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  1. Could'nt agree with you more. Ignition off, gas and kettle on, 3 minutes later, cup of tea. Brill
  2. I have the same wheels, I've used chrome wheel nut covers, plenty to choose from on e-bay.
  3. Moved from caravan to motorhome august 2015. No regrets, but despite researching layouts made a mistake and swapped again 1 year later. This one will be kept until we change our minds again
  4. Received info, and does have strong points, having taken a closer look, there is a rail across the back at the top which seems to be made to take the Thule rack. Looking at the fitting instructions, this rail means that there is no need to fit the top brackets and therefore I have ordered a Thule. Incidentally, Burstner would not endorse any particular manufacturer.
  5. Thanks very much for your help, have messaged Burstner and await their reply.
  6. Has anyone fitted a bike rack to a Burstner T685 2014 55 Edition. If so, could tell me what rack and where it fitted ie are there re-enforcement points?
  7. Thinking of moving from a caravan to a Motorhome, so I thought about joining to get some ideas and opinions.
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