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  1. Thanks Nethernut will contact them From one Jock to Another Bill
  2. How does one go about getting the GVW upped a little if that is possible, I think in fact I know I was well over my weight on the last trip Bill
  3. Oh its nice to see our motorhome is in the luxury motorhome class of the year Bill
  4. Depending on where you are David you can always leave the waste water valve open, after all grey water doesn't do any harm if it can just soak away in to the ground Bill
  5. The vehicle side should be serviced like any car as per the engine manufacturers handbook I.E. miles covered or time intervals whichever is sooner Bill
  6. Winter is Coming and we are heading to the continent Lol Bill
  7. Woodie ours is fitted with a valve which opens up and automatically drains the water if it gets to cold, it saves any worry and no problems as we only use the tank water for washing up and carry like others bottled for drinking coffee etc Bill
  8. Have just been quoted which I think are good prices from P.O. for Dover to Calais of £31.0 for m/home and £69.0 for m/home and trailer with car,, any views on how to get cheaper crossings?? Bill
  9. Tks David will get on to it Bill
  10. I Guess you all get pestered by PPI, double Glazing , Kitchen Unit Calls and many more at Lunch time and Dinner time, now should the Goverment put a ban on these companies say from 12-1.00 and 5.0-6pm ?? or have any of you got other ideas?? we think they are a total pain in the butt Cheers Bill P.S. hope I ain't out of line Admin
  11. Hi What is the Situation regarding a motorhome pulling a car on a trailer can they still use aires or is that classed as a car pulling a caravan, clarification appreciated if you know Cheers Bill
  12. Go wild then young Man go wild.camping that is Bill
  13. Welcome Bob we all have lots to learn the guy who hasn't never lived, so hope you can up with a few good answers to any questions that come up Bill
  14. WE also have the concertina blinds but do get a fair amount of condensation on the inside of windscreen and cab doors depending on the weather as for the outside of the screen jf its really cold then any type of cover prevents icing up as is normal with any vehicle Bill
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