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  1. Thanks for that information, That's what i was looking for. Didn't realise about the lower speed limit on a larger unit. As my name suggests I do drive large vehicle's but not that often in Europe, As we always go with two drivers but do not share a hotel room. Wife wants seating rather than fixed bed. Another thing is age with Emission regulations in Europe, and starting to take in the UK cities. The cost of changing to newer Euro 6 is just not worth it, It does make me wonder what's going to happen to the older vehicles, Be it cars for towing and motorhomes. Hopefully we
  2. Hello I am a member one the Caravantalk forum, Although using a different name. My thinking is maybe next year change our Bessacarr caravan for a new Adria caravan, But wife has other opinions. Any way in the next 10 years I will be retiring and wish to tour Europe, But in a motorhome and the wife is considering this change sooner. But she is not keen on the idea of towing a car behind a motorhome, defeats the object in her eyes, Sorry for all of you that do this. I will have a look around this forum for some of the questions which have probably been asked before. A perfec
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