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  1. Unfortunately we live in Jersey and they won't do anything to help us. We had issues with our fridge and had to get it repaired ourselves through thetford at our cost I would love to just drop the motorhome with them but will cost us too much unfortunately
  2. I have a brand new motorhome and the Truma Combi 6 heating system will only give approx. 2.5 minutes of hot water during a shower and thats being conservative, we have tried everything, any ideas Any help or tips are and will be welcomely received Paul
  3. Hi We live in Jersey and camp all year round with our motorhome and our friends, generally down the beach watching the sunset. Winter is a good time for camping
  4. Hi I wonder if someone could help, I have a brand new Rapido 691 which has a Thetford N3150 fridge. We initially had problems and then the Thetford installed a new wiring loom which sorted out the "error code 1" (Which by the way happened after two months of owning our new pride and joy. $ months on and now the fridge works on Electric, 12 volt but as soon as we free camp and the fridge changes to gas it doesn't work. The gas ignites and stays on but the fridge doesn't get cold, I changed the thermister but still no joy. Please could someone help as the Dealers are of no use at all and we live in Jersey which means that we can't just drop it off to a dealer without paying £400 for a ferry Kind regards Paul
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