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  1. Our MH is LHD and to be honest that has never been a major issue when driven in the UK, apart from the obvious, and that is that the access door is on the UK offside (right side). Thus when alighting in a layby you have to be extra aware of passing traffic, and some sites insist that I park "nose in" on a pitch to put the door on the UK side of the pitch. Conversely having the access door on the right is a bonus when abroad. If you do opt for LHD, take a careful look as some A-Class models have a "cab" door on the left, so allowing safe access from the LHS. Should you opt for a chassis/cab (B-Class) then naturally the cab will have doors either side, so diminishing the problem when stopping temporarily en route, however you may still be instructed to park the "wrong way round" once on a UK site. Brian's advice to purchase from a dealer makes perfect sense, and if at least placing a deposit by credit card, you will have additional protection shou there be problems with the vehicle. Personally I have a problem with the Ducato/Boxer cab, in that the vertical bar between the quarter light and the wind down window next to the driver, obscures the rear view mirror when I have the seat set for my long legs. Unfortunately a large number of MH models use this chassis cab so my personal choice is somewhat limited. See this thread. Time to look at the manufacturers' websites and brochures methinks, as you should have plenty of time to browse the options at the moment. All the very best, and welcome to Motorhome Talk. Gordon.
  2. On a previous caravan I had a similar issue and was able to slacken the hinge from the side frame of the cupboard and slip a small section of matchstick under the hinge before tightening again. This allowed the side hinged cupboard door to be aligned with the adjacent one. A bit of trial and error was needed but for the price of a bit of time and a couple of used matches, the outcome was acceptable. Some Autotrails have top hinged lockers that utilise a similar hinge mechanism to domestic kitchen units but I've never looked close enough to see if there are similar alignment screws to the domestic versions.
  3. The same question has been asked on our sister forum "Caravan Talk" and the thoughts there are much the same, that is to say, no refunds from CMC although all club sites closed until 20th June 2020. No doubt that will be reviewed nearer the time and the closures possibly extended. All government announcements are being sent in daily emails with links to each topic being placed here on CT for anybody to read. Gordon.
  4. That's good news Brian, and as you say, also good for future custom. Gordon.
  5. . . . and all of the time these expensive purchases of ours are depreciating possibly without ever being used in anger . . . Gordon
  6. I can echo those thoughts David. I was going to build my own house once too but that never happened either
  7. I believe in many some cases you may be waiting a long time, as I fear that many campsites will not be in business this time next year. Some companies have acted responsibly, while others have displayed an uncaring greedy side, however people have memories long enough to remember the way they were treated for when things start to get back to normal. The bottom line is that we are all going to have to pay in one way or another for this crisis, whether financially or with our health. Currently it is just about impossible to get even the basics locally, and I've not seen a bus or taxi for the past couple of weeks. My fear is that there are going to be further deaths of people without any viral infection, but who simply live alone with no nearby family to look after them.
  8. For anybody looking for information relating to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation we have added a section to our sister forum Caravan Talk that is accessible to everybody, whether a member of CT or not. This includes a page with links to both official government sites, and other informative sites where we trust the information will be correct. we will endeavour to update the links page if other useful information is found. There is no need to register with Caravan Talk so please feel free to browse these public pages for information. Gordon.
  9. Gotcha. So unlike me you can adjust the ride whilst en route, and then use the jacks as I do when parked up. Glad to read that the air bag is now working correctly.
  10. I have to say that I am not familiar with the system you describe. Am I right in thinking that you have air suspension on which one side was leaking and you have a separate system for levelling the MH when stationary? We have a standard suspension (springs and dampers) for road use, with hydraulic jacks that can be used only when stationary to level the outfit.
