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  1. That would be ideal but owning a motorhome waight and storage space sometimes can be a problem. also coiling and uncoiling the cables ever time I go to and from site can be a pain but with these I feel I can leave the cable neat and tidy. I soppose it's what ever works best for yourself.
  2. Bought a pack of these new tidycables which may be of some use. They work well for me, I've not really been keen on leaving cable loose under the van or just around these make sure the cable is fully uncoiled yet help you secure it out of the way There worth having a look at on eBay item number 331159164753 Let me know what you think! Antony
  3. Hi Ben I Bought a new Tidycable product on eBay which works well for me I'm new to owning a motorhome and the thought of leaveing my 25mt hook up cable under or around my van never realy sat right with me, this product may be of some use to other motorhome owners, it's worth having a look at. Item number 331159164753 Antony
  4. Hi all Recived our first motorhome last October and haven't looked back since, we had a van conversion done by s and l motorhomes in selby excellent work very pleased with the result. just hoping to pick up some usefull info and hopefully provide some to. Antony
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