Bessie (sad I know, It's like naming your kids..!) however as he (gender change as well it seems..) has a multi jet engine he is Benny - Benny and t
  3. We picked up Benny yesterday from Lowdhams in Huddersfield and spent all last night trying to fit everything from the caravan into the cupboards! We had a cull of things we think we won't need and the dining room is still looking a little full After an early morning trip to the shops before work to buy lots of boxes of various sizes I do believe we are finally getting there.. I think we only just realised how much we stored either under the fixed bed or on it, in the caravan..! The real bonus of Benny is that he fits on the driveway so for the first time we can load and go! Off to C
  4. Hello Everyone, Has anyone travelled over Europe in their Motorhome with their dog(s)? We bought our latest caravan for the dog so he can come with us on our holidays (as we miss the excited little furball..) and now we've changed to a Motorhome we are hoping to get a bit further afield for some "proper" touring with the pooch - so next year we are hoping to do a few tours of France/Spain/Portugal/The Netherlands etc. and wondered if people had done this with their dogs and how they found it? Were there any problems with finding places to stay without booking if you have a dog?
  5. Hello All I've been a member of caravan talk for years now and decided I must come over to Motorhome now we are moving to "the dark side". We've had caravans on and off since our nipper (who is 20 now) was 3 but hubby was never quite content with staying in one place, we had some epic journeys across France with the 'Van but it did seem like a bit too much of a faff with the setting up and packing away. We found the perfect little Motorhome for us at Lowdhams - one of their specials, a Bessacarr 410 as it's just the 2 of us and the dog now.. Looking forward to many adventure
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