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  1. Hi all We have for sale a like new Taylor made insulated external screen cover for the face lift boxer cab (think it was 2006 onwards). This is the long version and has been barely used. Comes in its original bag. Grab a bargain looking for £85.00. Cheers Dave
  2. I think you've nailed exactly what meg is going to do gelly ! I'm guessing you've done that yourself ??!!!!
  3. Great looking motor home Alan ! Love the integrated canopy - properly stylish. Very very jealous.
  4. Crikey gelly - think you need to up the doseage with posts like that !!! Maybe a lie down on a couch with some soothing music and someone to listen to your troubles :-)
  5. Hi Alan Great news but I'm afraid this didn't happen unless we see pictures !!!!! Cheers
  6. That's as good as it gets Gordon !!!
  7. Who said that ? No it's not windy it's Thursday. ....
  8. Too right Alan - first trip away with a glass of something cold on the go money won't be anywhere near your thoughts ! Happy days
  9. Very jealous reading about new vans arriving - I remember the feeling when collection day got closer and closer - didn't sleep a wink the night before !!!!
  10. Hi Ian Welcome on board. Like the straight forward introduction ! Cheers
  11. Hey Teepee Welcome on board, another new face ! We made the switch from caravans to motor home and never looked back ! Get stuck into the forum Cheers
  12. Hi Archie Welcome on board great to see another new member ! It's a steadily growing forum so a good opportunity to really help mould it. Cheers Dave
  13. Lol nice find Alan !!!!! That should keep you out of trouble ....
  14. Eeeh eck certainly wouldn't be having those !!!!! Whilst I'd happily eat them Mrs Mad and father outlaw are a tad traditional shall we say ?!!!
  15. Sounds like an excellent haul ?! Had a great day yesterday. Mrs Mad put her feet up and I rustled up Christmas din dins. No one ran for the rennie so must have been ok ! We have her Dad staying for a few days so a proper relaxing time looking after them both.
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