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  1. We have a marquis majestic 175 dealers special of the autoquest. We have upgraded 150bhp 2.2 engine and after 2000miles we get 33 to 35 mpg.
  2. Hi, How did you get on with the Majestic165?
  3. At Wetherby Services the attendant always guides me into the Caravan bays.
  4. Lovely Motorhome Paul. I'm sure you and your family will have a great time.
  5. No problem with the fridge and freezer but the washing machine is very doubtful.
  6. It's horrible having to wait so long for your new Motor home. I hope you are receiving some type of compensation from your dealer.
  7. Hi Alan, The dealer wants me to pay for it!!!!!!! I have instructed them to submit a warranty claim to Explorer group. wish me luck.
  8. Glad you never came to any harm with your blow out experiences, I wouldn't like to get the bill mind you.
  9. I cleaned the exterior of the van at the weekend for the first time since getting it and found a lovely crack in the bodywork. It is about 1cm in size and there is no signs of any damage from perhaps a stone hitting it. I am puzzled how this has happened, anyone any ideas please. I hope with the van only being a few weeks old the warranty will pay for the repair. The crack(it is actually split) is on the part of bodywork between the cab and the panel bit with the orange marker light.
  10. I check my tyre pressures regularly on the car and motorhome using a 12v tyre inflator. The one I have is not long enough to reach all 4 tyres on my new motorhome. What do you use on your Motorhomes? Or do you just go to the petrol garage?
  11. If your door is wide open, would the fly screen blind not deter your doggy?
  12. Hi, We have just bought a new Marquis Majestic 175 and we are loving it. I previously had a 2012 140 also purchased used from Marquis. I have always found my branch of Marquis very good, If I have had problems they have rectified them to my satisfaction. I am aware that Marquis doesn't always come out smelling of roses on the online forums. The equipment levels on the Majestics are very very good for the price you pay and Elddis also give 10 year body warranty. I also fancied the Bailey Autograph but the layout, style and equipment on my 175 was better for us. If you are popping into the Sheffield branch speak to Andy (Scottish lad) who previously worked in Durham.
  13. Thanks for the information David, glad that you and Mrs David are getting out and about in the Motorhome again, enjoy.
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