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There were no help files provided with this version of the software so we are providing these guidelines as an ongoing task and as things change we will endeavour to keep these help files up to date, however if you see any errors or omissions please let us know by sending a PM to Admin.
To report a forum access problem, until we have a dedicated email address for Motorhome Talk, please send an email to Admin@caravantalk.co.uk
Thank you.



Limited access for guests.

Motorhome Talk is free to browse as a guest, however the areas that can be seen are restricted, and guests are able to participate in any discussions or ask questions. We would encourage anyone interested to register as a member to obtain the full benefit of this free forum.


How to Register

How to register and the added benefits of being a registered member.

To be able to enjoy all of the features available to the community, you will need to sign up for a membership account. Registration is easy and only takes a moment to complete.

To sign up, click the "Sign Up" link in the header bar at the top of any page and scroll to the bottom of the page to read the terms of forum use and our privacy policy. If you agree with these, return to the top of the page and provide your email address and choose a password. In addition we ask you to supply some basic information about yourself and your outfit. If you opt to receive news and updates, these will be sent to your email address. After ticking the box to confirm your agreement with the small print in our terms of use, click the "Create My Account" box to complete the registration process.


We require all applicants verify their email address by clicking a link in an automatic email that we will send you. A member of Admin must then manually approve your membership whereupon we will send automatic confirmation of your membership approval to your registered email address.


Logging In and Out

How to log in and out from the board.


Logging In
Once your membership has been approved, you can log in by pressing the "Existing User? Sign In" button at the top of any page and entering your log in name and the password you used when you registered. If you tick the "Remember Me" box you will not have to sign in when you visit the community in future. This ability can be very useful, but should not be used if other people have access to your computer or if you are using a public computer.

Locked Account

Note that if you lock your account by typing in the wrong password too many times, this will need to be unlocked by an Administrator before you can use your new password. Please contact an administrator by email to Admin@caravantalk.co.uk for assistance if you encounter trouble with a locked account.


Logging Out
To log out click your profile name then scroll down and click on the "Sign Out" link.


Posting on the forum

To add a comment to an existing thread simply scroll to the end of the topic and type your text in the "Reply to this topic..." text box and click "Submit Reply".


There are a number of editing options shown above the text box.

In the first section, after highlighting selected text you can make the text bold (B), set as italics (I), underline the text (U), or show the text as strike through (S).

In the second section an external link can be added to selected text. First highlight the text and click on the link symbol; this opens a new window where in the upper box you can either paste or type a URL to link to, while in the lower box the previously highlighted text is shown and may be edited. Finally click on "Insert into post", or click the small "X" at the top to cancel.

The quotation symbol inserts a quotation box into your post and allows you to either directly type in text, or paste text from the clipboard. When submitted your post will show things here in a quotation box.

If you have permission the <> symbol allows you to directly enter BBCode (bulletin board code) into the text box.

The smiley face allows you to select from, and by clicking them, insert a number of standard emoticons.

The third section contains options to insert a bullet list, or a numbered list into your post.

The fourth section contains justification options for left, centralised, right or full justification.

The fifth section permits you to change the text colour from a basic colour pallet, alter the text size although we ask that you only use this option occasionally and excessively large text may be resized or removed by our moderators. The final symbol showing a magnifying glass over a page permits you to alter the size of the text box to match your chosen device, whether a Laptop/PC, Tablet or Smart Phone.


At the foot of the text box there is an option to insert a file from your computer by clicking "Choose Files..." and then navigating to the file location. Click on the file name, and then "open" to upload the file as an attachment. Attached files can be deleted via the dustbin symbol superimposed on them. Alternatively a file can be dragged directly into the text box.

To include an attached file within the body of the text place the cursor where you want to insert it then click once on the "+" symbol of the uploaded attachment.

Some members have a further option to "Insert other media" either from an attachment or directly from an external URL by clicking the grey box to the right, and choosing from the drop down menu.

If you wish to be notified of thread responses, click the "Notify me of replies" to show the icon green. This option can be turned off  again to show a white cross in a grey box.

Once you are happy with your post, clicking on the "Submit Reply" box completed the operation.

After submitting your post there is a limited time in which you can edit it to correct mistakes, and add or delete sections of text. After this time (typically 30 minutes) the editing option is locked off.

When replying to another member's post you can include a quotation of their post within your text box by clicking on the word "Quote" at he foot of their post. Clicking the "+" symbol on one or more posts will place them onto a clipboard. You can quote from a post or posts from another thread using this option. From the reply text box click on the "Quote 'n' posts" to insert the quotations. Click the small "X" to discard them from the clipboard.


Report a Post

If at any time you see a post you believe to be unacceptable, either because of the subject, the use of bad language  or personal abuse, this post can be flagged for the attention of our moderators by clicking on the words "Report post" shown in grey text at the top left of the post concerned. This will quote the post and give you an opportunity to add a reason for reporting it before submitting your report.  Reports are confidential and not generally acknowledged but they are visible to all moderators so appropriate action can be taken.


