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  1. Official announcement 3 July 2020 Motorhome & Caravan Show 2020 postponed NCC Events, organisers for the Motorhome & Caravan Show, announce today that following extensive consultation, it has been agreed to postpone this year’s NEC October show until 2021. The Motorhome & Caravan Show 2021 will take place between 12 – 17 October 2021. The key considerations were: - The ban on mass gatherings with no indication of when this may be lifted - The difficulty of operating the Motorhome & Caravan Show under the COVID safe related protocols - Predicted reduced consumer attendance based on a visitor survey John Lally, CEO of NCC Events said: “NCC Events faced a very difficult decision. The postponement at this stage maximises the chances to both protect the health and well-being of attendees (exhibitor staff and visitors) and also the financial viability of our exhibitors and the show itself. All visitors and exhibitors are entitled to a full refund of monies paid for tickets and stand costs. This gives the opportunity for exhibitors to recover any secondary costs and in turn allows NCC Events the best opportunity to hold a successful show in 2021. We know the Motorhome & Caravan show plays a critically important role in the achievement of retail sales each season. To this end we are working on initiatives to help and support the showcasing of the 2021 new-season products. Meanwhile, the NCC Events team will focus all efforts on delivering a very successful Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show (23 – 28 February 2021) after this period of uncertainty.” Ends
  2. Gordon

    JULY 5th

    It's good news to read that the restrictions are slowly being lifted, I just hope that there is no mad rush to get away on day one, and that people exercise caution not only over when and where they travel to but also where (if anywhere) they venture out to during any campsite stay. While I am sure there will be localised peaks in CV cases, I sincerely hope that the sensible majority will have a greater influence over the thoughtless minority. On a personal note, our MH will be staying firmly parked at home for a few more weeks yet. For those venturing forth, stay safe. Gordon.
  3. Hi Ian, I'm afraid I don't know of a specific source for a window that would fit your Ducato based MH, however below are some links that may help:- https://eeco-ltd.co.uk/replacement-windows https://sfmcaravans.co.uk/collections/parts-spares (scroll down to windows) https://www.caravanbreakers.net https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/sfmcaravansltd Gordon
  4. 19th June 2020 The National Caravan Council says caravan industry desperate for an opening date for England’s parks, as time runs out to help businesses and ‘save the great English caravan holiday’ ⦁ Wales opens its parks from 6 July; Northern Ireland rom 26 June; Scotland from 15 July … England - ‘we are still waiting’ ⦁ Businesses in supply chain close to collapse. The National Caravan Council (NCC), the trade association that represents the UK caravan industry, is asking why Government is delaying confirmation that caravan parks can re-open on 4 July. “This dithering is presenting unnecessary additional risks for the sector,” NCC Director General, John Lally comments. The Government needs to provide certainty so the English caravan park sector can get back to what it does best – grow local economies, and support jobs and wellbeing, by providing opportunities for people to benefit from the outdoors. “For over two months, we have been arguing it is totally inappropriate for government to link caravan parks with hotels, hostels and B&Bs. It is illogical that the two million people who own caravans and motorhomes are denied the opportunity to stay overnight in their safe self-contained accommodation. Caravans, motorhomes and lodges are socially distanced by design! “Today Wales followed Scotland and Northern Ireland by confirming an opening date. The NCC fully supports the Government’s decisions to protect the health of our nation, but we have just heard that the coronavirus alert level has been downgraded from four to three. “So, we continue to argue to Government that a ‘one size fits all’ approach to hospitality and tourism opening could damage our industry - and have unintended consequences. The majority of caravan parks are family businesses struggling to cope and survive during closure. In turn, caravan manufacturing has found itself with no orders for over two months. Too much of the holiday and selling season has already been lost. “The ability of many related businesses – manufacturing, dealerships and suppliers – to recover hangs by a thread. While there has been a recent spike in interest in caravans and motorhomes, potential buyers are questioning why they should commit to a purchase when England’s parks remain closed. “Please recognise that the caravan sector is unique, with 95% of leisure vehicles privately owned. Time is running out to save the great English caravan holiday!” Ends
  5. Hi Richard, Welcome to Motorhome Talk. I cannot comment upon your choice of conversion but I do like the base vehicle. I have driven numerous MHs and personally I find the current Peugeot cab (and equivalents) impose a visual restriction with regard to the driver's side door mirror, as for me this aligns perfectly with the frame between the quarter light and the opening door window. I know that may manufacturers use this base vehicle and I have no concerns over the vehicle itself, just the fact that with the seat positioned for my comfort, I am not happy with the rear view. Conversely I have driven MHs with the Transit cabs, and they have a different arrangement that allows me to make full use off the rear view mirror. I'm not aware of any serious adverse comments about Chausson conversions so I trust that your choice will serve you well for years to come. Gordon.
