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  1. delidave


    Thanks,France and Holland are the only ones we expect to go,but kit looks good price
  2. delidave


    It is the demo van at Bletchley Hyundai,milton Keynes
  3. delidave


    Thanks for that it has an external fill point.We are only using it for a dayvan and towing caravan.Just wanted a bit of reassurance thats all. Are the filling pumps abroad the same or would I need an adaptor.
  4. delidave


    Am having a Wellhouse conversion on March 1st with a Gaslow system.Has anyone had trouble refilling.Its not something I would have chosen as I wont use much gas but it was a demo van for a dealer with some options,alternative was wait 6 months. Regards
  5. Hi Alan that might do it mine are grey as well I'll have a good look and might buy smallest one that fits and have a play.Thanks a lot
  6. They are not converted by Hyundai sadly,Wellhouse are the only firm I have found who convert them and they block off one of the windows so dont use a full set anyway.I thought if I could find out who makes the blinds I could try direct but the brochure doesnt give a name.Tried the Remis and Seitz sites but no luck so tried this on the offchance.Not to worry I'll keep looking
  7. Bit of a long shot but does anyone know where I can get window blinds for above model.Have emailed Wellhouse Leisure but no reply .
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