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  1. pister


    Would much appreciate advice/links about ferries to Corsica/Sardinia. Travelling May-June 2019 in 6.5m Bessacarr. Ferry websites' links not clear nor bookable in Feb. apparently? Prefer non-overnight and to access Nice/Toulon - Ile de Rousse, coming back Bastia to Italy.
  2. David: thanks very much for your quick answer. I certainly agree with what you say - "they ... seem ... not ready for this season". I know that the system has changed in that you have to load your card etc rather than use paper cheques but my beef is that there is apparently not going to be any Camping Cheque book or map which will be a real pain. You're right about CMC feeling that the CC system is coming to an end. I spoke to a chap from CMC at the NEC Motorhome Show last month who outlined their system (can't remember what it's called) whereby one can 'buy' nights at sites for, I think £21 or euros. He was pretty sure the Camping Cheques were on the way out which worries me with my almost £300 sitting on my gold card. I kept 'saving' them last year in Europe, using ACSI instead - which now seems a mistake. Hopefully I can get rid of them this summer. Pat
  3. Hi anyone got any up-to-date info on the apparent 'demise' of Camping Cheques? Old credits (I've got £300 in the 'pot') are still valid but I'm told by Caravan & Motorhome Club (who now administer them) that there will be no 2018 brochure or map printed for 2018. One has to search on-line which will be very inconvenient for quick browsing and planning.
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