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  1. I bought my Fiamma bike cover and a marker board from the Caravan Shop - I went for the aluminium one at £14.95. At least I now know which way up to put the board after reading this thread
  2. Yep...quite a lot to take in with getting familiar with a MH but many aspects do carry over from caravanning - however newcomers to caravans have it harder, I feel.
  3. I have just read the following on the Auto Trail Owners Club website and thought it worth sharing here: Fiat Engine Oil Euro 6 IMPORTANT NOTE I have been trying to source top-up engine oil for the Euro 6 engine and this has been quite interesting. The oil is fully synthetic which of course equals expensive. I have tried to match the specification with oils available and came across what appeared to be a major error. The Fiat Handbook page on Fluids and Lubricants (page 329 in mine) states the oil is SAE 0W-30 ACEA C2 with the specification shown as being 9.55535-S1, this being manufactured by Petronas and named Selenia WR Forward. In talking to Petronas and Castrol I have ascertained that the S1 is ascribed to a Euro 5 engine and NOT Euro 6 and is not recommended for the Euro 6 models. I have spoken with Fiat Customer Service who confirm that the oil required for this engine is SAE 0W-30 ACEA C2 with a specification of 9.55535-DS1. They accept that there is a misprint in my Handbook and showed some concern over this. They have escalated the issue to the powers that be who are concerned with the production of the handbook and expect there to be a correction issued via a Service Update through Fiat Professional agents. I have also been warned that these engines are liable to use a half litre of oil every 600 miles and therefore a close watch needs to be kept on the engine oil levels. I am unsure how many members already have Euro 6 vehicles but as more purchase new models hopefully they will pick up on this issue. I am sure that it will take months for this to appear in new Handbooks, mine is dated 02/2015 and came with a 2017 model, meanwhile owners and presumably maintenance engineers may well be filling up with incorrect fluids. With thanks to Bryan Steiner for this information
  4. I think the light bleed has been solved however my 2016 Auto Trail had the instrument issue where the speedo markings were too shaded by the deep binnacles to see them clearly when driving. Although it wasn't a "recall" as such, Fiat did a free software patch that meant the instrument lights were on, even if the lights were off - 15 minutes or so at the local Fiat Professional dealer sorted that. My 2017 Burstner has already had the patch applied - presumably during production now.
  5. Yep, we have them in our 2 cars and I bought an RAC 03 mirror mounted version for the MH so as to avoid sticking anything to the screen that might inhibit use of the internal blinds. Just in the process of upgrading the older car ones to higher definition versions (720p to 1080p) as my wife witnessed a minor collision in front of her and when we referred to the recording it was all captured, but when trying to get the reg. number of the offending car we were struggling.
  6. I'm assuming you haven't booked in anywhere on the basis of the expected delivery dates? Having just bought a stock Burstner, I know that my dealer were expecting another example of the version I bought which was scheduled to be with them for February, wasn't there by mid-March and based on trade information possibly wouldn't be there until sometime in May, so it can happen and even the dealers might be in the dark. From a UK manufacturer I would expect better communication however.
  7. Big Bertha was collected yesterday from Moran's of Ludlow and driven back to sunny Cumbria. Superb service from initial contact through to delivery. Very happy with the new acquisition and looking forward to our maiden voyage next weekend. Our previous Auto Trail Apache 700 (same spec - 150bhp manual) achieved 22 mpg on the way home from Scotland when collected and improved to about 24mpg. Bertha managed 29mpg on the way home which can only improve as the engine frees up, I anticipate.
  8. Very good to read all of that. We had the site recommended to us by people we regularly meet at Islawrfford - another excellent site just outside Barmouth - and read the glowing reviews that mirror your comments too. We have booked a deluxe pitch for this visit, but will weigh up the others for future reference as it's within moderate striking distance of home.
  9. Good to know what you thought of this site. We're booked there in August for 4 nights. I retired early, but also started a family rather later in life, so all the time I was working full-time I could holiday outside of school holidays. Now I am retired, but with a 9 year old...so stuck to school holidays! DOH . That means a degree of forward planning so, so far, we have 32 nights away planned: Burrs Park CC site - 2 nights April; Islawrffordd - 10 nights Easter; 16 nights summer school holidays in Cirencester, Cornwall (Carlyon Bay), my sister's outside Crickhowell & finally Plassey; 4 nights over at Bamburgh before to school summer hols end. Still need to schedule May & October half-terms and ad-hoc weekends when forecasts suggest more local weekends away.
  10. Mine too, unfortunately
  11. We're the same. Our young son loves to make friends and just be free to go out and play. Once he's made some contacts on site he's as happy as Larry and wouldn't give a thank you to be dragged away. We have bikes for us all if required, but sites with space & facilities (or even a beach within walking distance) are what are important to us just at the moment. However we are looking forward to some touring as he gets older.
  12. Glad it's not just the wife & I that have done this Same here. I found with the caravan we were choosing to take it out fewer times, for longer breaks, because it seemed so much effort to go to. Generally had about 3 trips a year in it - Easter school hols & possibly twice during summer school hols. When we swapped to the MH in May last year we'd already had our Easter break in the caravan but fitted in another 8 trips away in the MH from May to the end of October. So far for this coming season we've already booked beginning of April, Easter, an extended trip in summer hols plus another shorter break before school returns. 31 nights away scheduled so far and several more trips to fit in. That's without impromptu weekend breaks around the Lake District when the weekend weather forecast looks promising. The MH definitely encourages me to (i) travel further afield & (ii) take more, shorter breaks that I felt inclined to with the caravan.
  13. I was in this situation 12 months ago. Been pondering a MH for a couple of years before taking the plunge when the right deal/vehicle combination & brand were perceived to fit our needs...only to sell that on after 9 months and currently waiting delivery of perfect combination - take 2! No regrets about moving across from caravanning to motorhoming though.
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