  6. Industry releases guidance and best practice for caravan parks to operate safely Caravan and motorhome dealerships to reopen amid growing interest during COVID-19 crisis Motorhome /caravan dealerships to reopen on 1 June 2020 Surge in staycation and UK destination interest The industry has released guidelines for caravan parks to coincide with the announcement that caravan and motorhome dealerships can reopen on 1 June alongside car showrooms. The guidelines will ensure strict social distancing and hygiene protocols are in place for when visitors with holiday caravans, motorhomes and touring caravans can return to parks. The trade body, the NCC (National Caravan Council), now urges the government to enable parks to reopen as soon as possible. In the meantime, motorhome and caravan dealerships across the country are preparing for reopening on Monday, after a surge in interest online in caravans and motorhomes. British leisure vehicle manufacturer, Swift Group, recently revealed its web traffic has increased over 40% since the Prime Minister’s statement on 10 May compared to the two weeks prior, with growth driven by a younger audience between 18 to 44 years old, whose visits to the site are up by nearly 50%. Nick Page, Group Commercial Director from Swift Group explains: “We are seeing a really promising trend emerging, which after a hard-few months for the industry, is welcome news to UK caravan and motorhome manufacturers. Holiday parks are a brilliant option to enable social distancing, and as caravans and motorhomes are self-contained, will be one of the safest holiday options for those looking to get out around the UK this year.” An NCC survey from this week confirmed 93% of those surveyed intend to holiday or take a short break in the UK after the lockdown compared to 84% who booked/planned a UK holiday or short break beforehand. This demonstrates a substantial shift towards UK domestic tourism as an option for holidaymakers. In the first months after lockdown, 70% of UK adults said they perceive a holiday caravan-based UK break as a socially acceptable activity. Motorhoming did even better, with 77%, indicating it as an appealing option. These holiday types were regarded as much more acceptable than, say, a city break to a major European city. A Longwoods survey found that 82% of people travelling in 2020 made changes to their travel plans due to COVID-19. In further good news for the industry, the NCC's members’ recent lobbying campaign, to ensure that motorhome and caravan dealerships in England can open at the same time as car showrooms, has been successful. The government has now confirmed caravan and motorhome dealerships, most of which are predominantly outdoors, can reopen in England on 1 June. The NCC is also working with the government to allow the safe re-opening of caravan holiday parks and touring sites in England as soon as possible. At present those offering holiday accommodation - such as hotels and resorts as well as caravan parks – may be permitted to open from 4 July. The NCC is calling on the government to lift the closure notices on caravan parks across the UK so they can reopen as soon as possible, as it issues extremely robust safety guidelines. The guidance outlines advice to enable caravan parks to develop their own COVID-19 safety protocol and give assurances that measures have been put in place to protect staff, customers and, as a consequence those in the nearby local community, so they can reopen. A phased opening of caravan parks has been proposed by the NCC to the government. Unlike hotels, there are no safety issues with shared facilities or accommodation at caravan parks, as the units are self-contained and 95% are privately owned, thus providing a safe form of holiday accommodation. Caravans and motorhomes are ‘socially distanced by design’ and rules on parks mean that caravans must be 5 or 6 metres apart. The vast majority of caravans have their own cooking and washing facilities, providing the safest form of holidaying possible at the moment. NCC Director General, John Lally commented: “The reopening of dealerships is a huge relief for the industry as we are able to start to respond to the public interest in both renting and buying caravans and motorhomes in the coming months. The UK’s holiday parks benefit from rural and coastal locations, away from densely populated urban areas, and each park is working to put in place social distancing measures which will make it the best option for holidays in the UK