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we are new to motor homes, as there is no Solar panel fitted can anyone recommend a suitable one to charge two battery's  on our Adria , its got a tracker fitted , also alarmed, its on a storage site 20mls away so need to be on solar panel, I presume you can charge two battery's from one panel? also what about the engine battery.


thanks in advance 



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We have used suitcase generators with several caravans, and have an onboard generator in our current MH, so have used these sparingly out of consideration for other campers, and while I appreciate that solar panels are less intrusive unfortunately I have little experience of them. Hopefully though someone will soon be along to give their recommendations.


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We have a large Bosch 110amp Solar Panel mounted on the actual roof rack.

The controller has 2 outputs to charge both batteries, we actually added a 3rd battery and linked all 3 together so each received a top up charge.

I installed the complete system myself quite easily mostly thanks to having the roof rack rather than drilling holes in the roof itself for mounting.

The wiring is simple requiring only basic skills plus planning on how & where to route the cables once inside the MH using cable trunking.

We did do a lot of wildcamping and found the system ideal but for those who mostly use campsites where hook up is available I don't really see any direct benefit.


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Our motorhome had a solar panel fitted as standard. Unfortunately due to Bailey penny pinching they only connected it to leisure battery despite installing a controller capable of providing links to both cab and leisure batteries? 


I would have thought that a solar panel would be ideal for your circumstances providing your van is stored in the open. I imagine the tracker and alarm are linked to the cab battery so it would be important to set the controller to send a higher charge to the cab battery. Often with a twin setup the cab battery is only set to receive 10% of the charge but you would probably want to change that so a higher percentage goes to the cab battery. When using the van for touring when it will get a charge from the engine you could reset the ratio in favour of the leisure battery.



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Looking at your post you wanted a recommendation. My van came with 150w  of solar panels with a dual battery charger regulator. The previous owner also fitted a battery master to trickle charge the cab battery, why they didnt use the 2nd solar output I dont know.



 both components have worked for me without fault.


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