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    • 'Twas ever thus IMO where governments are concerned, because "they know best" (or not?).
    • That Petition Response is an awfully big plaster Gordon but failed to cover ALL the cracks. I think the upshot is ''Tough- its happening regardless'' Government thinking often defies logic and promotes discrimination. As a life long biker I have seen this aimed at my chosen lifestyle countless times. Some years ago new riders faced a mountain of new legislation designed to discourage ownership under the banner of 'safety & training' whereby having once overcome the barriers and passed a test they were further restricted by BHP (Brake Horse Power)and limited to engine cc. However no such restrictions are faced by young drivers having passed a test, classic example being pass a test in a 1 litre car and next day but a 200mph roadburner as your first car limited only by financial considerations.
    • While I am in favour of collectively minimising our impact on the environment, we all know that governments need to raise money in order to remain in control. A simple and fair tax is perfectly acceptable to most people (the old fashioned tythe) if used in order to benefit society as a whole BUT most governments unfortunately having tasted power, in many cases like to retain this and so find increasingly diverse ways to raise capital, thus while driving around in "company cars" and flying worldwide, all paid for by us, impose taxes that target certain areas of the population under the umbrella guise of it being good for the environment, or by targeting a minority group that cannot answer back. There appears to be an anti-leisure vehicle policy a work today; first by changing the driving licence rules so that a proportion of new drivers are having their choice of car and caravan outfit restricted, and now by taxing motorhome owners to a point where many will seriously consider whether it is worth buying one. We have seen the demise of many caravan manufacturers over the years, and I predict the same will happen to MH manufacturers in the years to come. As a matter of interest the government has responded to the petition and this response has been posted on our sister site Caravan Talk. As always; unless otherwise stated, my posts are my personal thoughts and have the same standing as any other approved member of Motorhome Talk.
    • Political Correctness was the death of not only Freedom of Speech but also Freedom of Choice, once on the popular bandwagon (of the day) driven by lobbyists and activists our political leaders will adopt any policy to appear supportive of 'responsible' legislation. Which should go some way in answering the points made by Scania & Gordon, if the general population of the UK were fully minded regarding climate change then why isn't the Green Party in government running the country with a massive majority?? Talk the talk, don't walk the walk !!! Before too long it will not matter what engine you have in your MH (NEW OR OLD) it will be banned from ever increasing ''Zones'' Today Euro 6 is considered acceptable, but kid yourself not, for how much longer??
    • Hi Plaskovski, sorry I'm late replying but only just got back today from 2 week holiday in Lanzarote. If you look in Browse Forums for Motorhome Holidays and scroll down the topics you will see my France Trip in some detail (France 2017) Routes & Campsites with photo's. If you need more then send me a Message Direct. Regards Brian
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