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3 hours ago, Caveman1002 said:

I don't see wind generators being used on motorhomes/campers. Why is this? 

Probably because, while efficient when the wind blows, wind generators can be noisy, whereas solar power is pretty much guaranteed during daylight hours and is silent.


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I suppose as motorhomes tend to move on quite frequently you would have the bother of packing them away and storing them. Solar panels combined with latest generation batteries there really shouldn't be a need?



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I have done a lot of Winter Storm Chasing in North Wales while wild camping using a combination of engine generated power on the journey there and my large roof mounted solar panel without any problems. I keep my MH on home hook up so plenty of charge before setting out, that is of course before Lockdowns became popular.

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On 02/11/2020 at 22:12, bikerbri said:

. . .  that is of course before Lockdowns became popular.

Popular? Necessary maybe but I'd not describe it as popular. :unsure:


We've managed for the past ten years or so with a combination of EHU and charging en route from the engine. We do however have an onboard geerator that could be used to top up the batteries if staying off-grid for any length of time. Not ideal but it is the standard arrangement of the RV.


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