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Chausson Welcome 620 anyone?

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Hi Richard,

Welcome to Motorhome Talk. I cannot comment upon your choice of conversion but I do like the base vehicle. I have driven numerous MHs and personally I find the current Peugeot cab (and equivalents) impose a visual restriction with regard to the driver's side door mirror, as for me this aligns perfectly with the frame between the quarter light and the opening door window. I know that may manufacturers use this base vehicle and I have no concerns over the vehicle itself, just the fact that with the seat positioned for my comfort, I am not happy with the rear view.

Mirror - 2015 NEC MH 002.jpg Mirror - 2015 NEC MH 001.jpg

Conversely I have driven MHs with the Transit cabs, and they have a different arrangement that allows me to make full use off the rear view mirror.

Mirror - 2015 NEC MH 004.jpg

I'm not aware of any serious adverse comments about Chausson conversions so I trust that your choice will serve you well for years to come.


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I often wonder about automotive designers, do they actually drive the vehicles they create?

I doubt there is a style of vehicle that does not have simple but annoying 'faults' designed to spoil the driving experience, cars especially and as Gordon points out motorhomes are not exempt. I know a few people with Chausson conversions and mostly the feedback is positive but best to follow the golden rule and have a good test drive in whatever your thinking of buying to ensure everything is to your liking.


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