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  1. This competition is now closed. Winners will be contacted shortly, good luck!
  2. Hello Steve and welcome to Motorhome Talk
  3. Sounds like there's already plenty of wine to go in said wagon Hope it goes well and you thoroughly enjoy it
  4. Club Care Insurance, the insurance arm of The Camping and Caravanning Club, has recently conducted a survey of over 5,000 motorhome owners to find out more about their lifestyle, in particular looking at their travel, vehicle and purchasing preferences. The survey, which was distributed to members of The Camping and Caravanning Club, returned some extremely interesting results, starting with the travel preferences of motorhome owners in the UK. One of the greatest benefits of owning a motorhome is the freedom to travel and when it comes to UK holidays, according to motorhomers, the Scottish Highlands is the place to be! With 21.5% of the vote, it beat all the competition hands down, a figure that was much appreciated by the Regional Partnerships Director for Visit Scotland, Scott Armstrong, who said: “To be such a clear favourite amongst motorhome owners is wonderful news for the Highlands. With its ancient landscapes and fascinating history, the region is an incredible destination for any holiday.” The Club Care Insurance survey of motorhome owners also revealed that manufacturer, AutoSleeper, demonstrated the best consumer loyalty. The most popular motorhome amongst owners completing this survey is AutoSleeper (12.5%) and all of these respondents and more advised Club Care Insurance that they are likely to buy an AutoSleeper next time (13.3%). Andy Brand, Group Marketing Director at AutoSleeper, said of the survey: "AutoSleeper has a long standing pedigree, stretching back over 54 years, for building iconic motorhomes featuring the ultimate class leading specification so we are absolutely delighted to see that the results from the Club Care survey reflect the aspirational appeal of owning an AutoSleeper motorhome, both to existing and new customers alike, which is great news and bodes well for a continued bright future ahead." Perhaps the most interesting findings from the survey were related to the purchase preferences of motorhome owners, as the insurance provider found that 53% of motorhome owners will purchase their next motorhome from a local dealer, and 45% will opt for a preowned model as opposed to purchasing from new or being currently undecided. Nigel Coppen, Client Director at Club Care Insurance, said “We are naturally delighted by the wonderful engagement from members to our survey. This clearly demonstrates the passion motorhome owners have to travel around Britain to see and enjoy the spectacular sights on offer in the comfort of their own surroundings. The outcomes are both compelling and insightful and will assist us in ensuring we offer the appropriate insurance cover when the time comes”. For full survey results please visit: www.clubcareinsurance.com/thisisyoulife
  5. Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly (MMM) and Which Motorhome have announced the motorhomes that have been shortlisted for their 2014 awards. This is now the tenth year of the MMM awards and the third year running that MMM has joined with Which Motorhome to create a combined awards, which recognise the best new campervans and motorhomes for sale in the UK. The awards are sponsored by the Caravan Club and the winners will be presented with their awards at Searcey’s in Knightsbridge, London on Friday 6th December. Expert and experienced judges from MMM and Which Motorhome looked at all the models new to the UK market or that have undergone significant design or specification upgrades. The judges considered the following factors; innovation in design; the functionality of the layout; the build quality and overall usability; how the vehicle performs on the road and on the campsite; value for money. The shortlist for each category is as below: Campervan of the Year Bilbo’s Space HymerCar Sydney Rolling Homes Livingstone Wellhouse Ford Terrier High-Top Van Conversion of the Year Auto-Sleeper Kingham Auto-Trail V-Line 600 Hillside Buxton IH N-Class 630 SL Compact Motorhome of the Year Dethleffs Evan I 560 D Elddis Accordo 125 Pilote Aventura G 600 LA Rapido 600 FF Family Motorhome of the Year Bailey Approach Autograph 765 Chausson Suite Family Escape 644 Sun Living Lido A 43 DK Fixed Double Bed Motorhome of the Year Elddis Autoquest 155 Laika Kreos 3008 Moto-Trek Euro-Treka 1 Rapido 640 Fixed Single Bed Motorhome of the Year Adria Coral Axess S670 SLT Bürstner Nexxo t 690 G “fifty-five” Hymer Exsis-t 588 Sun Living Lido S 42 SL Non-Fixed Bed Motorhome of the Year Bailey Approach Autograph 625 Bürstner Viseo i 700 Bürstner Brevio t 645/Hymer Compact 478 Pilote Référence G 690 LR Luxury Motorhome of the Year Dethleffs Magic Edition I1 DBM Black Frankia Platinum Edition Niesmann + Bischoff Arto 88E Pilote Explorateur Diamond Edition G 742 LCE Editor of Which Motorhome and head of the judging panel, Peter Vaughan, commented: While Daniel Attwood, Managing Editor of Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly commented:
  6. May seem a bit odd, but have you tried looking through eBay? There are a lot of small independent stores that sell through eBay and offer some great bargains!
  7. Hi Rich/Admiral Halsey and welcome to Motorhome Talk Have a feeling we may have said hello at our stand at the NEC show, but after 8 days in a row my brain's turning to mush! Either way, hope you enjoy the website.
  8. So far it's been a great show (last day thankfully!) and I've almost had a chance to see some of it Been great to meet the CT and MT members, along with a lot of new people who expressed interest. Can appreciate not going every year, but hopefully they change it enough that it's worth popping in every 2 or 3 years, if you live a long way out...
  9. Hi Tom and Jen and welcome to Motorhome Talk Sounds like you'll have loads of tips and tricks to share with the new members that we've met at the NEC show! Hope you do get to go to Turkey, would be a fantastic trip. Kind regards, Ben
  10. BenF

    Water Gauge

    Ahh, water tanks... Missed the title and assumed it was for fuel (as I had recently read about the compartmentalised fuel tanks) doh! Good luck, let us know what the issue is for reference and hope it doesn't cost you too much to sort out!
  11. Yeh, the speedo and rev counter seem to be doing things completely independently of the rest of the bike, when they hit the powerband it just rockets past the others. That's a lot of ponies to go through one wheel, is it linear in delivery or more like the inline 4s with that VTEC-esque top end surge? Good call on the helmet and goggles, would need something to go with the jacket
  12. Anytime Wow, I believe you - bet it hauls ****, the 675 triple found in the street is certainly more than brisk, can't comprehend home much harder the 1050 pulls. Yeh, the gloves are excellent, such a great style! Really want a Bonneville, but going to wait until I have a place with a garage first... Will then have to get the proper gear to look the part The 2-stroke triple power band was apparently a bit of a handful, the H2s made great drag bikes but could be "exciting" on track days, but who buys one to live safe?
  13. Your welcome, know a fair few pubs and restaurants in Warwick and Leamington so just let me know if you need some ideas... Modern Triumphs are almost unrivalled these days, a couple of friends took out the latest Street Triple and Daytona for a blast around Stratford, they sounded fantastic! If you like older bikes - and I'm assuming you like triples - what do you think of this? http://youtu.be/zWTExQjsvzo
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