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  1. Spoke to a friend of ours who was working as a salesman on the Bailey stand and he told me today that they did very well at the show !! had hoped to sell 15+ vans but more than doubled that figure !! all very very pleased ! quite rightly too
  2. The speed limit for a motorhome over 3.5 tons is 50 mph on A and B roads and 60 mph on motorways and dual carriageways. I was "done" by a fixed speed camera on the A1 south of Berwick upon Tweed last a couple of years ago when doing 56mph in our tag axle Chieftain !! 3 points plus £60 fine !!
  3. Hi to you all from the two of us, been involved with motorhomes/campervans sonce I was 9 years old (long time ago !!) my father purchased one of the UK's very first VW splitty Devon Caravanettes in 1960 !! toured with my parents for next 7 years to all points north/south of the border. Bought a 1972 bay window Westfalia in 1977 when I was married with two young boys and followed in fathers footsteps for a few years before taking the plunge and we went to France. After selling that we went bigger and bought a selection of caravans until the boys did not want to come with us, then it was back to a Swift 630 motorhome (so we could take the grandchildren ! Since 2002 we have had a selection of new vans from a tag axle to our Bailey 740.Had problems with some of them,not all bad though our tag axle Arapaho was the worst with too many faults to mention. Truthfully we have had no problems with our Bailey at all, been a few recalls on the Peugeot side (fixed under warranty) Always carried a small fan heater to supplement the blown air heating but hopefully with Alde heating in our new van this will not be required. In last 10 year since we retired we have travelled all over Europe but, our favourite place is Salou as it's flat and easy for us to walk around in as there are loads of places to sit down at, either on the benches, the shops, the pubs or cafe's. Next year we are thinking of driving to Turkey to visit my sister who lives there with her husband. cheers. Tom & Jen
  4. Hi david and thanks for nice words, we are only changing from old 740 to new one as we use the van all year round and the Alde heating is far superior to the current blown air.!! We don't do cold, lol !!! thanks to others for nice comments too !!
  5. We were at the show and had a good look at the Bailey compact but, as my wife and I both have leg problems we prefer the two long seats at the front !!. Therefore we opted to purchase a new 740 has it has the seats plus a fixed bed ( no more making up the beds which sometimes gives me a sore back, heating is excellent too, plus lots of storage and with the larger external door to the underbed area give unhindered ease of access, Did the deal on the day, both very happy and will be picking up our new van in March on a new "14" plate.sorted !!
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