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  1. rob


    was interested till i seen the price ,,🥵
  2. hi ,,will do ,,anyone recommend how to insulate the water tank i was looking at using it over winter if possible ? just the fresh water as i can use the waste hog if its cold ?
  3. just bought one tried it on a similar motorhome and it looks and fits perfect only time will tell if any good i bought it from todds motorhomes,, they seem pretty good ,dont think they would be selling if the were rubbish
  4. hi i need a cover for the windscreen i think ? a local motor home place is selling these THERMAL WINDSCREEN NRF MOTORHOME for £80 specific to fiat ducato anyone used them are they any good ,,thanks rob
  5. rob

    Truma aircon

    thanks i am sure i will ,,,😀
  6. rob

    Truma aircon

    hi ,,not sure never been in a motor home i will be asking when i come to book i took the caravan to France last year and was amazed how many motor homes there were,, so i got one ,,and think i will enjoy a trip to Spain i like the benidorm area but open to suggestions ,,thanks
  7. rob

    Truma aircon

    thats true but the longer i leave it the harder it is to get dealers to come up with free repairs ,,hope to go to Spain soon as i can ,, another little thing i was thinking about do i need steadies or similar or do i not need them ?
  8. rob

    Truma aircon

    hi thanks i have contacted the place i bought it and he was surprised ,,he told me to take it to a truma installer and send him the bill so its going into rhino install at preston ,but they cant do it till 20th december ,,must be busy eh,,thanks for the help
  9. rob

    Truma aircon

    hi thanks ,,im sure its not much.. motor home is only over a year old ,,better not be any thing serious ,,, well i just found the problem ,,its never been connected up by the looks of it ,,
  10. Hi first post on here ..I have just bought a autotrail imala 2018 it has aircon unit But does not seem to have any power to it cant seem to find any plugs fuses etc to trace wires it's a comfort model it has no lights on the unit ... Any help would be great ...rob
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