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  1. hi in mine i have a switch the changes from cab to habitation battery ,,next to the consumer unit ,,,rob
  2. hi ken i have an autotrail what is it exactly you want to know about the charging ?
  3. thanks David ..i give it a try later ,,,,rob,, update just got through ,,they said it takes four weeks normally ,,but covid ,,not sure ,,
  4. hi could anyone tell me how long this takes once you send all the info to dvla ..i send mine 3 weeks back and have not and any reply i have tried to email them and call them but even when i get through they say, there to busy to take my call ,,
  5. hi Gordon just to let you know we arrived home safe and sound tonight ,,we stayed in a aire come car park in a little village 1 hour from the tunnel nouvion i think it was called we had no problem supermarket and fuel 2 mins ,,thanks for your help ,,2 weeks now doing nothing ,,
  6. hi thanks Gordon i understand what your saying and if it looks unsafe i wont stay,,found this one that a couple on you tube stayed at nouvion,,they said it was very quite and its in a little village ?
  7. hi again ,,i was looking at an aire ,,i will be arriving late and away early so dont really want to pay 30 euros or similar for a site ,,but thanks for the info ,,,
  8. hi thanks Gordon i will check it out ,,,
  9. hi will be looking for an overnight stop about 1 hour from the tunnel was thinking about lens ? but would like to hear any ones views on anywhere else around the one hour mark ,,,thanks
  10. hi David ,,i was told this by lots of people on here ,,but a few said if you want a particular site book it ,,and i am glad i did last September it was full i watched many caravans and motor homes drive in ,,and drive out ,,because there was no room ,,so i have booked it for this sept and i have been sent sent a list of available pitches ,,about 10 left for the two weeks ,,and on the sea front ,,depends if your not bothered where you going i suppose ,,
  11. thanks bri i dont think ,,,i book with them just encase ,,thanks for the update
  12. hi thanks gordon..i will try the match trick here is the hinges
  13. thanks bri cant see any adjusters on them its not a big problem, just some of them not got the same gap top and bottom ,,i certainly wont be spending any cash to fix it if it cant be adjusted
  14. hi does anyone know if the head lockers doors can be adjusted couple of them not straight just a thought as looking for things to do as really bored ,,its a autotrail
  15. will do ,,leaving in 30 mins the wind will blow me down there ,,,🤣
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