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  1. We had an Autograph 740. I'd say if you don't need the travel seats of the 745 go for the 740 for its much comfier lounge. Autographs: Good points. Spec brilliant value for money Alde heating, lush Fibreglass sides, no dints. Alko chassis, great ride and handling. Bad points Alko chassis is very low, risk of grounding. Width. Very wide van, lovely when you get there but not so convenient on the road. And the worst point, the stupid water system. This system is so stupid it should be in government. The only external fill is a Whale point that needs the supplied connector on end of a hose. What is wrong with a filler cap? The only way to top up the tank, with say a watering can, us to lift the floor hatch inside the van and unscrew the big cap on the water rank. And try not to spill water everywhere. Perhaps it's a small point but it became such an irritation to me I changed the van.
  2. I got a reply from DVLA saying the same as your link. Basically, they say, you can only tax online in the month the tax is due. I have direct debits for gas electric water council tax caravan clubs etc etc etc. When the money is due they take it. I naively thought that a VED direct debit would work the same. Set it up, when tax is due they collect it. Obviously this is far too straightforward for anything involving politicians and civil servants. So I'll wait till June 1st and try do it online. I know they will be inundated and the website will crash. Then they'll probably try and fine me. Like I said. Useless
  3. We'll be in Spain on June 1st when the MH and the car are due to be taxed. So I was pleased to see I can set up a direct debit to pay the VED. However, when I tried to set it up it said I was taxing from 1st April, was I aware tax wasn't due till June. Can tese idiots never get ANYTHING right?
  4. For sure, good luck to you. Because, I guess, this site is an offspring of Caravan Talk a lot of the members like myself are ex caravanners. For most of us the move has been a success I think. It is different but for me the positives outweigh the negatives. No more fighting recalcitrant hitches, no need for motor movers, aquarolls, waste masters etc etc. Pitching is a couple of minutes, great in bad weather. The big perceived downside is no car for jaunts out. That was our major concern but it has not been a problem. I think we tend to choose sites a little differently from caravanning days, though we stil stick to CLs and small sites only using club sites for a particular location or event. We look at things like nearby bus stop, walking distance to pubs etc and we have become keen cyclists. Mainly to pubs LOL. The motorhome we chose is virtually a mirror image of he caravan layout we had as we knew that worked for us. What MH did you go for ET.
  5. I agree with all that, but the real culprits here are the people who organise the show. Do they really believe that we go to their show because of the "celebrities" they have hired? I go to see vans and accessories, I could care less about Julia Bradbury et al. It's patronising.
  6. I think most of us here are ex caravanners , like you come over from CT. I can only say it's been a big success for us, esp since that nice guy from Tourershine got the horrid rubber marks off for me LOL.
  7. Perhaps the reason we can afford forty grand for a MH is we don't waste money here there and everywhere. Every mickle makes a mickle. All these discounts for forum members are, with due respect, just marketing tricks. Ring em up , ask for the same discount, you'll get it. The Facebook Bailey group is pretty useful. People do go off on tangents like anywhere but everyone had a Bailey so it's a good info resource. Whoops. Muckle
  8. Ridiculous price. Buy a bottle if Autoglym Suoer resin polish.
  9. If you want sealing get Tourershine to do it I scraped my new MH on a rubber bumper left a foul black line down the side so I knew I needed expert help to remove it. Paul from Tourershine managed to do that which alone was worth the fee. He then cleaned all the green muck from round the roof flights which I hadn't even seen before doing the sealing. You still get black streaks, the difference is they clean off very easily. Also the GRP panels don't fade. It's an expert service that takes hours and should not be confused with the posh polish that dealers peddle. The cost of which is about twenty quid plus a bit of unskilled labour and exists to enrich the dealer and the salesman who will LOVE you if you buy it. If you don't want to fork out do four layers of Autoglym Suoer Resin Polish. Harder work but very effective.
  10. Before we came away we saw a guy with a big Lunar MH. He had hydraulic jacks for levelling. Press a button and down they came automatically levelling back to front and side to side. I was dead keen till he told me it was three grand!
  11. The forty five grand one didn't even have a fixed bed. What's the point if space if you don't utilise it. And the shiny woodwork is yuk.
  12. Hi Alan Nice one sounds brilliant. I'd guess that with no part ex you'd get about six grand discount so true cost to change nine thousand. Not buttons but less than the VAT on the Savannah so factor in the use you've had out of yours and I'd say it's a very good deal We fully expected that we would find the layout etc that would be right for us only after owning but so far our Autograph 740 has been grand. Island or single beds do appeal though
  13. Put this on CT. too. The electric kept tripping on my Bailey Autograph. Been to dealer, a pipe was leaking and soaked the cooker socket on cupboard under sink. He replaced the socket and all seemed well. However, on site tonight the BCA panel frequently beeps the warning 230 power loss. The power does NOT go off but the power box (charger fuses RCDs ) clicks loudly for about ten seconds. Any idea what this could be? By hanks
  14. As an ex caravanner getting rid of Aquarolls etc is a boon. Bailey have a stupid filling system: the only point of it is to allow the use of aquarolls etc. Pointless. When we arrive on site we fill with the Whale hose; annoyingly slow. Then we top up with a watering can through the filler in the top of the tank inside the caravan. Wish Bailey would just fit a straight forward filler cap on the outside. We bought a 75 foot X Hose. This is a clever expanding hose which we join onto the Whale hose if we need a big fill on the pitch. The waste emptying tap is very low which is understandable with the (wonderful) low Alko chassis. We use a cat litter tray and empty that into a bucket unless the site has a MH emptying point. We don't drain washing up water (we can't anyway till the sink drain pipe is altered by the dealer to not run up hill,) we don't want bits if food going into the waste tank and making it smelly. So we use a washing up bowl and empty that into the bucket.
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