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  1. Price of ferry has gone up a bit. Just booked to go to Jersey Just under £600
  2. What is Item number 331159164753 please
  3. The screws in the picture on both faces are in slots, try unscrewing them a little and slide in the appropriate direction..On my Autotrail I have found that I always manage to stand blocking the light to see what is in the cupboard so I have fitted lights inside them and the wardrobe .
  4. Yes . Semi air system leaking, this is airbags between the bump stops and the rear leaf springs, Seperate from Leveling jacks
  5. I had the Ma-Ve system fitted to my V- line just before Christmas.At the time Towtal advised me that air assisted suspension would help, the ride the difference this has made is very noticable BUT I have had to keep topping up the air on the one side. Today I took the van back to Towtal .They discovered that one of the air packs was leaking slightly It was changed whilst I waited. The jacks have been tried out in winds of 80 MPH and the van remained very stable Quite expensive but worthwhile.
  6. g7eor


    The one I have on a Ducato chassis can be folded out of the way by removing a pin. the driver's seat can the be swiveled if needed
  7. g7eor


    A company on Amazon called rare-spares also on flebay both same price £79.95. Well worth it I think so OH can reach the lever. Very easy to fit just 6 6MM screws to tighten up, they even supply a Allen key.
  8. g7eor


    I have just fitted a handbrake extension to my Autotrail on a fiat chassis.This lifts the handle up about 6" and makes such a difference I can reach it without stretch. It took all of 5 mins to fit
  9. g7eor

    Fog Lights

    Sorry for not replying sooner. I have fitted a switch block with the appropriate sections in, but I am told that the body control needs to be changed as the lights are no fitted as standard . The number of pins on the new set of switches is the same as on the old one so I think that the fog lights must be canbus controlled. My nextdoor neighbour has just started driving again six weeks after having his second hip replacement. The first one lasted 14 years and he is now 73.
  10. g7eor

    Fog Lights

    I have a 2019 Fiat Ducato based Autotrail campervan. I can see that there are mountings in the front bumper for fog lights. Does anyone know if there is a wiring loom fitted for them? There are a lot of "spare" connectors behind the dash panel but I cannot see any loose ends in the fog light area.
  11. I have recently purchased a campervan .No problems driving at all. When we had the caravan my wife would say " Do you want me to drive ? " Now she is sitting behind the wheel saying "I will drive !" My dealer is a little closer to home than yours but in the 2000 miles since pick up in November we have done 260 miles backwards and forwards to the dealer + twice that number in the car.Hopefully now all sorted.
  12. Tea bags .....No thanks I have not drunk tea in 50+years nor has my wife. It has to be coffee or squash or the odd mug of hot chocolate.
  13. I have an Autotrail 365 with the media pack delivered last week The rear monitor worked for a while but then stopped working on the second day.It has got to go back to the dealer who says it could be the camera or the loom, camera change a couple of hours loom change a couple of days. On my previous caravan I fitted a reversing camera to the number plate with a monitor clipped to the mirror this worked very well I don't see any reason why the same sort of camera could not feed into the radio infotanment system. According to the book on the radio it is capable of taking feeds from two cameras .My camera was purchased from Reversing Cameras I found them to be very helpful on the phone.
  14. g7eor

    Lpg supply

    Many thanks. Now sorted there is a valve under a cover on the gas tank right in the middle of the van. Nobody told me about this on handover.
  15. g7eor

    Lpg supply

    I have just picked up a new Auto Trail 635 Sport. I filled the gas tank (19 litres of gas) but I cannot get any gas out of any of the rings on the cooker the fridge will not light neither will the Truma heater. The valves under the cooker are all open Has anyone any ideas what to try next?
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