this year. We are working with the government to look into reopening holiday parks as early as possible with strict social distancing measures, as outlined in the guidance, to enable the industry to get back to work and hard-working families to enjoy full use of their caravans again.” The NCC’s Freedom To Go website www.freedomtogo.co.uk, enables holiday makers to rapidly search for campsite and holiday park options from one location, as well as find motorhome and caravan dealerships to source vehicles for their late summer getaways. In National Camping and Caravanning Week, thousands have been sleeping out in their driveways with the Camping and Caravanning Club as they plan getaways for when lockdown measures are lifted. Media release 29th May 2020 - for immediate distribution Footnote: The National Caravan Council (the NCC) is the UK trade association representing the touring caravan, motorhome, caravan holiday home and residential park home industries. It represents more than 550 companies across 850+ different UK outlets, and is the only UK trade association that represents the entire supply chain including holiday/residential parks, dealerships, manufacturers, workshops, and suppliers of specialist services and products.
  7. That's actually a good safety point but one that is not enforced here in the UK. As a matter of interest, does the same rule apply to a normal touring caravan (as opposed to a fifth wheeler)?
  8. Thanks CD, Our A-Class has just the one door (on the right) and an 'emergency escape window' (on the left) but other similar A-Class RVs do also have a driver's door on the LHS, so something to be considered next time The Chausson is certainly a nice looking 'van. Gordon.
  9. Slightly off topic but. . . Ours is LHD, and actually I prefer that as I'm unlikely to want to overtake anything in the UK, and which side the door is placed is of little consequence once on site. What would be nice though is an access door on the left of the vehicle to use when travelling in the UK. If the next MH is LHD then I think it will have to have a cab/driver's door also on the left. Gordon.
  10. Spending time with family, going out, and holidaying are the most looked forward to ‘post lockdown’ activities, an NCC study shows Increase in staycation likely, as shift towards UK destinations is revealed Leisure vehicle/caravan holiday home vacations seen as more desirable The NCC (National Caravan Council) has released the results of a new study into consumer attitudes towards holidays and short breaks pre and post lockdown. The report shows, unsurprisingly, that a significant number of people had their pre-August 2020 holiday plans disrupted by COVID-19. However, 66% of consumers whose UK holidays plans had been impacted say they are likely to take UK holidays or short breaks in the second half of 2020, (provided the restrictions are lifted before then). If realised, this intent would mean the UK represents the lion’s share of consumer holidaying and breaks in the second half of the year, and is significantly greater than interest in non-UK destinations in that time period. It would also mean a substantial shift towards UK domestic tourism as an option for holidaymakers. This study shows that, of those who were planning to travel to Europe, only 42% are now likely to take European trips before end of December 2020; and of those planning non-European trips, just 21% are likely to book. Given the focus on social distancing during the pandemic, in the first months after the lockdown, 70% of UK adults said they perceive a holiday caravan-based UK break as a socially acceptable activity. Motorhoming did even better, with 77%, indicating its acceptability. These holiday types were regarded as much more acceptable than, say, a city break to a major European centre like Paris or Madrid. This news will hearten the UK’s huge network of holiday parks and tourist attractions, as well as our motorhome and caravan businesses, as we look likely to see a shift towards domestic tourism. The UK’s holiday parks industry is already gearing up to make reopening as safe as it possibly can, while ensuring it can cope with the increased interest from additional staycationers. NCC Director General, John Lally commented: “This insight is great news for our industry. Our holiday parks benefit from rural and coastal locations, away from densely populated urban areas. Units are usually located a minimum of 5m away from each other and enjoy their own services and facilities, which