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  1. 'Twas ever thus IMO where governments are concerned, because "they know best" (or not?).
  2. While I am in favour of collectively minimising our impact on the environment, we all know that governments need to raise money in order to remain in control. A simple and fair tax is perfectly acceptable to most people (the old fashioned tythe) if used in order to benefit society as a whole BUT most governments unfortunately having tasted power, in many cases like to retain this and so find increasingly diverse ways to raise capital, thus while driving around in "company cars" and flying worldwide, all paid for by us, impose taxes that target certain areas of the population under the umbrella guise of it being good for the environment, or by targeting a minority group that cannot answer back. There appears to be an anti-leisure vehicle policy a work today; first by changing the driving licence rules so that a proportion of new drivers are having their choice of car and caravan outfit restricted, and now by taxing motorhome owners to a point where many will seriously consider whether it is worth buying one. We have seen the demise of many caravan manufacturers over the years, and I predict the same will happen to MH manufacturers in the years to come. As a matter of interest the government has responded to the petition and this response has been posted on our sister site Caravan Talk.
  3. Maybe the writing is on the wall for us all then But of course, there is an alternative way of reducing overall emissions that do not involve taxing the private vehicle at all . . .
  4. David, I've signed the petition via your link in Caravan Talk. Scania, Isn't that the way with governments though when they simply wish to raise revenue? In general if it is a second vehicle (and many are) a motorhome will travel fewer miles in a year than a car, and in my experience caravan and motorhome owners frequently are more aware of the environment than many other road users. There will always be exceptions and although the emissions may be higher per mile than a car, our motorhome had been driven far fewer miles than either our cars or the trucks upon which the motorhome is based. I know there is a trend away from caravans to motorhomes (patly because of driving licence restrictions) and if the government is serious about trying to reduce emissions there is a case not for increasing the road tax, but for actually reducing it for motorhome conversions, to further encourage people away from larger vehicles that are purchased for towing, and then used also as daily transport. Gordon.
  5. Gordon


    How long is a piece of string? This is the kind of question whose answer depends entirely upon the size of battery, the state of charge, its age, and what appliances you have connected. I have had caravans where the battery has been flattened in a weekend, and I've also run for two weeks without the need to recharge the battery. Generally though, a fully charged 110Ah battery in good condition should last many days with careful use. ie for running lights, water pump, and operating the control circuit of a gas powered fridge, and minimal (or no) use of a TV. Gordon.
  6. Gordon


    I presume the same rules apply as for caravan weight upgrades in that you would need written approval from the manufacturer to present to the DVLA. Whether this can be sourced from the chassis manufacturer, or the company that converted the van for habitation I am uncertain.
  7. The only thought I have, if possible, is to park directly above the service point drain. Our waste point is also quite low but it is still possible to discharge the tank, and the shorter the distance the waste pipe is horizontal, the easier this process is. Gordon.
  8. Gordon

    MCB types

    There's a data sheet here and even if they cannot sell you one, your local electrical wholesale should be able to advise you. Gordon.
  9. Hi Ross, I'm a little late to the table with this thread and I'm not familiar with the hatch you describe but would something like the bracket below be useful in supporting the hatch? This should work providing the corners of the hatch are not too rounded, and there is sufficient strength in the surrounding framework to fix to. I used four of these brackets to add additional support to the spare wheel recess lid in several of our Avondale caravans. The image below shows the stowage area without the additional brackets, consequently the lid weight is being supported only by the soft plastic of the spare wheel recess. The brackets when fitted were screwed horizontally into the floor timber surrounding the hatch, with the bottom of the bracket aligned with the underside of the hatch lid.
  10. Gordon

    Fog Lights

    I am totally convinced that many decisions are based upon financial rather than medical facts. The probability is that the operation would have to be repeated at a later date if early joint replacement were sanctioned BUT surely it is better to do these things when they are needed and the patient is young enough to recover quickly and fully enjoy the improvement in quality of life.
  11. Gordon

    Fog Lights

    I guess the same Brian but hopefully my advice may help anyone else in the same position. Sorry to hear of Jayne's knee issues so please tell her we all hope she'll be on the mend soon. I know the knee is a more complex operation than a hip replacement but for what it's worth David, my advice would be to get it done sooner rather than later. I know a few people who have had it done now, and the younger ones have coped with it best and recovered the quickest. "Glass half full😎" That's the spirit (no pun intended). Gordon.
  12. Gordon

    Fog Lights

    On a slightly different tack; I hate to see blanked off switch position on a dashboard, and in the past I have been known to source matching/complementary switches to replace the blanks. While remaining non-functional, it does make the dashboard look more complete. As far as fitting rear fog light(s) where previously there were none, remember to take a trigger from the side light circuit via a latching relay, so that when the side lights are turned off, the fog light(s) also extinguish, and do not come back on when the side lights are next selected. This way the fog lamps always have to be actively turned on, so avoiding accidental illumination when the normal lights are next used.
  13. Depending upon the model I believe the Quookers are rated between 1600W and 2200W and have a small hot water tank that holds water under pressure at 110degC that when delivered to your cup or mug is 93degC. Quooker specification.pdf I genuinely believe that the system of having a small pre-heated water tank, that allows cold water to be blended with the hot for the perfect temperature shower, is the most appropriate system under the circumstances. Gordon.
  14. That makes perfect sense. We always mix hot and cold together to get the temperature we want in a shower, so while accepting that more frequent showers may be necessary in salty conditions, surely it would only be a case of waiting a few minutes for the hot water to reheat between showers before it was ready for the next person. I don't know what volume of water you have on board your boat but I do know that just a few gallons of hot water is all that our family needed for us to all to shower one after the other when we owned caravans, as this was blended with the cold water supply. We had on board cold water tanks on most of the caravans, varying from 30 to 80 litres yet never ran out. The MH is a different beast and the on board water tank is massive, sufficient in fact to last a couple of weeks away (as we have just done). Similarly the grey and black waste tanks were only emptied once - on the last day of the holiday. I do hope you're able to find a lower wattage heater that is able to maintain a high enough temperature from a cold water supply. Speaking from experience though, our instantaneous shower at home uses an 8kW heating element, and that only just holds the temperature at a comfortable level. Okay, the flow rate in a MH or boat will be lower so allowing a lower wattage heater to work but I would suggest that the heater you linked to, with a 3kW heater, is about a low as you would want to go, and I have reservations over whether all EHUs would be able to supply the 12 to 13Amps needed, especially if you have other appliances connected. Gordon.
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