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  1. YES And thats 1 thing folk forget when buying a boat.we are in and out of the sea in the med quite often so use the shower alot.even in the heat i like a hot shower as it cools me down when getting out.but back to the moho and 13amp was a neg when i seen them.Diddnt realise the home power showers where that high rated. the only other thing that we have in our kitch at home is a Quooker tap.but would think that is high too.
  2. The reason we wanted a flow was the amount of water in the tanks is never enough water.So we chose another option of fitting a second insulated tank and draw water from 1 to another before showering.moreso on the boat as the salty air means more showering.but no so much in the moho.i have seen these in lesser watts too tho.
  3. Dont know whappened there but did post this yesterday,but didnt get posted? never mind maybe i didnt hit post? I hae considered putting 1 of these on our boat,but has to be on ehu sadly.and unless we are on shore power its no good https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Electric-Faucet-Tap-Hot-Water-Heater-Instant-For-Home-Bathroom-Kitchen-Boat-UK/183200190875?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D88a6bb9b29d74a68a4cf7c6c1a29217b%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D4%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dag%26sd%3D202727954044%26itm%3D183200190875&_trksid=p2481888.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A976c6312-a28a-11e9-9601-74dbd18005e0|parentrq%3Ad87c9e3116b0a4e92225bf90ff734962|iid%3A1
  4. Yes i had given thought to making sure not to drive away with the jacks down.Didnt think about the hand brake tho. The reason behind not on the engine is,we are looking to do more rallies and if off grid may need to start engine to charge batteries etc.so if on hand brake wont effect the lifting of jack and relevelling.
  5. As with our E and p system fitted to the caravan.it can also lift the van totally off the floor for wheel changes.Think they are rated at 3t per jack.being a t/a there is 1 fitted to each axle for side to side level.The 1 reason i do like it is sure makes it easier for fitting the wheel locks,But for us in the moho the main reaso for it will be to stop the movement and the wife suffers with the effect.I was in the middle of asking them if just a 2 front jack would be a possablity.but would there be a strain or twist to the chassis if this was done? 99% of our stop are on h/s and mainly level.but that dont mean to say it wont twist
  6. Very nice!. i can see the BBQ coming out soon.seriously tho is that the new drop down bed up front? It seem to a improvment on the previous mode.i dont know if i still like the luton vwersion or the newer version.trying to come to terms with it
  7. oh sorry but didnt know if it was ok too.yes its called Amplo and they are in Italy http://www.amplo.it/home.aspx As said there price for 4 jacks kit for moho is 2000 euro plus 150e for delivery I didnt enquire about a caravan(sorry to swear) as ours comes with it from new. So the cheapest i could find was £4495 supply and fit. From MA-VE,Fitters in the uk.and these supply MA-Ve.
  8. If you have a older style Sky hd + box you can use any method of satellite dish.i.e. tripod, fixed to roof,vuqube,flat panel, etc,but not with sky Q.as this is a totally different dish lnb.(wider band i think).and a sky q card will not be able to be put into a older style box(not backwards compatable). I spoke with Avtex and they said Sky have it all wrapped up with the sky q.nobody can copy it. So if you have already got sky Q you will need a brand new second acccount with a older box. Not really worth it in opinion, to have 2 account and 2x the price of a already expensive tv repeating gadget. If you are into watching movies then a Amazon dongle with netflix/amazon prime movies maybe your best choice
  9. Just for those who maybe interested.ive been in touch with a company and they are able to supply a self level system to fit motorhomes and caravans. Supply only £2000. Im in no way connected with these but just thought if anybodies interested i can pass on there details.but if this is not aloud then plz remove.
