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  1. Gordon Our first Bailey had a level floor throughout apart from the step up into the cab. Our Alliance has a raised floor in the lounge which we weren't keen on but have got used to. One possible reason is that it allows heating pipes to go from one side of the van to the other. It also means the under bed lockers are much deeper so there are pros and cons. David
  2. Gordon I was initially very excited about this new range as they all have automatic gearboxes which I would love to have. However having delved into the detail a bit all models have minuscule payloads, somewhere between 350 and 410 kgs, especially as most of them have four seat belts. I have no idea if they can be uprated but then the problem becomes the 3500 kgs weight many of us of 70 and over have on our driving licence. David
  3. There seems to be less and less included in the all in weight of the vans now. My original 2013 Approach 740SE had a payload of 550kgs and some things which are now extras were included in the weight of the van before payload was calculated. It won't be that many years down the road that people who passed their test after 1997 will probably start buying motorhomes and they will be restricted to 3500kgs. There are lots of motorhomes under 3500kgs with a good payload but probably not as luxurious as those with the lower payload? David
  4. The payload of that model based on a 3500kgs chassis seems to be 358 kgs which as you have already recognised is not enough for 3 adults (driver already include in base weight) It might be OK for a day trip out with a virtually empty motorhome but if you were going away, even for a weekend, I think you would be struggling to stay legal? It is possible to upgrade the weight but you will have to weigh the motorhome in travelling trim to check front and rear axles to make sure you have enough leeway to upgrade. This company http://www.svtech.co.uk/ is used by many motorhomers to upgrade the weigh
  5. I have always found the DVLA to be pretty good with things but I imagine the current COVID situation is not helping. When ever I have difficulty getting through to organisations on the phone I leave until about 15 minutes before they are due to go home as by then they are probably not making any outgoing calls so you could strike lucky. David
  6. Bob I cheated and got my dealer to install our Vision Plus camera! Do you have a Facebook account? If so there is a very useful Bailey Motorhome Owners Group which might be able to help. David
  7. We have one attached to the habitation door of our Bailey Alliance. The bins are quite small so won't be very heavy. Have you thought of contacting Elddis customer services for advice? David
  8. We had a similar problem with our 2013 Approach 740. It was repaired by our dealer. I think they also changed the seal on the under bed door as they thought that was contributing to the damp. It might be worth asking on this Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1433322080268895/ David
  9. Is this the flush fitting Dometic door? I had an Approach with the Hartel door and that was a more traditional type fitting but my now Alliance has the flush fitting window. Ours is fine thus fat but I have heard that it can be a problem. Maybe best to give your dealer service department a ring to see if they have any ideas for you. We had a fair few problems with the Hartel door on our Approach but it was always the locking mechanism. Hope you get it sorted. David
  10. klyne


    If it's just a change of scene that people require a campsite is as good a place as any. If you use your own facilities contact with other people will be minimal. The question is that is sitting on a campsite any different to sitting in your back garden! David
  11. klyne


    We had four days at Cirencester Park CMC site earlier in the month. Two more trips booked, one for September and another for October again for four nights each. Being away seems a bit strange still so no real enthusiasm for more than we have already booked. Hopefully it will have improved by next year? David
  12. Hi Fiona I suppose the first port of call would be to check the cable sockets at each end to make sure they are wired correctly, or perhaps a loose connection. Is it a new cable or one that came with a secondhand van? Just possible if someone has been using it abroad that they have switched the wiring to cope with a reverse polarity problem abroad? David
  13. Obviously not compulsory but a fairly standard requirement. A £5 charge for water is pretty outrageous. Just as a guide Aires and Stellplatz in Europe usually charge about one euro to refill water tanks. David
  14. I don't want to rain on anyone's parade but the pricing is a bit steep given there is no Electrics. Also given that you don;t waste water or toilet emptying facilities I would have thought that £10 a night including water would be a fair price. The idea to offer free parking if you eat at your establishment is a good idea. David
  15. We have a built in one in our new motorhome although you have to watch it as it tends to take short cuts!!! Previously we had a TomTom Start 60 to which I added the Camper Maps and have to say that was pretty reliable. Unfortunately over the years TomTom has made it more and more difficult to add third party POI's so if I was buying a new sat nav that would be a major decider for me. David
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