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  1. Majority of their caravan market is UK manufactured imports so would not need to be modified but a US caravan would need changing . They used to need the axles changed on the fivers as they can have electric brakes up to 4500 kg .
  2. The question will be if sites are opening mid July do you go away or stay isolated then you could SORN the vehicle ?
  3. When a US RV or Fiver is imported into Australia they have to convert it to fit a hab door to the nearside as they have to be able to not step out into traffic .
  4. As said I use Comfort .
  5. Having a C class with a driver's and passengers door means we can leave and enter through the passengers door if parked in a position where it would be dangerous to use the habitation door . . There is a motorhome with habitation doors both sides available . https://www.tcmotorhomes.com/new-motorhomes/comming-soon/Chausson/N652
  6. I think 7.4 m is good size because if your going to be traveling for longer periods the motorhome can feel like crammed in and over that length would then limit some European sites as they can be tight on pitches . My motorhome is RHD but has a door on the continental side which is not an issue . Storage is important and do you need a garage ? Thing like sun loungers and water / waste containers take up space .
  7. I did think about SORN mine as it is just sitting inside at storage but I had a service just before Christmas and was hoping I could at least drive it 4 miles to my drive to do a few jobs at least with all the spare time at the moment . I don't think much will change for awhile just a few tweaks . I should be in Portugal now was the plans .
  8. I only go by others and put a overhang board on the bike rack even folded as the requirement is for items over hanging . Dave
  9. Where did you purchase it from sounds interesting and I find I can't reach if the seat belt is on myself ?
  10. You can still get some new 6b engine models (130 hp) that are not taxed at the new rate but the 6d engine (140 up) that are rated at the new tax . Swift actually have at the bottom of their brochures that you can ask if there is any old 6b model available on the old tax . I know someone that bought a new Kon tiki unregistered this week collecting in Dec on the old tax they put based to beat the tax increase .
  11. What site was that Gordon with big pitches ? At the moment just come back from Leamington Spa a few weeks ago and site owner was getting ready for a full site for NEC goers . I have just had a first engine service and in a couple of weeks habitation service then its planned to sit down and book a ferry for next year to Europe and a planned tour of Ireland's Wild Atlantic way on the west coast . What has others got planned ?
  12. Try awning companies like Hill view or Rose awnings for info . Dave
  13. CommanderDave


    You need paperwork from a vehicle engineer . SVtech would be a good place to start .http://www.svtech.co.uk/
  14. 6 months https://www.gov.uk/importing-vehicles-into-the-uk/temporary-imports
  15. Waving to other MH owners is a set practice owning one which you never see in caravan owners . I find it quite amusing when the wife accidentally waves at oncoming Tesco delivery vans . Dave
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