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  1. Hi Fiona I suppose the first port of call would be to check the cable sockets at each end to make sure they are wired correctly, or perhaps a loose connection. Is it a new cable or one that came with a secondhand van? Just possible if someone has been using it abroad that they have switched the wiring to cope with a reverse polarity problem abroad? David
  2. Obviously not compulsory but a fairly standard requirement. A £5 charge for water is pretty outrageous. Just as a guide Aires and Stellplatz in Europe usually charge about one euro to refill water tanks. David
  3. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but the pricing is a bit steep given there is no Electrics. Also given that you don;t waste water or toilet emptying facilities I would have thought that £10 a night including water would be a fair price. The idea to offer free parking if you eat at your establishment is a good idea. David
  4. klyne

    Sat Navs

    We have a built in one in our new motorhome although you have to watch it as it tends to take short cuts!!! Previously we had a TomTom Start 60 to which I added the Camper Maps and have to say that was pretty reliable. Unfortunately over the years TomTom has made it more and more difficult to add third party POI's so if I was buying a new sat nav that would be a major decider for me. David
  5. I suppose it depends on what time of year you go but we haven't booked in France for years. David
  6. Not sure many here will be able to answer that question as this is a predominantly a UK group so I imagine most will be unfamiliar with the equipment you are using in the USA. I tend to use my mobile phone on the 4G network as a wifi point which seems to work quite well across the UK and saves having additional equipment. David
  7. I wonder if Wolfpack has come to a decision? David
  8. We have a 2019 Bailey Alliance 66-2. You don't mention what year the one for sale is? The Alliance has only been going for a couple of years. However I don't recognise the price of £55000 unless there was a massive amount of extras fitted.Normal list price is around £50000. If it is for sale at £30000 it is grossly underpriced, even at £40000 it would be a bargain. Are you sure it is a genuine offer? Are you able to go and view? I appreciated that it sounds a good price but I would want to establish that it was genuine. Motorhomes that are offered for sale at cheap prices can be scams especially if you are asked to pay for it before seeing it or have to pay a deposit before viewing. I can see the attraction of the price but if it is genuine she has been badly advised. I think you need to ask a few more questions. The sort of thing I have in mind is why is she not asking the supplying dealer to sell it on her behalf. If it is genuine and buy it for the price mentioned I doubt you would lose money if you sold it a few months later and you even might make a profit. You will forgive my concern about it seeming a bit fishy!!! David
  9. klyne


    Brian I think its been on the cards for a couple of years that they would restrict to German citizens. I can't see how it was ever economic to allow it Europe wide. Some motorhome insurance companies have it as an option, I thin Comfort do? David
  10. klyne

    Road Tax

    I keep thinking about whether to SORN the motorhome. However even if campsites don't open but we are free to take vehicles out for what is currently considered an unnecessary journey I might not bother. David
  11. I suppose the golden rule is to never part with any money until you have seen what you are buying, particularly something like a motorhome? There have been a few scams highlighted on the CMC forum. Some have involved very glossy websites, one even claiming to have a tie in with the CMC. Usually there is no where to actually see the vehicle and the usual line is that it will be delivered direct to you once the money has been transferred. Another is the person that claims to be in the services and stationed overseas and does not have a UK bank account and they insist you pay by Pay Pal. No way of getting your money back once the scammer as withdrawn the funds!!! Whilst I would tend to agree with Gordon about dealers there are probably many genuine private sellers out there but they won't making demands for up front payments before you view. David
  12. I would think carefully about the internal design, do you actually need a drop down bed? We started out with a 7.5 metre Bailey 740 SE and had no problems in touring Europe with that. However we did tend to use campsite rather than Aires. Probably a sensible general purpose length would be around 7 metres. We have since changed to to a smaller Bailey of 6.6 metres which suits us fine but we have not been abroad in it yet. The trouble is that in current times you are very restricted in what you can go and view. I appreciate that you want to buy second hand but having a good look round the various dealers or even the NEC shows would help you firm up on layouts. David
  13. Interesting video. Once thought I might have liked to do that but too old now!!! David
  14. I think there are probably sensible reasons to book the odd site abroad if you want to be there at a particular time but if you are touring there shouldn't really be a need. With no certainty how this virus will pan out, some think it will still be around next year if looks as if our hobby is in for a hard time over the next couple of years. That doesn't just mean campsite either as I can't see many people investing in a caravan or motorhome in the next six months? We got the Motorhome back from its first service last Friday (new pump, pressure switch and heating PCB, fortunately under warranty!!!) Today we cleaned the inside and put everything back in, just hope we get the chance to use it before we have to empty if for the next service!!! David
  15. The replies were only requesting that it was made a "sticky" thread so it appeared at the top of the listing so once that was done there was no need for them to remain. David
  16. In the light of the increasing issues surrounding the Covid -19 virus the CMC have issued this information on their Club Together forum https://www.caravanclub.co.uk/club-together/discussions/sites-touring/overseas-sites-touring/coronavirus-covid-19-travel-guidance It applies to members already in Europe and to those about to travel. David
  17. I have had a Taylormade screen for six years and never had that issue. The part of the screen that attaches to the cab door is very thin so shouldn't cause an issue. David
  18. klyne


    Lynne Are you referring to the leisure battery or the cab battery. If its the latter its quite likely that it is not being charged by the EHU depending on the system you have. David
  19. I don't think beam deflectors are a legal requirement. The fact that you mustn't dazzle oncoming drivers is a legal requirement. You usually have the option to drop the beam to its lowest setting and that is unlikely to cause a problem to anyone. I have never used them and I have driven through a few two way tunnels in Austria without causing anyone a problem. David
  20. Hi Clive Welcome to the Forum. Is there a reset button on the actual boiler? As its an Autograph I imagine you have the Alde heating system. On my Alliance we have the Truma. I was going to suggest it might be the anti shock button on the gas regulator but if you are getting gas to the hob it would rule that out. Sorry I can't be of more help. There is a Bailey Motorhome Owners Facebook Group which might be worth consulting as there is quite a lot of knowledge there. David
  21. Raymond Welcome to the Forum. Campsites usually have very strict rules on the disposal of waste water on site and specify that it can only be disposed at the provided waste water points. You mention washing up water which will contain remnants of food waste which will quickly become unpleasant if everyone were to do the same. We have to empty our tank every couple of days because we always use our own shower facilities. David
  22. Rob I somehow think you might not need the air conditioning this side of Christmas😊 David
  23. Rob Did you buy it from a dealer or an individual? I imagine its not from a dealer as they should have checked it before signing it over to you. Are you able to contact the seller? I think you need to establish why the installation was seemingly abandoned. Was it the previous owner who perhaps took on more than he could handle? Assuming its complete but just needs properly installing you could approach a local dealer to complete the job. Hope you get it sorted. David
  24. Denis Welcome to the forum. The Swift 622 was a motorhome we looked at closely before we got our first motorhome about six years ago after 30 years of caravanning. In the end went for something a bit bigger and have since gone smaller!!! Hope you enjoy your motorhome adventures. David
  25. The new tax does of course also affect those that buy a car of £40,000 or more which must be quite a few by what I see on a lot of Club sites!!! Probably once the "new tax" becomes the norm I suspect people won't give it a second thought. The only people it will really affect are those that were looking to buy but hadn't quite made up their minds so I suppose there could be a bit of a blip in sales. The current political/financial situation will no doubt have a bigger impact on sales. The same as it seems to be having on house prices. A new for sale on our estate is priced at £25,000 less than a neighbour sold their similar house for two years ago! David
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