  10. Thanx for your replies.i have not got any anti slip mats,but only this mor ing i was looking at them.approx £15 for 2 pairs.so is a small price to pay for peace of mind.It not just that but its my pet hate when ive seen some pulling vans over the grass to get to a pitch.i love the grass outside our house and i know how much it takes to keep it in tip top shape.and if ruined how long it will take to repair. So all we now hope is the weather hold out for us all
  11. So as the wife says "the clubs prices are always rising",we have decided to try our hand at going on some rallies.the first 1 we have booked is easter break ,thurs to the tuesday.So, being as it our first rally(for probably 25years) we are basically a new rallyers. we are going to the south coast uk. we have spoke to the officers and they assured us that they will help in any way poss to make our stay the best they can, Ive advised them of the size of our outfit and they have offered to accomodate us nearest to the roadside as poss.(as its a grass field).They do have ehu so its a bonus even though we are capable of off grid for a few days at a time.Our intentions are to Not move the moho once pitched and reply on either bycicles or bus.This will also be a first as we havent parked up for long periods before. So we are looking forwards to it,but a little scepticle that we wont need assistance to get out of the field etc.(dont want to look a fool). So here touching wood that our first encouters will be good and not thro us off.As our cost for this rally is £85 inc ehu for 5days ,over the easter period is some what little compared to what we are used to paying.
  12. smino0_1


    Just out of curiosity,what year is your moho to be a cat 5.as ive just had mine and it a cat 3, iwas caught out as i thought it was a cat2 but i noticed i looked in the wrong square on the graph.
  13. We have looked and looked at trying our hand at going non toll route.but as you have said 50/50 decision.So we have decide totry and mix it up for tolls and non tolls at the stops but at a cost. So here is a planned route. ! thing is that all the non C&mc site had to be paid up front.All the french sites we booked direct said payment upon arrival. so here goes French Trip 2019 So we begin our journey's start near Cardiff,South Wales.Joining the M4 at junction 34 or first stop over is Henley on Thames camc site for the 21st of July. then onto Black Horse Fm at folkstone via the A329 ,m3 ,m25 and m26 and m20. Catching the 7:50 le shuttle arrive france 9:25. We have decided not to do long trips down and we have booked 4 Vents south east of Paris for 6 days. This will take us thru (A16)Abbeville and onto the n31 to 4Vents.from there we are onward bound to clerrmont ferrand we have choose to take the N36,N7 and A77. We have looked at staying at the camping car area Courpière les Taillades.but this may change if we dont see good reviews,but will still be in the same area for 2 days. Back onto the A77 ,over the millau viaduct and on to Beziers A9 and our next 11 days is Camping Le Sainte Marie At perpignan. From Perpignan we travel west towards A61 A62 and stop over 4 days in campsas "Camping La Tisarne". A20 and N147 to Poitiers And staying another 3 days at Camping grande poitiers. A28 to Abbeville for the longest leg and a last 3 days stopping in Camc site Le clos casheleux. then back on the le shuttle for the 11:50am trip and back in the uk for 11:25.from there we are on to wyatts covert camc site for 2 days and then back on M4 to M5 and down to Burnham on sea We have a approx milage of 2100m but this may increase as we may have some more sites from there.We are not taking the dogs ,as our daugther will be looking after them so it maybe a return home from there. Another thing we have paid for flexi for the return route as this will give us leaway for the return.maybe weather dependant too.If it nice we may stay a little longs and cancel the uk booked site at wyatts covert
  14. So we have finally got round to making all the bookings nessasary for our trip to france. So ive had a full major service done incl gearbox oil change.new seal on the drive shafts (seen a small dribble on the off side).upon reading the web they are a common fault and the new ones where different ,so they obviously modified them.New tyres with M+S and 3mpsf symbol.hab serviced. breakdown sorted ,travel ins sorted,tunnel booked and few night outbound and return uk.total 29 days.All i have to do now is pay for it all. Ive looked at the route in fine detail and got some great info with regards where to get on and off the motorways and avaid the tolls,also got a road map as a backup to apps.ive also made up some extra levelling double ramps,just incase we encounter some sloppping pitches.we have the plastic ones but alway better to carry a few more i think.sent off for my 1968 idp forms. So we can relax a bit now.and we got plenty of scribbled scrap paper from all the places we jotted down over the last 2 weeks.
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