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  1. I have had a Taylormade screen for six years and never had that issue. The part of the screen that attaches to the cab door is very thin so shouldn't cause an issue. David
  2. klyne


    Lynne Are you referring to the leisure battery or the cab battery. If its the latter its quite likely that it is not being charged by the EHU depending on the system you have. David
  3. I don't think beam deflectors are a legal requirement. The fact that you mustn't dazzle oncoming drivers is a legal requirement. You usually have the option to drop the beam to its lowest setting and that is unlikely to cause a problem to anyone. I have never used them and I have driven through a few two way tunnels in Austria without causing anyone a problem. David
  4. Hi Clive Welcome to the Forum. Is there a reset button on the actual boiler? As its an Autograph I imagine you have the Alde heating system. On my Alliance we have the Truma. I was going to suggest it might be the anti shock button on the gas regulator but if you are getting gas to the hob it would rule that out. Sorry I can't be of more help. There is a Bailey Motorhome Owners Facebook Group which might be worth consulting as there is quite a lot of knowledge there. David
  5. Raymond Welcome to the Forum. Campsites usually have very strict rules on the disposal of waste water on site and specify that it can only be disposed at the provided waste water points. You mention washing up water which will contain remnants of food waste which will quickly become unpleasant if everyone were to do the same. We have to empty our tank every couple of days because we always use our own shower facilities. David
  6. Rob I somehow think you might not need the air conditioning this side of Christmas😊 David
  7. Rob Did you buy it from a dealer or an individual? I imagine its not from a dealer as they should have checked it before signing it over to you. Are you able to contact the seller? I think you need to establish why the installation was seemingly abandoned. Was it the previous owner who perhaps took on more than he could handle? Assuming its complete but just needs properly installing you could approach a local dealer to complete the job. Hope you get it sorted. David
  8. Denis Welcome to the forum. The Swift 622 was a motorhome we looked at closely before we got our first motorhome about six years ago after 30 years of caravanning. In the end went for something a bit bigger and have since gone smaller!!! Hope you enjoy your motorhome adventures. David
  9. The new tax does of course also affect those that buy a car of £40,000 or more which must be quite a few by what I see on a lot of Club sites!!! Probably once the "new tax" becomes the norm I suspect people won't give it a second thought. The only people it will really affect are those that were looking to buy but hadn't quite made up their minds so I suppose there could be a bit of a blip in sales. The current political/financial situation will no doubt have a bigger impact on sales. The same as it seems to be having on house prices. A new for sale on our estate is priced at £25,000 less than a neighbour sold their similar house for two years ago! David
  10. I noticed that the Petition had been closed due to the General Election. Shame really as I thought the nearly 15000 signatures was pretty good going and no doubt would have grown had there been more time. I suspect there are many motorhomers who might have signed the petition who are not followers of forums or social media so I think we did quite well to get to that figure. I was disappointed in the response from some on Caravan Talk who are caravanners who thought that it was a perfectly fair way of moving forward. It is a shame that they don't have empathy with their fellow campers! What ever you think of Brexit the whole process has knocked the stuffing out of the UK so hardly surprising manufacturers are taking measures to cut back on production. It is also far from certain how it will pan out in the next five years even if there is a decision made one way or the other. David
  11. klyne


    Just got back from a week in North Norfolk, four nights at Seacroft in Cromer and three at Sandringham. The weather was quite good at Cromer, often sunny but a bit chilly. Unfortunately wet at Sandringham. We did for the first time since we owned a motorhome actually take it off site! We visited Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk which has good parking for motorhomes. David
  12. Its all to do with what is recorded on the Certificate of Conformity so if you manged to find a model not yet listed with emissions, well done. I am sure the enjoyment will be even greater having saved some money😀 David
  13. Richard The NEC is an excellent place to go to see new motorhomes as all the major brands both UK and European will be there. I am not sure any particular day is better than any other with regards to deals unless they are not meeting targets so I suppose the later in the show the better but it might also extend the delivery time. Unfortunately VED is dues to increase on vans registered after 1st September. If you are prepared to buy now you might find a model made before they started to add emission figures on the Certificate of Conformity which I assume would be taxed under the old regime? David
  14. The petition has passed the 10000 mark now so they are obliged to respond. I don't hold out any chance they will change their minds but it will be interesting to see if they say anything different. One problem I find with a lot of petitions is that the people starting them really don't think about what they are asking. Personally I would have included a lot more information and asked why it only applies to motorhomes up to 3500kgs but not to those of a higher weight. I would want to test the logic! David
  15. The issue for me is that this "extra tax" has been introduced quite sneakily with no prior discussion as far as I can tell. The reality is that as it only applies to new registrations the amount of tax it will raise is relatively small so it seems it is a punitive tax on motorhomes. Also interesting is the fact that it only applies to motorhomes of 3500kgs and under. A motorhome over that weight will still enjoy an annual VED of £165 which is a bit of a nonsense. I think I would be happy to accept this new tax if it applied to the emissions of the base vehicle which would encompass all the base vehicle variants which would of course include white van man which the Government dare not upset!!! The petition currently stands at just over 8500, interesting the petition to revoke Article 50 is still gaining ground at a faster rate!!! David
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