Recovering lost or forgotten passwords

How to reset your password if you've forgotten it.

Security is a big feature on this board, and to that end, all passwords are encrypted when you register. This means that we cannot email your password to you as we hold no record of your 'unencrypted' password. You can however, apply to have your password reset.

If you have forgotten your password, click on "Existing User? Sign In"  followed by the "Forgot your password?" link on the sign in page below the password box. This will take you to a page where you can enter your email address, and we will then email you with a link to reset your password to a temporary random string. Use this to log in and via your profile settings you can then change your password to something you prefer.


Contacting a Moderator or Administrator

Where to find a list of the board moderators and administrators.

If you need to contact a moderator, or simply wish to view the complete administration team, you can click the "Staff" option under the Browse tab found at the head of the forum to show our administrators and moderators. There is an option to send a message to any of them under each name.


Note that you can report the content of a post by clicking on the "Report Post" option at the top of all posts. You will then be given the option to add a short message that will be submitted to Admin together with a quotation of the reported post when you click on "Submit Report".


Personal Messages


PM Icon

The envelope icon in the header allows you to send a private message to another forum member.


PM Icon - Compose New

Fill in the required fields manually using the recipients forum name and a subject of your choosing then type your message in the text box below. Add any media you wish such as an image, and click on "Send"

Messages can also be sent when viewing another members profile.


PM Icon - Go To Inbox

This allows you to view and reply to private messages you have received from other members.

The display method can be customised and you can filter or sort the messages from here.




Notifications Icon

This bell shaped icon allows you to view all notifications you have opted for.

See Settings - Account Settings - Other Settings to set up which notifications you receive and how they are sent.


+ Create


Create New Content - Articles in Articles

From here you can write an article for other members to read.


Create New Content - Video in Media demo

Here you can add a video for other members to view. 


Create New Content - Topic

From here you can start a thread by choosing a topic area from the drop down menu and clicking "Continue".

After completing the required fields select "Submit Topic".

Click on "Cancel" at any time to exit.


Create New Content - Gallery

From here select "Members Album Category" and either create a new album, or choose an existing album to upload an image (or images) to and follow the onscreen instructions.


Your Settings

Editing contact information, personal information, signatures, board settings, languages and style choices.


Content - Profile

You can access your settings from any page by selecting your name at the top of the screen and then selecting "Profile". Note that all memberships will initially (and hopefully continue to) show zero warning points.


Click on the text "Edit Profile" at the top of the page allows you to add and change information about yourself. Click on "Save" at the foot of the page to update this information.


Click on the text "Cover Photo" at the top of the page allows you to add a small avatar that will appear against all of your posts.


Click on the text "See my activity" will display your recent posts.


Click on the word "Enable" at the foot of the page allows the names of other members who have looked at your profile to be displayed.


There may be other text on this page that is active depending upon preferences set by the board admin.


Content - My Attachments

A list of files you have attached to posts is shown here and there are various options to filter the listing.


Settings - Manage followed content

Here there are options to customise what (if any) content you follow on the forum


Settings - Account settings

Here is displayed an overview of your settings showing your display name on the forum and your registered email address but your password is hidden.


Click on "Email address" and follow the on screen instructions to update your registered email. Any forum messages and notifications will be sent to this new address.


Click on "Password" and follow the onscreen instructions to update your password. You will be required to enter your old password followed by the new one twice (a second time to verify).


Click on "Display Name" and follow the onscreen instructions to alter this setting.

Note this option is only available to established members with greater than 100 posts, however an administrator can change this anytime at your request if necessary.


Click on "Notification Settings" to customise which (if any) notifications are sent to you. Although we rarely send out  emails this page also allows you to opt in or out of our 'news and information' mailing list.


Click on "Edit Profile" to go to the same page as accessed from "Content - Profile" above.


Click on "Ignore User" and enter a users name whose posts you do not wish to see. Posts from members on this list will not be displayed in any threads you look at. You can add or remove names from this list anytime.


Forum Headings

Under the heading are a number of tabs.


Browse - Welcome to Motorhome Talk

This shows just the main header that includes an option to see all topics that you have not read and an option to flag all topics as read, thus only new posts will show on your next visit.


Browse - Forums

All forum areas are grouped under a heading, with sub sections containing the various subjects discussed.

Click on any active text to visit the names sub-forum.


Browse - Gallery

This shows images uploaded to Motorhome Talk.


Click on "Add Images" to upload a new image to your personal gallery.

First under Select Category choose "Members Album Category".

Select a name for your album and add an optional short description.

Albums can be public, private, or visible to selected members only under the "Privacy" text.

"Album Features" lets you choose whether comments and / or ratings by other members are permitted.

Click "Create New Album" to open a new window where you can drag an image into the upload box or click on "Choose Files" to browse your computer for a file to upload.

Double click the file to insert it. Repeat for more images and then click "Continue". You can add a short description against your image(s).

Click "Finish Editing Images" to upload.


Browse - Blogs

This allows you to access your own and other members blogs uploaded to Motorhome Talk.


