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  1. you will have a great time. enjoy! our unwritten rule is "stay away from France during July and August"
  2. Hi we use teh Tom Tom 6000 truck, enter length, height etc, and away you go, purchased it for our caravan and will use with the motorhome.. you can also download all the campsites as POI.
  3. just a pity they do not manufacture a fold up trailer
  4. Mods please move if in wrong place.. can an any one help we are looking at buying a Toyota IQ to tow behind the motor home.. I have done some research but it is so complicated. With regard to braked A frames v unbraked. Can any one claifiy what what the actual law. Is for towing in France thanks in advance
  5. Hi everyone, finally made the move from caravan to motorhome.. and we are the proud owners of an Autotrail Frontier Delaware with only 2400 miles on the clock, shame really previous owner suffered from ill health and has gone to the campsite in the sky looking forward to to an active participation with loads of questions, but I will still pop over to caravan talk occasionally
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