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So I begin my foray into the PV world. 
Having read a few posts, it all sounds rather complicated - lots of numbers etc !
This is probably a really basic query that you all have made (sorry) but I gotta start somewhere.

I am presently running my engine for 1Hr every 6 weeks or so, (vehicle is SORN) to keep batteries (both) charged.  Obviously not an ideal scenario.
So, initially my query is whether I can SAFELY plug just a PV panel to cig. lighter socket and magically escape the battery going flat ( and avoid running a cold engine for 60 mins).
Or will I need some controller device to be sure of not cooking the battery(s) ?


Following from that, the domestic heater burns diesel and won't run when the leisure Batt falls below about 75% charge (according to gauge - which I've never seen show 100%).
All my use is parked up off grid. Running motor on tickover for 1hr puts enough charge in for about 1.5 days heating. 

So I will need to move to some PV solution for spring trip. For this I will really be starting from scratch.
I have read posts about splitting the charge to both Batts etc - all sounds daunting for a Newbie. And although I have maintained my own vehicles all my life, Solar/PV is an unknown for me !

Any suggestions (including  sources to become more knowledgeable) would be welcome . . . . .


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Hi Steve, I use a Solar Panel which is connected to a small Control Unit which then sends power to the batteries, unfortunately I have no experience where PV is concerned but assume some type of controller would be required.

Plugging direct into a socket designed for other uses is not a good idea.

If you can't find the answer on the internet you could try the company who actually built the van, or you could be lucky that someone on this forum knows all about PV units.

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On 16/11/2020 at 16:36, Klentta said:

I am presently running my engine for 1Hr every 6 weeks or so, (vehicle is SORN) to keep batteries (both) charged.  Obviously not an ideal scenario.

It's not as bad as you may think as running an engine periodically will usually be better than letting it stand as it keeps the fluids moving. That is not to say that photovoltaic cells would not be a good idea if you are parked up off-grid.

We don't have PV cells installed on our MH however we do have an onboard generator that could be run from time to time if needed. As it is, that is rarely used as the MH is stored at home where there is an EHU available.


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