  11. Press Release 2nd March 2020 Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2020 reflects industry buoyancy 89,377 visitors attended this year’s Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show at the NEC, with a huge range of visitors exploring everything from tipis and tents to caravans and luxury lodges. Despite a stormy half term week, exhibitors reported strong business during the six days of the show, which offered the UK’s largest display of caravans, campervans, motorhomes, caravan holiday homes & lodges, tents, awnings and accessories, all at one venue. As well as five halls full of exhibitors, the show saw a packed programme of celebrity guests including Shane Richie opening the show alongside industry favourite Matt Allwright, and recent Strictly Come Dancing star Kelvin Fletcher joining Rowland Rivron on the Freedom To Go Theatre. Families flocked to the feature activities including crazy golf, a climbing wall, face painting on a number of exhibitor stands and the brand new Electric In Motion area where cycle brands Roodog, Ride & Glide and Ribble gave young and older visitors a taste of electric powered bicycle power, as well as scooters and skateboards. The ever-popular Top Dog Arena returned with amazing agility demonstrations by four-legged stars. Commenting on the show, Jenny Summers, NCC Events Marketing Director said: “We were delighted with the visitor numbers and the quality of the show experience, created by our exhibitors in 2020. This spring event is designed to bring new people into our industry and give a taste of the outdoor lifestyle from all parts of the industry. We had both Channel 5 and BBC Radio 4 at the show, as well as brilliant support from the local media despite the weather in the region creating issues for many.” The Caravan and Motorhome Club revealed that campervanners enjoy twice as many holidays as the average Brit does, according to a survey it carried out in time for the show. The survey looking at holiday habits of British holidaymakers found that caravanners and motorhomers pack in around eight trips of a weekend away or longer per year, compared to the average Brit who only manage four breaks maximum each year. Nick Page, Commercial Director, Swift Group said: “We’ve had a fantastic show with strong footfall resulting in retail sales growth across many Swift ranges. A leading highlight was the launch of the Basecamp 4 Special Edition, a major success that helped create interest across the whole stand.” Simon Howard, Marketing Director of Bailey of Bristol said: “Naturally we would like to thank everyone who came to see us at the Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show at the NEC, Birmingham. The show kicked off with the launch of the all-new Alicanto Grande Faro layout, the announcement of our new motorhome ambassadors – Andy Tobert and Bex Biggins and news of our latest epic adventure, where we will be taking on the ‘Sahara Challenge’ as we head to the desert this spring. “Products across the spectrum from top-of-the-range Autograph motorhomes to the daringly different Discovery caravan range, all out-performed our expectations and overall the show was a great success with our current portfolio paying dividends in terms of overall results.” Elliot Hibbs, MD Coachman Caravans added: “We are delighted with results of the show, with an increase of 25% in retail sales and the second-best February NEC in recent years. All models retailed well but the stand out range was the new ‘Acadia’ with just over 50% of our sales. Well done to the NCC Events for another successful show.” Kirsten Bolton, Marketing Director, Willerby, said added: “This has been a very exciting show for us as we have launched three new homes, including our Mapleton lodge; this is a fantastic addition to our offering and visitors at the show were able to take a look first-hand at the unique and spacious design on offer.” Steve Sharp, Group MD Lowdhams Caravans siad: “We finished 15% up on motorhome sales in comparison to last year, so we are very happy about that and we also managed to sell a few Airstreams throughout the show, so we’re delighted with that too. “I would say overall we’ve had lots of positive interest, with a lot of new people looking to enter the market for the first time… so lots of positives to take from this year.” Adrian Cross, Director, Hillside Leisure said: “After a mild start, this show ended as our best February show to date and we ended 7% up on our previous best for the Feb show.” Simon McGrath of The Camping and Caravanning Club noted: “NEC shows are always a great opportunity for us to chat to existing members, together with those who sign up to membership of the Club on our stand. Over the course of six days we gave a warm, Friendly Club welcome to several thousand members.” Harvey Alexander, Caravan and Motorhome Club Director of Marketing said, “The Caravan Camping and Motorhome Show has certainly got the touring year off to a great start. The Caravan and Motorhome Club stand was hugely popular throughout the whole show, it was great to see so many happy Club members planning their next adventure in new leisure vehicles purchased at the show. “Club Day was very successful for us with numerous media interviews. Show visitors loved seeing Matt Allwright and Karen Wright on our stand, and our manoeuvring sessions were fully booked every day.” Cathy Chamberlain MD Barefoot Caravans added: “It was great to catch up with so many Barefoot customers and of course make new ones at the Show. Our unique design of caravans seems to have created a new market for caravan buyers and it is wonderful for us to hear how far and wide our customers are travelling, both around the UK and throughout Europe. As always, the show had some great activities and talks for all ages and somehow brought the outside into the NEC, with a bit of extra sunshine! Roll on the Summer, and great adventures for all. “Thousands of people visited the show across the six days, and we were thrilled to welcome visitors to our stand to explore the models first-hand. We’re looking forward to helping make holidays more relaxing for families across the UK.” Alexander Wehrmann, Director of Marketing and PR at Carthargo said: “After exhibiting at the NEC in February for 8 years in a row, this was our most successful trade fair to date. We have achieved growth for both brands and our new models have received a lot of attention. This result shows that the Carthago-Malibu Group remains strong in times of economic uncertainty.” Ends
  12. I'll echo that. Enjoy your trip Rob.
  13. I confess that I've never used a toll tag but understand they can be a benefit. I tend to avoid the toll roads all together though unless having to travel long distances in a short time. I prefer to see the countryside and take my time, occasionally hopping on to the toll-free sections to circumvent towns etc. When we first visited France for example we travelled via Calais, down the west coast, along the Pyrénées and the Mediterranean coast to the Italian boarder then north up to Reimes and back to Calais using only national roads. Basically it was a big circle around France that was followed the next year with a zig-zag route down the centre of the country to the Med' and back. In each case several weeks elapsed during our travels, no tolls were paid but there were a lot of different campsites visited! These days we tend to pick one or two main sites with maybe an occasional short stop-over en route, although in the past I have towed a caravan the length of France in a day. when obviously toll roads were essential. I take a similar approach to UK travel, so (while I've been a passenger in someone else's car) I've never driven on the M6 toll road as I don't like the thought of paying twice to get somewhere.
  14. Happy days ahead ? Gordon.
  15. As another NEC Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show draws to a close we remember the special guests who appeared each day on stage at the "Freedom to go Theatre" . . . Each day (except Wednesday) Graham Powell gave an introductory talk for those new to caravanning . . . . . . while Dave Hurrell gave an introduction for new motorhomers, explaining the pros and cons of the various layouts. Meanwhile in addition to the manufacturers stands, there were numerous dealers also displaying their caravans and motorhomes. Seen here are two adjacent stands where one can see the "battle of the brollies". Throughout the week there was plenty for all to see, from small compact caravans . . . . . . and campervans . . . . . . from Pop Top caravans . . . . . . to large motorhomes . . . There were also other things going on, such as the painting of the "Basecamp" that was "customised" outside of the main NEC entrance. Love it or hate it, you cannot deny that it is unique. For those who were unable to attend the NEC show this time, there are various regional shows throughout the year. The next NEC show will be in October 2020.
  16. The show was predictably busy today (Saturday) with all sorts of additional entertainment for the younger visitors. The small side stalls were doing a good trade and many visitors could be seen carrying assorted purchases. . . . . . while other companies were advertising various services on offer to the caravanner, such as awning repair and modifications . . . . . . or a van conversion service for motorhome owner . . . . . . and photocell units that are available for both. The CMC were doing their part outside of the main NEC entrance, offering potential caravan owners a chance to try towing . One thing that is very noticeable is that the bias has noticeably moved towards greater motorhome ownership, in preference to caravans, and one thing that has tracked this change is the range of electric pedal cycles that are now on offer. Love 'em or hate 'em, for many years flags, pennants and assorted light poles have also been available at the shows . . . . . . and for those that wish to socialise on site, there are always the open dining covers such as the range below. Finally for those who wish to have dedicated rest rea for their furry friends, there's always a scaled down awning Don't forget that tomorrow is the last chance to visit the NEC Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show this February.
  17. Another day at the show and people were waiting patiently at the entrance for it to open. There were some interesting touches of style such as the window surround below . . . . . . and the appealing look of this sink . . . . . . but it occurs to me that greater emphasis is being placed on what looks looks in a sales brochure over the practicality of living in a caravan or motorhome. For example, are light coloured fixed carpets really more practical than darker colours or a vinyl floor covering? Does a motorhome with three different floor levels work better than one with a single level (trip free) floor throughout? I also spent a while today looking at the numerous static homes on offer. . . . . . then investigated the other end of the market with campervans . . . . . . and small tourers.
  18. Look at this video as it give a good idea of what has been happening so far this week. I spent today mostly looking at various accessories, so things like cool boxes featured . . . . . . as well as bike racks . . . . . . and quirky awnings that wrap around the caravan rear . I also looked at tents whether large . . . . . . medium . . . . . . or small. Then finally a visit to the climbing wall . . . . . . and the indoor golf . . . . . . but kept my feet firmly on the ground
  19. Another day and I've found the perfect table and chair set for the transparent dome But there is much to appeal to the family at the NEC show this year. . . . from inflatable chairs . . . . . . to a Tipi for the more adventurous camper . . . . . . or a small timber structure for your garden . . . . . . for those "stay at home weekends" when the grass needs attending. If you're seeking a replacement car, there are a number of options on display.
  20. Well I'm here again at the NEC for the Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show 2020. The row of motorhomes outside of the NEC entrance gives a clue of what is inside. As the official opening time approached the Freedom Theatre was full . . . . . . so with the technical chaps in place . . . . . . it wasn't long before Rowland Rivron once again bounced onto the stage to welcome everyone, and introduce Matt Alwright and Shane Richie to the stage for the official launch of the 2020 Caravan, Camping and Motorhome Show. This year there is something for everybody from the unusual . . . . . . to the innovative . . . . . . and the entertaining. There are tents and much more . . . Meanwhile here's a taster from last year's show:-
  21. ❤️ Exclusive Valentines Offer ❤️ BOOK TWO ADULT TICKETS FOR ONLY £14* Normal price Adult: £8.00 | Senior: £7.00 | Children 15 years and under: FREE Book now using code EB19*
  22. Collaboration between The National Trust and Vango Vango and the National Trust will be revealing at the NEC a camping collection that is manufactured from a new Sentinel Eco™ fabric incorporating recycled PET plastic bottles, salvaged from waterways, streets and landfill, the tents use a minimum of 69 plastic bottles for the three sleeper Devon tent, through to 302 plastic bottles for the six sleeper Antrim. In the first year of release, it is projected that the National Trust camping collection will repurpose almost 295,000 PET plastic bottles. The sleeping bags in the National Trust collection feature a 100% recycled filling made from used plastic bottles that are reprocessed and turned into a polyester fill. Through sales of the National Trust camping collection, Vango will contribute a minimum of £10,000 to the National Trust, to help fund conservation projects in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, so that future generations can enjoy the places, we as a nation, love to experience. The show organisers are also excited to have TV doctor Hilary Jones at the Camping, Caravan and Motorhome Show on Friday 21st February – he will be welcoming visitors to the Willerby stand (4100). Dr Hilary has partnered with the holiday home manufacturer on a campaign to discuss the benefits of UK breaks on physical and mental health. Dr Hilary will take to the NEC stage to discuss how holidaying in the UK can have a myriad of health benefits, from the physical effect of spending more time outdoors, to having more time to relax, read books and explore hobbies. Smaller talks will also be held on the Willerby stand throughout the day. Dr Hilary will also share tips on how people can look after their health before, during and after a holiday, as well as sharing examples of how to live a healthier lifestyle. Dr Hilary said: “Holidays have long been proven to have a number of benefits for physical and mental wellbeing, so I am proud to work with Willerby to promote the ways holidays and short breaks can enhance our lifestyles”. Follow this link to view the show guide.
  23. To help you plan your visit, below is the timetable for guest appearances in the "Freedom to Go Live Theatre". See the official website for more details.
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