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  1. They have arrived. Look and feel really good. Will be starting our season off after Easter and will call into store and get some more. Thank you everyone for your advice.
  2. Have taken your advice and have ordered from Decathlon. They do look lovely so hope they are as good as they look. On Amazon they were £29.99! Unfortunately have no Decathlon stores or pick up points near us so have had to pay postage. However if they are the same as those on Amazon it is well worth the cost! Will report back!
  3. Thanks. I will look these up. At that price it is worth a try. Thank you again fr your help.
  4. Thank you. What size would you recommend to replace a bath sheet? What should I look for in feel for those that dry rather than push the water around? Also there seems to be a vast difference in price. More expensive better value?
  5. Have only recently heard about these. Interested to know whether they would be a good replacement for normal bath towels bearing in mind the difference in weight and bulk for storage. Can anyone recommend a particular make.
  6. Excitement deflated!!! Had phone call from dealer today saying that our Motorhome has failed its registration with the DVLA! Don't understand this as you would expect a large dealership who is doing this every day of the week to get this right! Anyway we are still travelling 120 miles by train tomorrow and staying in hotel overnight (all previously booked and paid for!) in the hope that we can still drive it home on Tuesday. The van has been in the country since end of April, so not very impressed. Hope this is not a sign of difficulties to come!!!
  7. We are collecting our new Motorhome on Tuesday. We have caravanned for 40 years but have decided the time has come to change over. Very apprehensive but very excited as well!
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