Browse - Guidelines

This allows you to read the help information given in these guidelines


Browse - Staff

This shows the list of forum "Staff" as indicated under the Contacting an Administrator or Moderator section of these guidelines.


Browse - Online Users

This displays a list of all members currently online (where on previous versions this was shown permanently at the foot of every page).


Activity - All Activity

This shows all activity on the forum and the display updates automatically. There is an option to display a condensed listing (showing just the thread headings) or an expanded listing where the first few lines of the latest unread post are displayed for each topic. At he bottom of the page there is an option to show more (earlier) threads.


Activity - My Activity Streams

Each member can choose how to customise their display of recent forum activity under the following headings;

Unread Content, Content I started, Content I follow, Members I follow and Content I posted in.


Activity - Unread Content

This is a short cut tab to the same screen accessed under "My Activity Streams".


Activity - Content I Started

This is a short cut tab to the same screen accessed under "My Activity Streams".


Activity - Search

This allows you to search using keywords for particular topics or subjects under the "Content Search" tab or for other members under "Member Search" tab. In each case the search can be customised to look only in certain areas of the forum and / or within defined time windows.



Currently this tab is unused


Drop down menu

The drop down menu is where you set up your personal preferences for the board.

You can customise how the board looks and operates for you from here.

It is accessed by clicking your profile name, at the right side of the header bar.


Content - Profile

Header bar - Edit Profile

You can change various information about yourself and add optional information here

Fields with a red asterisk are required fields, so cannot be left blank.


Header bar - Cover Photo

Here by clicking on upload photo you can add a small avatar to your profile that will be displayed against all of your posts.

Acceptable formats are:  gif, jpeg, jpe, jpg and png. Drag a file into the box, or "Choose a single file" to select a file from your computer menu and click "Save" to upload.


Header bar

The main header bar shows your group status and your registered forum name.


Header bar - Content count

This displays the number of approved posts you have made.


Header bar - Joined

This displays the date you joined the forum.


Header bar - Last visited

This shows the last date that you logged on to the forum.


Header bar - See my activity

As the name suggests this will display your recent activity on the forum under the following headings.


Header bar - See my activity - All Activity


Header bar - See my activity - Profiles

Status Updates

Status Replies


Header bar - See my activity - Articles


Article Comments


Header bar - See my activity - Media Demo


Video Comments


Header bar - See my activity - Forums




Header bar - See my activity - Blogs

Blog entries

Blog Comments


Profile - Warning:

Most members will see "0 warning points"  and underneath this "No restrictions being applied"

If you have broken any forum rules and have been contacted about this you may see a number against the warning points and details of any restrictions being applied. Details are listed further down these guidelines.


Profile - Followers

There is a sub heading bar marked "Followers".

The number of members following your posts is shown to the left of this header, while on the right there is an option to allow or not allow followers.


Profile - About (your forum ID)

Below this header bar we show the area of the forum you are viewing followed by your name.


Profile - Profile information

This displayed the date you have entered for when your motorhome insurance is due, or "N/A" if the information is not supplied.


Profile - Gender

Your gender as indicated when you registered with the forum, or the text, "Not Telling".


Profile - Recent Profile Visitors

Here is indicated the number of times your profile has been viewed by other members and the names of recent visitors.


Activity Tab

A summary of your recent activity is displayed here.


Activity Tab - View Profile

This will return you to your profile screen.


Albums Tab

You can see and access any image albums you have created from here and by clicking on the album name customise the album and add or remove images.


Content - My Attachments


My Attachments - Attachment Quota

This shows the percentage of your allocated disk space you have used and below you personal MB limit.


My Attachments - Header bar

Here are displayed the number of attachments you have added to your posts.


My Attachments - Header bar - Filter By





My Attachments - Header bar - Sort By

Upload date




Settings - Manage Followed Content

Details to be written


Settings - Account Settings


Overview - Email Address

Here you may optionally change your registered email address. This is the email address wee will use for any communications from the forum including digest or summaries you may have opted for.


Overview - Password

Here you may change your password although there are limits on how often this may be done depending upon your forum status.


Overview - Display Name

Here you may change your profile name displayed to others on the forum but only after you have submitted 100 posts. If you require to change your name before this please contact a member of Admin who can make the change for you.


Other Settings - Notification Settings

You can select various options of how or when we notify you of board activity and you can opt in or out of receiving occasional emails that may be sent to all members. Not all options are active for all member groups.

Browser notifications can all be turned on/off from this screen, allowing you to temporarily opt out while leaving the settings intact, for example when you are on holiday.


Other Settings - Edit Profile

This takes you to the same screen as the "Edit Profile" tab in the header bar.


Other Settings - Ignored Users

If you choose to ignore all posts, messages, signatures, or references from members you name here, so none of the opted fields will be visible to you when viewing the forum.


Other Settings - Ignored Users - Filtered By

You can customise the "Ignored Users" settings, and the "Filter By" tab allows you to decide how you customise the list.


Settings - Sign Out

Click here to log out from the forum. We recommend you do this at the end of every session, particularly if you are using a shared computer.





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