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  1. Purchased NEW April 2019 - £270 P.A. VED - 4k miles - Fiat/Swift Warranty 24/04/2022 - Water Ingress Warranty 24/04/2025 - 1st service being carried out this week Standard Bessacarr features include - Black metallic Fiat chassis cab with Black Edition graphics, LED daytime running lights, 2.3 litre engine Euro 6 (No AdBlue required) Dashboard design with fully integrated factory- fit DAB Radio/MP3 player with Bluetooth, switch-off timing adjustable up to 3 hours and wing mirror antenna for better reception Steering wheel controls including volume controls and phone compatibility Driver and passenger airbags Large panoramic opening skyview sunroof, Stylish 16” alloy wheels NEW larger 7”, easier to use, LCD colour touchscreen Swift Command control panel with improved functionality and app interface Pull out under-floor pannier locker ‘Silverado’ soft furnishing scheme with scatter cushions and sculpted seat cushions Exclusive Duvalay Duvalite Apollo Luxe mattress containing Freshtec – a market leading high spec foam offering maximum airflow for a cool, comfortable good night’s sleep (model specific) Exclusive Dometic CU600 oven, designed for motorhome use with separate grill and dual fuel hob with 800W electric hot plate, electronic ignition and flame failure protection Omnivent, three speed, two way roof fan Innovative FENIX NTM® kitchen worktops (resistant to scratches, enhanced anti-bacterial properties and easy to clean) Four 230V sockets (1 external), NEW 12V sockets and NEW dedicated USB points Alde dual fuel radiator central heating and water heating with daily programming, LCD control panel with 1kW, 2kW or 3kW settings with en- route heating Winter pack and reversing camera Special Edition Hi-Style - £5000 extras above standard spec including - Engine upgrade to 150bhp High level instrument cluster with silver dials External BBQ point Unique graphics scheme Cruise control Fully integrated touch screen satellite navigation, DAB radio & CD player Leather steering wheel with controls External shower point Truma Duo comfort crash sensor changeover regulator Status 550 TV aerial Additional £3500 extras including - Automatic gearbox Towbar Autowatch Alarm Heo-Safe/Milenco high security locks Alko safe Boom arm table *This Motorhome is similar spec to Kon Tiki Sport costing £68000 to £70000 - BIG saving on new price* Brochures with specs available to download - https://www.lowdhams.com/file/uploads/raw/document/2019/09/13/09/00/2019-swift-bessacarr-min.pdf https://www.lowdhams.com/file/uploads/raw/document/2019/09/13/09/32/lowdhams-special-edition-motorhome-brochure-2018-brochure-min.pdf Any questions please ask - selling due to financial impact of pandemic - had intended to keep for years hence all the extras added.
  2. After 1200 miles of deafening banging and rattles from the habitation area I took matters in my own hands and 30 mins with a Philips screwdriver I have achieved nr silence by adjusting all the catches on cupboards🤞 Only driven a short distance since to test but WOW I can not believe it's the same moho and that swift or the dealer couldn't of sorted this before delivery 🙄 If only I could sort everything else so easily ☹
  3. Apart from cars Bikerbri 😉 Seriously though I agree in principal as I too remember things generally being built to last and real customer service - I worked as a shop assistant selling electrical goods through secondary school and college and my bosses would of sacked me if I treated customers how is the norm now! I now believe it doesn't matter if it's cheap or expensive the quality is the same and so is the service - in fact I'm finding cheap is often better than expensive in lots of cases - i.e. the 7 year old Fiat 500c we recently purchased for £5k to use with the MH is fault free and making me happier than my last £60k Range Rover Sport Lemon or the current Lemon £65k Swift MH 🙄
  4. I owned caravans between 1986 and 2015 - the issues with last 2 vans contributed to my decision to sell up and give up touring Like you say Gordon I thought spending twice the money on a MH from a different manufacturer I could get back to enjoying the freedom of touring again I've had a rough 18 months health wise and this was supposed to be a fresh start Feeling pretty stupid right now 😳
  5. I reported faults within 30 days and gave them opportunity to sort but they now want another attempt I just wanted to get it sorted as I really like the MH and getting another will probably have similar issues to resolve. It took me a long time to find an auto we liked I'm so sick of the attitude of dealers and manufacturers towards customers - went through this with LR and they also thought plenty of new customers out there to replace unhappy customers but now it's caught up with them - swift should take note 😡
  6. Just over a month into ownership and a growing list of faults🙄 Travelled 300 miles last week for dealer to carry out repairs and despite 2 days in workshop only a handful were sorted and they added 3 to the list through incompetence - now have scratches to cooker glass lid, damage to flooring and vehicle battery draining due to solar panel smart charging setting being switched off by technician😲 I really hoped Swift were going to better than Elddis but looks like I've jumped out of 1 pile of dung into another😭 Head is telling me reject - heart is saying give them another chance to sort as any replacement could be just same - wishing I'd not returned to the touring life and booked a cottage or villa instead🤔 This is response from Dealer Customer service - This is response from Swift Customer Service - £65k of my hard earned cash spent to improve my life and instead I get another load of stress..............
  7. Waste and fresh tank drains on my 2019 Swift Bessacarr are motorised - they close automatically when finished draining or when ignition key turned on so I'm guessing the OP scenario is impossible Previous caravans had hinged flaps which I admit I never closed believing air flow would dry out waste and closing them would encourage smell - due to movement when towing they would drip or drop small quantity of grey water on roads but I never considered this was a problem before now 😳
  8. Towing the Fiat is much easier than towing a caravan and leaving the moho on site then using the Fiat is working really well so far especially when we can get the roof down - wish I'd done it years ago and saved the stress/cost of buying 2 Range Rover Sports to pull twin axles 🤣
  9. Before buying my A-frame vehicle I read this https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/a-frames-and-dollies/a-frames-and-dollies There are differing statements by A-frame suppliers but as they're biased I wouldn't rely on them
  10. It's a shame Spain and Portugal have this attitude when opinion is as a member of the EU visiting not living you are ok as legal in UK 🙄 Makes me want to avoid visiting Spain and Portugal really but I do like Portugal and hard to get their without going through Spain 😉 Car hire first time me thinks and possibly trailer if we do it regularly 👍
  11. As OP I don't mind going off topic 👍 Always loved MGs and was sad to part with mine - I considered a replacement but couldn't bring myself to buy a Chinese version and Swmbo hated the Red TF so gave up on idea 😳 Funny enough I was searching for a glass rear window just before I parted with mine and I had just bought a black hard top for longer distances 😎
  12. Bought a brand new MG TF 135 2004 but sold it when they went bust at a massive loss - wish I'd kept it now😭
  13. Strange never got waved at towing van 🤔 Already feels odd not waving when in car solo 🤣
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