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  1. Well done David and I hope that you both will be pleased with your new purchase when it arrives. It is the same layout as the AutoTrail Navajo we had which was a lot more compact than our last Savannah but the payload was quite low despite ours having been plated at 3650 MPTLM. What sort of payload will you have once you have taken account of all the normal accessories, i.e. batteries, water, gas, fuel and passenger ? With our Navajo we could make up the single beds quite quickly and not being tall managed well with these and they were great to lay out on during the day and evening when just lounging around. What is the storage like for chairs etc. ? So you didn't go back to a caravan then, we are still happy with our caravan but do miss the friendliness of the motorhome fraternity especially on our long trips through France, etc. Regards Alan
  2. On my V5 the F.1 - Maximum permissible mass is shown as 4250 kg and the Mass in service figure is shown as 3450 kg which is exactly how it is described in the AT brochure. There seems to be something amiss with yours David - I know Bailey build quite lightweight MH's and caravans but it looks incorrect to me. Alan
  3. We have the same Taylormade external cover as David's above. It certainly is good and buy the long cover which goes over the scuttle vents of the cab. Some people say that they are bulky to fold up but we haven't found it so. We only use our cover early and late season and managed to get through our early and late season European trips without using it - it is mainly the UK where we find it useful. Alan
  4. Hi Pete Welcome to the forum - another Bailey owner so you have made David's day ! Alan
  5. Welcome Dave and Jan The site can be a little slow at times to get responses but stick with it. Alan
  6. Hi Gordon Just a quick message to thank you for letting me know that I was a winner in the Christmas competition. The prize arrived this morning from Care-avan and has made my Christmas as, with the family consensus, we no longer 'do' presents except for the grandchildren. So yes I have my own 'Chrissie present' now. Many thanks again and the Seasons Greetings to you. Alan
  7. Hi Tony and welcome. As ex-caravanners ourselves we found that there are a few differences in what you take / need. My suggestions are :- A hose for water filling, a 2 or 3 litre watering can for topping up the fresh water if you don't want to bother with using the hose. 2 levelling ramps ( although having just come back from 5 weeks in France we only used 1 ramp once in all that time of touring around). The toilet flush in the motorhome works via the central main water supply and not a header tank as in a caravan. To use a bit of a 'pink rinse' make up a solution in a small spray bottle and use that - much more economic than what you did with the caravan flush. Just a few things for starters. Alan
  8. Hi David I have tried posting or replying to other posts on MHTalk but when there are no replies or nothing for days/weeks in the end I think why bother. However, I do drop in regularly to have a look at what is going on (likewise Caravan Talk for us ex- tuggers) and will continue to do so. I think many of us in the past have raised the question as to how to attract and retain members to Motorhome talk - so what is the answer ? By the way I liked your blog report on the Stellpaltz - very interesting. Ours was a very wet and soggy May to July in France and on one site we had to move quickly when the river broke its banks. We were contemplating moving into Germany but fellow MH owners were telling us that it was little different to France weatherwise. In all one of the worst early hols we have had from a weather point of view but did find some good sites and people to meet and chat with and that is what it is all about. Alan
  9. Hope you will be pleased with them. This type of towel is not snug like a normal cotton towel but just wrap it around you and it will dry you. Another tip is to use a small microfibre flannel first to wipe off the excess moisture on your body, then the towel doesn't get so wet. When washing the towels don't use fabric conditioner on them and don't wring them out - just let them drip and dry off in the sun or blow in the wind. Apart from a small hand towel in the loo, we only carry these towels and as you know they weigh very little and take up little room in storage. Alan
  10. We always use microfibre towels and have plenty of them. We have always bought ours in France from the Decathlon sports/camping outlets but Decathlon do have stores in the UK now and also offer on-line purchases with free delivery if you use the collection point option. Their towels are very good and measure 80cm x 130cm and are a flat pile that just seems to absorb the water when you have finished showering. They take very little time to dry so ideal for the motorhome or caravan - we leave our towels on the shower door when travelling and are always dry by our next stop. have a look at the following link to their website and the towels :- http://www.decathlon.co.uk/C-817075-microfibre-towel-multibuy ​ Alan
