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  1. Sadly I have a rather lower opinion of the DVLA and I am still waiting for a decision on a problem they caused back in February. Covid or no Covid, it is simply common courtesy to respond, if only by telephone or email, yet despite several tracked letters, emails and phone calls to them, I am still waiting! Grrr!
  2. Thanks very much for letting us know of your safe return Rob. That is good to read. Gordon.
  3. I wish you a safe journey then Rob All the best, Gordon
  4. This is proof if ever it were needed, that the designers have not fully thought it through - or dare I say - used their own products? Many caravanners and motorhomers find this kind of niggle and when pointed out to the dealers, it may be acted upon for future designs, unfortunately from experience, once one problem is resolved then the designers inevitably introduce another problem for the following year.
  5. If you only want to stop briefly there are a number of pull ins along the D940 between Calais and Boulogne. For example "Pointe aux Oies at Wimereux" that's used as a car park during the daytime, but often MHs stop overnight - but there are no facilities and you have to be wary of the low stone walls. It used also to be possible to stay at the end of "Rue de la Mer" at Escalles" but I have a vague recollection that stopping overnight is no longer permitted. Just north of Sangatte there is a small pull in by the road to Sangatte beach that's safe now that the asylum seekers camp has closed - th
  6. Hi, I cannot recommend a stopover near Lens but we have stayed a number of times at Camping La Bien-Assise at Guînes (just south of the tunnel) both as a stopover when en route to / from further afield, and also to stay for longer. I hope that helps. Gordon
  7. We have had small waste bins attached to the access door of a number of caravans however we found this not to be the most convenient location, particularly on warm days, when the door is held open. As a consequence on our MH we now use a free standing waste bin as there is a convenient location near to the kitchen area. On my in law's camper a waste bin was kept between the two seats of the cab area. Gordon.
  8. Welcome to Motorhome Talk Ella. I've already completed your survey via our sister site Caravan Talk so I shouldn't do it again. Gordon
  9. Hi, welcome to MT forum. A number of members do have / have had Autographs so while I cannot help myself specifically with your model MH, hopefully one of the owners may have some ideas for you. Gordon.
  10. To be honest David, staying on a site is probably no worse than sitting in the rear garden at home but just staying on a campsite IMO does not constitute a true holiday, as like you, we like to get out and visit any local attractions, and unfortunately that at the moment remains something of an unknown quantity.
  11. That sounds like a worrying situation Steve. One or two members here have Autographs, so hopefully they'll be able to cast some light on your problem regarding the door window. In the meantime, I welcome you to "Motorhome Talk" and hope you soon get a more helpful response than I'm able to offer. Gordon.
  12. Need to get both MH and toad serviced before venturing forth - phone calls planned for tomorrow to address that - then we'll have to see how things are in areas we'd like to visit!
  13. I fear you may be right Brian and something that personally I feared back in March. The clue was in the name covid-19 (not covid-20) implying it had been around a while before the public was alerted. Since February this year we've not been able to go anywhere we'd planned but I'm hopeful that the odd night or two away may be possible before too long. Not so much a holiday, more of a mini-break to get away from the four walls at home and see a bit of countryside before the weather turns but I expect only well away from populated areas. Because she is on the vulnerable list, my good la
  14. Sadly there has been a general lack of activity all round this year because of the various restrictions. Motorhome Talk has been quiet but our sister site Caravan Talk has seen an influx of new caravan owners asking questions. Most of our plans for travel this year with the MH have been well and truly scuppered as we had bookings as far apart as Newquay in Cornwall to Inverness in Scotland, along with plans to visit Brittany (although thankfully it hadn't actually been booked before the lockdown kicked in) and trips to meet up with friends in the UK. The MH has not moved since visiting the NEC
  15. There's a lot of small print to read in the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 and it's quite heavy going but section 31 & 32 refer to the window glass. Gordon
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