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  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with solar panels, I have 4x 100w panels on my roof. However due to my high power usage they are not sufficient for my needs. I will never be beside you, or anyone else when running the gennie so no worries there
  2. Well I finally bought a Champion. If you'd like to read all about it go here... http://www.thelastgreatadventure.com/archives/2015/08/new-generation-3/
  3. Oh so they take your card details and they charge you what...for each toll? Or at the end of a week? That could work out expensive as there are card charges.
  4. wow...is this motorhome no-talk? lol
  5. Maybe end of October I hope to set off through France, heading down to Spain and into Portugal which will be a first visit for me. I wild camp almost exclusively and getting to Portugal isn't a problem, but once there what's it like? Are there places to camp? Is there much to see? Are there any local laws to watch out for? I'll be there about 3 months.
  6. I have 2 contract sims with 3 network which allow me a total of 6 months abroad per year. Definitely the better way to do it. I will say though that using a 3G Mi-Fi appears to get better performance than a 4G one.
  7. My faithful SDMO booster finally gave up the ghost last week so I am now on the hunt for a decent portable gennie. Before all you wealthy fella's start...I have NOT got Honda money, although I wish I had. I'm after a 2kw and would prefer a quieter model, and so far I like the sound of the Kipor and the Hynundai 2000Si. The EvoPower also looks like a canny piece of kit on paper. Does anyone have a recommendation based on their own ownership/usage? Read more: http://freemotorhominguk.boards.net/thread/3123/looking-new-gennie#ixzz3iE6jJZRY
  8. I have so far failed to find any description of how to replace them, so for the time being I won't be attempting it. It looks to me like the entire fire has to be dismantled.
  9. My fire has not been used since March this year, and when I went to light it it won't fire up. The pilot lights instantly when I press the piezo ignition, but when I release the control knob there is not even a hint of it firing up, the pilot simply goes out. I've found a long post elsewhere which suggests that thermo couples just don't fail so it's unlikely to be a failure, but the cold end may need cleaning. My question is how difficult is it to disassemble the cold end to clean it? Do I have to get underneath the van to do it? Or do I need special tools? Any advice gratefully accepted.
  10. Hi all, 8 years a full timer, 10 years a motorhomer, a lifetime of tenting! Looking forward to getting to know some of you
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