  11. You would have had a quicker response on Caravan Talk but as most of us here on Motorhome Talk have moved from caravans to motorhomes you should get a reply so here goes. With a B+E licence which most of us oldies have you can drive a vehicle with a MAM of 3500kg plus any size trailer subject to the Gross Train Weight of your Range Rover which dependant on your model is around 6300 kg (I think RR suggest a maximum trailer weight of 3500kg) or if you passed your test after January 2013, a trailer of up to a MAM of 3500kg. With a C1 licence which most motorhome owners have to drive a vehicle in excess of 3500kg and up to 7500kg you can also tow a trailer if you have the C1+E licence part you can tow a trailer of 750 kg but the maximum trailer weight cannot be more than the towing vehicle - the combined weight of the two cannot be in excess of 12000kg. Alan
  12. Hi Steve Work ! - what a dirty word and Nights, hush your mouth. Good luck to you in your ventures to Spain and to you getting it right first time. Are you going to take the MH with you or purchase one out there, when you go ? Alan ​
  13. Hi Steve Welcome to the forum. We have a plan do we - don't we all ! Yes, we are all looking forward to the weather improving although in the South we have had a few good days now - dry, cold and bright. Must have been good today because I cleaned the motorhome - just a good after winter wash but no polish as it got a bit cold once the sun disappeared. Come on let us in on your plans - don't be shy. Alan
  14. Another thing to consider is the weight of the motorhome and what licence you hold. If you are looking at a weight in excess of 3500 kg then you will need a C1 licence. which dependant on your age, you may have 'grandfather' rights. Alan
  15. Hi Iain Good to hear that at least they are considering the problem but they are dragging their heels a bit. I suppose they don't want to open the floodgates to disgruntled owners, as happened with the caravan problem, before actually pinning down that a similar problem may exist. Alan
  16. Hi and welcome to the forum. It is a little slow at times for responses but the website/forum is slowly building with a good group of members who are quite experienced and informative. Alan
  17. Hi there Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy the change to motorhoming as many of us here have done, having made the change. Our first motorhome, after caravanning since 1973, was a AT Navajo and we loved it but decided that as we did long holidays in France we wanted to return to a fixed bed layout so we changed last March for a Savannah. Our Navajo was plated at 3650kg so I would have needed a medical at 70 to retain my C1 licence and drive that anyway so the change to a MH weighing 4250kg makes little difference. We found that even with the increased payload of our Navajo it was hard to stick within its weight limit so be careful if yours is plated at 3500 kg. Alan.
  18. RL Any update on the problem with your MH mattress, now the dealers are back to work? Alan
  19. Have a good New Year and hope you get a successful outcome with your mattress - when the caravan mattress problem arose Bailey got their act together and with the mattress supplier pulling all the stops out, managed to appease many frustrated Bailey owners. Alan
  20. Hi David and all Do you remeber the fiasco with the Bailey Caravan mattresses a couple of years ago which were constanly feeling damp because part of the fabric they used was a 'wicking' material ? Bailey had to have all the mattresses changed and the manufacturers replaced them or took them apart and recovered them - just a thought. There is plenty of information about this on Caravan Talk forum. Alan
  21. Sorry to hear about that. Our Fiat was built Feb 2015 and we have covered 3 K in it it now. We have the Fiat problem of not being able to read the speedo due to the chrome hoods over the speedo and tacho. There is supposed to be a fix coming, so say MMM who are going to put Fiat's answer in the February magazine. Many of us have our doubts. Alan
  22. It was a common problem on Fiat's a few years ago and as both they and Peugeot are all the same base units the problem goes across the range. I thought that the new dash though, i.e. 2015 had the problem cured. The rectification was to always replace the dash cluster. Alan
  23. Hi David Good report again. We have been to the Longleat CC site many times with the grandchildren but hardly recognised the site from your photos. We have only seen it in the summer with the trees in leaf, the grass green and the weather, fortunately glorious. It is lovely for visiting everything in Longleat and with kids, it is good to do everything over a few days. There are some great walks to pubs from the site via the estate too. I would admit it is restricting with a motorhome unless using it as a permanent base. All our trips there were with the caravan but we just stayed on site and found no need to venture off as there was so much to do. Alan
  24. Hi Gordon Not had amy pronblems witht either our X250 or X290 Fiats either - is it just you ? Alan
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