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Wohnmobilhaen Eiderblick, Rendsburg, Germany

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This years Easter break was spent at this stellplatz. Simply put, the best one we have ever used in Germany! As can be seen in the photo, it has been awarded a "top 10" place every year since 2005, so it appears that I am not the only one that has that opinion!




All of the pitches are hard standing and level, even if some people did insist on using levellers! Its run by a german association called NGD, which may put some off as it is connected to the church. Its within walking/cycling distance of the town, so there are no problems to find something to do.


For the first time, they had arranged what they call an "Easter Special." Three nights stay, tour of Rendsburg on the Saturday afternoon, dinner on the same evening, and breakfast on the Sunday. We were all surprised to find that small gifts of chocolate Easter eggs and rabbits were placed by every Camper on the Sunday morning.


The tour had a professional guide and was both interesting and informative especially if one has an interest in both civil and military history.


The dinner was typical german food. A gulasch, sausage (of course) and beer. The atmosphere at the dinner was jovial. Helped along by a group of Norwegians singing Christmas drinking songs. Of course, the fact that they invited all to schnapps was not exactly an obstacle! 


More photos to come in the next posting.






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Thanks for posting the link. I read through it earlier, and thought it appropriate to write a few words regarding stellplatz.


Standards do tend to vary a lot. As I mentioned in my opening post, this was the best one we have used. Like the one mentioned in the link, it had a gravel surface. The biggest difference was that the pitches were bigger. I would guess around the 65sq. metre mark for ours. So we werent "cheek to jowl" with our neighbours.


Surfaces do vary from good to bad. The worst one I can think of offhand was grass that was poorly drained. Even after a light rainfall, there was a major risk of getting stuck. That particular site had the worst facilities we have so far seen. The stench from the toilets was only matched by the stench from the showers! To add a bit of humour, they were the kind of place that you wiped your feet on the way out! :D Although the stellplatz of the thread could really have had more showers and toilets, they were absolutely spotlessly clean.


In regards to the cost of electricity that was mentioned in the link, I fully agree. It is expensive in Germany, especially when it has to be paid for by using €0,50 coins in a machine. Again though, the price varies. On some places, electricity is pre-paid when checking in, and a refund given upon checking out. