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  1. First of all I welcome you to Motorhome Talk. Secondly as an owner of an American MH, the hinged fly screen arrangement on our entrance door is not the same as for European fly screens. The screens however on our numerous caravans usually slid horizontally from one side in plastic runners with the mesh being supported by a taught cord, and the mesh stowed to one side as a concertina when not needed. I confess that we never used the flyscreens fitted to the caravan doors, preferring to simply sgut the door and rely upon the screen on the windws to provide fly-free ventilation. The rigid si
  2. Gordon


    I totally agree chaps. I do run the engine and onboard genny, and also fire up the water heater etc., every couple of months. The MH is moved a couple of feet every so often, although I also have the option to use the hadraulic jacks to lift all six wheels clear of the ground, allowing them to be rotated without moving the MH from its parked position (keeps the gear oil moving too). Sadly even taking it around the block is effectively banned under the present government rules and I don't think it wuld be welcome in the tesco's car park (about the only "excuse" I could use for legitimately
  3. Gordon


    IMO Brian we're all in this for the long haul whether we like it or not, and even if we get a handle on the situation in the UK I suspect that foreign travel will remain a problem for some time yet. Our MH has remained square-wheeled since last February, with the exception that I took it for a small repair and MOT test back in the summer. I strongly suspect that the next trip will be for another MOT test, having been unable to use it once in between. Would I want to travel abroad as soon as it's permitted? Quite frankly, at the moment the answer is no, I would not. I'm even considering s
  4. We made the change from a caravan to an American RV about ten years ago but its size almost dictated that we really had to have additional transport in the form of a small car. We use a trailer for this, primarily in order to be allowed to use it in most countries, and to overcome the questionable legality of A-Frames at the time. The plus side of a small car is that out of the way places can be visited - where no MH or towed caravan dare go. If we had a smaller MH we probably would not opt for a second vehicle, using instead a couple of bikes (we actually carry a pair of folding bikes in
  5. This is Ken's reply to my email, "If my van is on hook up can both battery get charged or is there a switch to change"
  6. The OP has not returned to read your replies, so I have reminded him by email that more information is needed. Gordon.
  7. Good morning Ken, I welcome you to Motorhome Talk and will do our best to help you if you can enlighten us as to your question. Gordon
  8. This is a top and bottom view of what I believe the plug / strainer should look like. We have some similar items on our MH (although ours are white plastic) so hopefully they should be available from a MH dealership.
  9. Welcome onboard ChaCha2, I trust it won't be too much longer before we're able once more to venture forth on our travels. Meanwhile, stay safe and enjoy that beautiful countryside around Edinburgh. Gordon.
  10. It's not as bad as you may think as running an engine periodically will usually be better than letting it stand as it keeps the fluids moving. That is not to say that photovoltaic cells would not be a good idea if you are parked up off-grid. We don't have PV cells installed on our MH however we do have an onboard generator that could be run from time to time if needed. As it is, that is rarely used as the MH is stored at home where there is an EHU available. Gordon.
  11. That's a new one on me, although will doubtless be caused either poor installation and/or missing sealant.
  12. I hope so too and that we're all able to safely get out and benefit from our investments again soon. Apart from the engine, much of the equipment in a motorhome will be familliar to caravanners. Unless you intend to travel abroad mostly, the only possible problem I can see is the same one we have by having the main entrance door on the UK offside - although you do have the advantage over us of a cab door on the left. Gordon.
  13. We have used suitcase generators with several caravans, and have an onboard generator in our current MH, so have used these sparingly out of consideration for other campers, and while I appreciate that solar panels are less intrusive unfortunately I have little experience of them. Hopefully though someone will soon be along to give their recommendations. Gordon
  14. Popular? Necessary maybe but I'd not describe it as popular. We've managed for the past ten years or so with a combination of EHU and charging en route from the engine. We do however have an onboard geerator that could be used to top up the batteries if staying off-grid for any length of time. Not ideal but it is the standard arrangement of the RV. Gordon.
  15. Probably because, while efficient when the wind blows, wind generators can be noisy, whereas solar power is pretty much guaranteed during daylight hours and is silent.
  16. That's a novel (if expensive) approach Christine. I've seen the sticker below on some MHs, and a similar one with 60mph for both dual carriageways and motorways those towing caravans.
  17. Welcome to Motorhome Talk. I'm sorry that I cannot answer your question myself but have you asked Elddis (Explorer group, now owned by Hymer) or the Elddis owners' club?
  18. Our MH has a raised floor both under the cab area and in the rear bedroom. The one at the front is a pain, as the cab seats are set several inches higher than the main floor, leaving feet dangling in fresh air when the seats are rotated to face the rear. The rear raised floor does carry services below but as there is plenty of headroom in the centre section of the MH, it would not need an Einstein to raise that section to match the two ends of the vehicle. I suppose that at least if I trip over the bedroom step I can only fall onto a bed! The thought however of tripping at the front and c
  19. I agree David. The two things that initially drew me to them was the fact that they were on a Ford base and had auto transmission, and while I wasn't so keen on the price I would have considered them except for the number of trip hazards on the floor and the payload restriction. Why is it, I wonder, that MH designers cannot 'design in' a level floor for the length of many motorhomes? Gordon.
  20. For those interested here's a 40 minute video introduction to the new Bailey Adamo range of motorhomes.
  21. Just responding to your, "hello" . . . It's good to have you onboard Motorhome Talk. I hope you'll find it as useful as many find Caravan Talk to be. Gordon.
  22. We have a small mains inverter but even with the full 15A available from the 12V cigarette lighter according to the specification it only outputs 0.63A max (150W) at mains voltage. Suffice to say I cannot recall the last time it was used as we never wild camp and always opt for EHU when on site. Whilst driving we can run the onboard generator to power up the mains sockets if needed. Sorry not to be of more help.
  23. Sorry Paul, unfortunately I don't have a link now but try Googling something like, "12V sbc led lamps" or look on eBay. That is the style I used but I don't know if they would be compatible with the fittings that Bailey put in their Autograph 79-4. Gordon.
  24. Just keeping our heads down at the moment and not travelling at all if possible. I filled the Volvo up yesterday in the rain - last time it needed fuel was in February ! We have friends in Yorkshire that we had planned to meet this summer with the MH but alas, circumstances prevented that (and many other planned trips away) this year. Once a degree of normality returns, you never know, we may be allowed to make safe use of our investments again . . . ATB, Gordon.
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