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Anyone planning a campsite booking mostly in France be aware that if it is part of the Sunelia Group Parent Company who operate 4&5* sites under a variety of names will ask for a 30% deposit with booking but unlike guarantee's given in the Terms & Conditions should you cancel the booking within the allowed time no amount of E Mails requesting a refund will be forthcoming.

I cancelled 27th March and 14 E Mails later including 4 requests by them for the same Bank Details (all supplied) as of current date no refund or even response.

Sunelia may be victim of Covid-19 but so are hundreds more 7 of which did refund me with no drama.

A list of all their sites on the website Sunelia Vacances are available to view.

Individual customers appear to be of no consequence especially if your not French!!


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We are actually going to France on 1st Sept to Saint Tropez, I will ring our chosen site 2 days prior to leaving rather than pre-book.

I always have several back-ups whenever we travel and optional destinations.

As for Sunelia they may well be in financial difficulties which makes any booking an increased risk, there is more than one way to lose a deposit.

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12 hours ago, klyne said:

I suppose it depends on what time of year you go but we haven't booked in France for years. 



hi David ,,i was told this by lots of people on here ,,but a few said if you want a particular site book it ,,and i am glad i did last September it was full i watched many caravans and motor homes drive in ,,and drive out ,,because there was no room ,,so i have booked it for this sept and i have been sent sent a list of available pitches ,,about 10 left for the two weeks ,,and on the sea front ,,depends if your not bothered where you going i suppose ,,

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