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  1. Gordon, no worries, off tomorrow (Friday) get back about July, will let you know how it goes. Enjoy the summer!! Les
  2. Gordon Your advice spot on, leisure battery voltage low, connected to the mains, ran the pump and it shut off on closing a tap as it should do. Got a good run around France starting next week so hopefully should put enough in the leisure battery to operate off the grid for a while, if not at least I know what the problem is. Much appreciated. Les
  3. Gordon Thanks for this, I had thought about the micro switches on the taps, just recently changed the shower insert so will investigate the areas as mentioned. Cheers Les
  4. Hi all Looking for a bit of help, have a 2012 AutoTrail Ttracker EKS and the last couple of times we've been out have found the water pump is constantly running, have checked for leaks, system seems up to pressure but pump still runs on. Has anybody else had a similar problem. just wondering if the pump requires replacing. Thanks Les
  5. Many thanks for the responses, just a quick update, I think I'm hooked! So much easier, less stress whilst travelling and we got to some amazing spots around mid Wales, and stayed overnight (Llyn Clywedog), that we couldn't have managed with a caravan. Been away 3 more times since and off to Somerset next week, wonderful life!! Les
  6. After many years of caravanning, and enjoying them, we've decided to try out life with a motorhome. Got an Auto Trail Tracker and our first outing begins tomorrow, hope we enjoy the change! Thanks for having us in the Forum Les
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