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    Road fund tax

    Its all to do with what is recorded on the Certificate of Conformity so if you manged to find a model not yet listed with emissions, well done. I am sure the enjoyment will be even greater having saved some money😀 David
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    Petition against new Motorhome Tax

    Political Correctness was the death of not only Freedom of Speech but also Freedom of Choice, once on the popular bandwagon (of the day) driven by lobbyists and activists our political leaders will adopt any policy to appear supportive of 'responsible' legislation. Which should go some way in answering the points made by Scania & Gordon, if the general population of the UK were fully minded regarding climate change then why isn't the Green Party in government running the country with a massive majority?? Talk the talk, don't walk the walk !!! Before too long it will not matter what engine you have in your MH (NEW OR OLD) it will be banned from ever increasing ''Zones'' Today Euro 6 is considered acceptable, but kid yourself not, for how much longer??
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    A million teabags and I'm sorted

    Tea bags .....No thanks I have not drunk tea in 50+years nor has my wife. It has to be coffee or squash or the odd mug of hot chocolate.
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