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  1. That sounds reasonable David but it just looked a little suspicious that the content of the responses had been deleted, leaving only the fact that there had been replies. Why not just lock the thread and then pin it, leaving the replies intact? Anyway it matters not as you've answered my question so I thank you again for the information. Kermit
  2. Thank you for he link David. It all sounds like sensible advice but I wonder why the club felt it necessary to remove the three responses from members. We are left to guess the reasons but I am left to wonder if they disagreed with the opening post? Just my thoughts and I am not intending open a debate on the subject. For what it is worth, personally I shall not be travelling outside of the UK for some time but for those who either are abroad now or hope to travel the link below allows them to look at the situation country by country. https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice Kermit
  3. Kermit


    Hi Angella, The obvious start would be to talk to your local motorhome dealer, unless there is a name on the awning cover, in which case your friend is Google. Call the awning manufacturer, you may be surprised as I doubt yours is the first awning to be damaged in this way and a spare end cap may be forthcoming. Good luck, Kermit
  4. Welcome to Motorhome Talk. I confess that I do not contribute too often here but I do lurk in the background and keep up to date with what is going on. I am therefore sure that any questions you may have will be quickly addressed by those experienced in 'tin tents with motors'. Kermit.
  5. Six or seven hours from Calais sounds perfectly doable in a day and yes wee probably would include a ferry crossing from Dover prior to that. Unfortunately the MH does not comply with the emissions 4 level so we will not be going to Frieburg. I understand the reason for the restrictions but as you say our freedom is being not (so slowly) eroded by legislation. Limited speeds in France also mean that we cannot get to the Med in the time we used to and an extra day is now required. Progress? Maybe but not appreciated by visiting tourists with limited time. Kermit.
  6. Thank you Scania. That looks like a lovely site and a comfortable distance from Calais Port. What a shame that the low emission zone would prevent us entering Freiburg other than via the through road. Never mind, there's bound to be somewhere else where we'd be welcomed. Kermit
  7. Disgraceful as long as everybody was respectful of the area, and MH owners were bringing their cash into the area; something I suspect they will stop doing soon. Kermit
  8. It seems to me that the motorhomes that appear to drive downhill are the ones with the bolt on Al-Ko chassis behind the cab unit, not the ones built completely on a commercial chassis or van base. The implication is that the problem is with the ride height of the Al-Ko bit, not the cab. As the cab unit is standard for thousands of Fiat or Peugeot vans maybe this is something that 'Mr Ko' should consider future suspension settings to make their chassis more compatible with the cab? Kermit
  9. Haven't owned a motorhome for a little while (always looking for a replacement) but my car is effectively excluded now from Paris and possibly other cities in France by now. Being first registered in 1995, it does not comply with the crit'air vignette rules. Even though it is meticulously maintained and is well below the emissions of some vehicles that are acceptable, my vehicle is banned. This is the response I received when I applied for a sticker, "Votre véhicule ne répond pas aux critères retenus pour l'attribution d'un certificat qualité de l'air." which translated as, "Your vehicle does not meet the criteria for the award of an air quality certificate." After driving in the centre of Paris over many years it is nice to feel welcome isn't it ! Kermit (but not grenouille)
  10. Well I may not post but I am still "hopping around" the forum to read what others have been up to. Kermit
  11. Kermit


    Sounds encouraging for the future. Maybe the authorities are finally getting a grip on the situation. and the message is getting out there that genuine immigrants are welcome, but illegal immigrants are not.
  12. Kermit


    Motorhome parking at Dieppe, then and now. In the past Today The cause? I have not used this port for some time owing to the reports of Dieppe being the "new Calais" for migrants.
  13. This is my understanding. Unless there is a good quality earth connection to the metal chassis and other metal fittings of your caravan, in the event of a fault where a live 240V feed touches the metalwork of the chassis or any metal bodywork component then as electrical continuity between the steadies and the ground cannot be guaranteed, they will become live relative to the ground outside. Imagine now someone touching the outside of your caravan - their feet will be on the ground while their hand or other part of their body may be elevated to 240V, and if it is their left hand any discharge current would pass directly through their heart! - something I would certainly not want on my conscience. Similarly inside the caravan in the event of a fault an ELCB would be inoperative although an RCD should still operate as this compares the current in the feed and return wires and will trip if there is a difference. Earth your touring caravan or motorhome and comply with the IEE regulations for electrical installations in touring caravans.
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