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  1. Hi Brian I hope your French trip was good can you please send me the itenerary ? or road trip tips? do you have a blog thanks
  2. we are driving a dutch Burstenr on fiat ducato 2005 we are looking for a garage that prepares it for the APK/ITV yearly inspection - tin Spain , near Barcelona any recommendations? has anyone done the ITV in spain? thanks
  3. we need to buy new all season tyres for our motorhome - on a fiat ducato , Bustner cabin we are trying to choose between: (listed from top price to low) pirelli Vredestein maxxis any recommendations for Vredstein vx maxxis ? (they are cheaper) any recoomendations will be appreciated thanks
  4. We got silver screens called "four seasons " made in Germany. Condensation zero on a very cold night with snow had heater on all night. These screens are light weight , easy to install and cost About 170 euro. Highly recommended.
  5. Would you happen to know if the registration in a different country means actually importing the MH? And any taxes involved? Thanks
  6. Our Motorhome is registered in Netherlands , has Netherlands license plates. We will be driving it through Europe and would have to renew the road test Tuv - do we have to go back to the Netherlands for thus? Or can we do it in any European country ? Thank you
  7. Hi. . we own a Fiat Ducato Burstner motorhome, 2005 - just bought it second hand having heard that condenstation is bad and can cause damage - we would appreciate your answers re: 1) how can we deal with condensation so that it does not cause damage to the camper when it is in storage for a few months? any special instructions regarding the cleaning and preparation for storage? 2) how can we avoid the density of condensation in the camper? 3) a dealer that sells high quality silver screens in the Netherlands - any addresses are welcome 4) on the internet we see lots of insulation screens - don't really know the difference - anything in particular we should watch out for? thanks a lot Meira
  8. Hello to all. We are new members too. We are just near retirement and have been motor homing for 10 years, with rented RV Have been to European countries,Alaska,USA. We have just bought our first MH it is a Burstner (second hand). We are now planning our vacations in Europe. The MH is currently stored in Holland but as from March we will drive it to Berlin and plan to store it there as a base so that 2014 we can use it in that area Nd our kids with their families can use it too. I forgot to mention that we live in Israel and there are good cheap flights to Berlin this year. In general our plan is to select a deifferent location ad Base every year and from there we will travel and return to store in between . We would really appreciate any advice/assistance/recommendations regarding storage in between holidays. I am enthusiastic to use our OWN MH for the first time. It has a good cover insurance .
  9. Thanks. Would you happen to have a link to a secure storage in Berlin area?
  10. Will appreciate information as to campgrounds that enable seasonal storage around Berlin on Germany. We plan to use that as our base for holidays this year - we would fly in to Tegel airport and take our MH for trips but need a campground to be our base. March-October. Also Any tips and advice re storage are welcome. Thanks.
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