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  1. The UK has now officially left the European Union, so on January 1st lots of things stayed the same but many changed. One of those changes was the need when driving anywhere in the EU and satellite states for drivers to have on their person a 'Green Card', this is proof of insurance cover in the event of an accident. Engineer Aftercare Warranty have created a piece to provide more information at https://engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com/eu-green-card/ But, owners of Cars and Caravans, Trailers, Campervans and Motorhomes (If your towing, you need two!). As an exercise we applied for my
  2. My Manufacturer/Dealer warranty has ended, do I need one? The answer to that is simple, No! Not if you have unlimited funds to repair or replace anything major that fails on your Motorhome. But fail things unfortunately do, usually it seems at the worst time, when you have just paid a large bill or the failure is something major like a Fridge, Cooker, Gearbox or worse the Engine, items that without but cost hundreds of pounds. So the question is, 'Should I buy the peace of mind the first owner had when it was brand new? We believe that answer is Yes! But, what if wa
  3. Whether you are experienced in owning a Motorhome and renewing your insurance or buying for the first time, your road insurance is an important aspect. A Motorhome is no small investment, so when the unthinkable happens, its a bit like wearing a 'Crash helmet', you didnt want one, but when you fell off you needed the very best one you could find! So we at Engineer Aftercare Motorhome Warranty as an official partner to MotorhomeTalk have some top tips to Buying Insurance and Renewing Insurance: Decide what cover you need before you even start looking to buy! A: Do you BOTH n
  4. Are you new to Motorhoming? Maybe with Covid-19 you dont want the worry of cruising or taking a holiday then coming home and self isolating for 14 days, we we at Engineer Aftercare Motorhome Warranty have it covered. As an official working partner to motorhomeTalk, we have a range or advice and information topics on our News page at www.engineerinsuranceandaftercare.com. You can also add your email address to receive our regular e-news pages or buy your own warranty for just £279 for complete peace of mind. So if your new to Motorhome touring, start by going to the link below to our websit
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