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    • Sadly I have a rather lower opinion of the DVLA and I am still waiting for a decision on a problem they caused back in February. Covid or no Covid, it is simply common courtesy to respond, if only by telephone or email, yet despite several tracked letters, emails and phone calls to them, I am still waiting! Keep on at them Rob, and I wish you better success than I've had.
    • thanks David ..i give it a try later ,,,,rob,, update just got through ,,they said it takes four weeks normally ,,but covid ,,not sure ,,
    • I have always found the DVLA to be pretty good with things but I imagine the current COVID situation is not helping.  When ever I have difficulty getting through to organisations on the phone I leave until about 15 minutes before they are due to go home as by then they are probably not making any outgoing calls so you could strike lucky.   David
    • Bob   I cheated and got my dealer to install our Vision Plus camera! Do you have a Facebook account? If so there is a very useful Bailey Motorhome Owners Group which might be able to help.   David
    • hi could anyone tell me how long this takes once you send all the info to dvla ..i send mine 3 weeks back and have not and any reply i have tried to email them and call them but even when i get through they say, there to busy to take my call ,,
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