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Bailey Alliance 66-2

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Ive been offered a year old Bailer Alliance 66-2 at a knock down price. Cost £55k last year, but offered at £30k.
The lady has lost her husband in the last 2/3 weeks and she just wants to ‘get rid of it‘.


We are long term caravanners but of late, have been considering a change to a motorhome....so this may be opportune, whee it not for 2 issues.


Firstly, it’s not the model/ layout we would be considering, so I would anticipate only using it to establish if we were going to be committed motorhomers....and if not, sell it.


Secondly, because I would expect to sell it again (either to get a model of our choice or stay with caravan) I don’t want to ‘gamble’ a lot of capital on a resale risk. BUT I feel awkward not offering this poor woman a good price under the circumstances. I don’t want to be seen to taking advantage of her and the situation but I don’t really want THAT model.


 Would appreciate the thoughts/suggestions of motorhome owners.






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We have a 2019 Bailey Alliance 66-2. You don't mention what year the one for sale is? The Alliance has only been going for a couple of years. However I don't recognise the price of £55000 unless there was a massive amount of extras fitted.Normal list price is around £50000.  If it is for sale at £30000 it is grossly underpriced, even at £40000 it would be a bargain. Are you sure it is a genuine offer? Are you able to go and view? I appreciated that it sounds a good price but I would want to establish that it was genuine. Motorhomes that are offered for sale at cheap prices can be scams especially if you are asked to pay for it before seeing it or have to pay a deposit before viewing. I can see the attraction of the price but if it is genuine she has been badly advised. I think you need to ask a few more questions. The sort of thing I have in mind is why is she not asking the supplying dealer to sell it on her behalf. If it is genuine and buy it for the price mentioned I doubt you would lose money if you sold it a few months later and you even might make a profit. You will forgive my concern about it seeming a bit fishy!!!



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