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  1. Hi Les, Welcome to Motorhome Talk. Take a look at the back of the watermaster inlet (inside the caravan) and if there is a small adjustable knob, then there it has an integral pressure switch. If not then it will be a direct inlet and the water flow will be managed either by an inline pnboard pressure switch, or by microswitches fitted below each of the taps. If the latter, then the two wires connected to each microswitch should be easiy visible. The back of your watermaster may look like this Pin 1 - 0V Pin 2 - Pos 12V Pin 3 - To pump runni
  2. I am no expert but I believe the yellow plug is a relief valve and once activated the regulator needs replacing. It has probably operated because the regulator diaphragm has failed. Other members have reported this as a 'known fault' and have recommended a change of regulator make to a (£30) Clesse version. I hope this is some help. Gordon.
  3. The Caravan Technician is based in nearby Ipswich and offers a mobile service so presumably could service the habitation systems of your motorhome and depending upon the base vehicle, either an independent garage of franchised dealer should be able to deal with the mechanics and MOT testing. Also in Ipswich is Birchwood Caravan Services Ltd., who unfortunately have temporarily closed until it is safe to trade again. There is Tomcat Farm Caravan Services who also offer motorhome servicing. Finally for the base vehicle Hammond Autoserv Ltd., may be worth a call. I hope that's
  4. The big advantage of an A-Frame is its lightness and compact nature however for me the disadvantages are what decided me many years ago to stick to using trailers. I wish you well with your research . . . Gordon.
  5. On the assumption that you have researched the legality of A-Frames where you intend to use one, I will not labour the subject here. The A-Frames are coupled to a towball on the MH, and connects to the car via a pair of what look like towing eyes. A second one will need to be fitted to the front of the car being towed, and the car will need to be modified to ensure the road lights work in parallel with those of the towing vehicle, and the brake need to operate with full efficiency on all four wheels of the car being towed. I own a small car that has been previously converted for A-
  6. Good to have you onboard Mike. Like others, I confess that I've not come across a 'laid up policy' either, although it would make sense not to need third party cover should a MH be SORN, so making it the same as any other household property. I'm not so sure that it's such a good idea if in theory the MH could be driven at any time, and not having third party cover would make it illegal.
  7. First of all I welcome you to Motorhome Talk. The Ducato is used for various makes of MH so a number of our members will doubtless have them - unfortunately I do not, and so I will leave it for someone else to advise you. I presume that it is just the housing that is damaged, and not the dashboard itself. Gordon Link to image source
  8. Gordon


    I tend to agree with you Brian but if our preferred campsites are not available when we are finally permitted to travel, we do have a number of friends scattered around the UK who have offered to accomodate the RV on their land should we visit them. Similarly I hope that some rally destinations may be open but for now I fear we're staying put. Gordon.
  9. Gordon


    A sad decision Brian but I can completely understand your reasons. The last time I used our RV was for the NEC show in February 2020. Since then it has been square-wheeled at home except for 53 miles total that was clocked up when taking it for a service and MOT. Normally it runs for around 5,000 miles a year, with typically about 45 nights away but by next month it will havebeen used for precisely zero nights for the year. So like many caravan and MH owners, I have a depreciating asset that is providing virtually no benefit as long as it remains unused. I have seriously considered
  10. That's bizarre Anyway, I'm pleased you've been able to work it out for yourself and hopefully you'll have it working again for when we're permitted to travel again. Good luck. Gordon.
  11. First of all I welcome you to Motorhome Talk. Secondly as an owner of an American MH, the hinged fly screen arrangement on our entrance door is not the same as for European fly screens. The screens however on our numerous caravans usually slid horizontally from one side in plastic runners with the mesh being supported by a taught cord, and the mesh stowed to one side as a concertina when not needed. I confess that we never used the flyscreens fitted to the caravan doors, preferring to simply sgut the door and rely upon the screen on the windws to provide fly-free ventilation. The rigid si
  12. Gordon


    I totally agree chaps. I do run the engine and onboard genny, and also fire up the water heater etc., every couple of months. The MH is moved a couple of feet every so often, although I also have the option to use the hadraulic jacks to lift all six wheels clear of the ground, allowing them to be rotated without moving the MH from its parked position (keeps the gear oil moving too). Sadly even taking it around the block is effectively banned under the present government rules and I don't think it wuld be welcome in the tesco's car park (about the only "excuse" I could use for legitimately
  13. Gordon


    IMO Brian we're all in this for the long haul whether we like it or not, and even if we get a handle on the situation in the UK I suspect that foreign travel will remain a problem for some time yet. Our MH has remained square-wheeled since last February, with the exception that I took it for a small repair and MOT test back in the summer. I strongly suspect that the next trip will be for another MOT test, having been unable to use it once in between. Would I want to travel abroad as soon as it's permitted? Quite frankly, at the moment the answer is no, I would not. I'm even considering s
  14. We made the change from a caravan to an American RV about ten years ago but its size almost dictated that we really had to have additional transport in the form of a small car. We use a trailer for this, primarily in order to be allowed to use it in most countries, and to overcome the questionable legality of A-Frames at the time. The plus side of a small car is that out of the way places can be visited - where no MH or towed caravan dare go. If we had a smaller MH we probably would not opt for a second vehicle, using instead a couple of bikes (we actually carry a pair of folding bikes in
  15. This is Ken's reply to my email, "If my van is on hook up can both battery get charged or is there a switch to change"
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