allows caravanners in their tourers, motorhomes or holiday caravans to be independent. Each one is separate with no shared doors or communal access areas. So, they are more suited to social distancing than many other types of holiday accommodation.” Looking ahead to 2021 holidays (assuming restrictions are lifted), significant numbers of people still want to take trips next year. With this comes a continuing shift in attitude towards the UK as a destination, compared to pre-COVID-19 travel. John Lally continues: “Sixty-four percent of consumers say they are likely to take trips in the UK in 2021, whereas pre-COVID just 38% claim to have been planning a UK holiday - a potentially significant shift. The UK holiday parks industry offers such a wide range of holidays and has great potential to provide freedom, enjoyment, open air activities and time with family. As we emerge from this huge challenge for Britain’s tourism industry, we say “long live the great British holiday.” Finally, what are most UK adults looking forward to – as well as the great British holiday - after restrictions are lifted? The three top-ranked activities (82% of UK adults selected at least one of these activities) are: i) Spending time in person with friends and family ii) The freedom to go out without thinking about it iii) Going on holidays or short breaks Media release 4th May 2020 - for immediate distribution Footnote: The National Caravan Council (the NCC) is the UK trade association representing 550 companies in the touring caravan, motorhome, caravan holiday home and residential park home industries, and the NCC worked with Populus, who run polls on a range of topical issues and they interviewed a random sample of 2,050 adults online across the UK between 22 April and 23 April 2020 and the results weighted to be representative of all UK adults.
  11. Absolutely right David, and the genuine ones will understand if you ask to check some of their details. Gordon
  12. I would only be happy buying large purchases from a dealer. If circumstances were exceptional (and HPI checks were clear) I may investigate a private sale if I had absolute proof of ownership by the seller, such as the original invoice from new with their current address on, and something like a utility bill as proof that was their address, together with a driving licence as proof they are who they say they are. You really cannot be too careful, and a legitimate seller should understand and have no problem in providing what is asked for. Similarly I would expect them to want to check my details. The phrase 'caveat emptor' is always applicable, especially so with large purchases, and we should be automatically on our guard when anything is offered well below the normal price. Gordon.
  13. Glad to see you've found us. We'll try to lighten the conversation away from "the" current topic of many conversations. and look to a brighter future. Gordon.
  14. Our MH is LHD and to be honest that has never been a major issue when driven in the UK, apart from the obvious, and that is that the access door is on the UK offside (right side). Thus when alighting in a layby you have to be extra aware of passing traffic, and some sites insist that I park "nose in" on a pitch to put the door on the UK side of the pitch. Conversely having the access door on the right is a bonus when abroad. If you do opt for LHD, take a careful look as some A-Class models have a "cab" door on the left, so allowing safe access from the LHS. Should you opt for a chassis/cab (B-Class) then naturally the cab will have doors either side, so diminishing the problem when stopping temporarily en route, however you may still be instructed to park the "wrong way round" once on a UK site. Brian's advice to purchase from a dealer makes perfect sense, and if at least placing a deposit by credit card, you will have additional protection shou there be problems with the vehicle. Personally I have a problem with the Ducato/Boxer cab, in that the vertical bar between the quarter light and the wind down window next to the driver, obscures the rear view mirror when I have the seat set for my long legs. Unfortunately a large number of MH models use this chassis cab so my personal choice is somewhat limited. See this thread. Time to look at the manufacturers' websites and brochures methinks, as you should have plenty of time to browse the options at the moment. All the very best, and welcome to Motorhome Talk. Gordon.
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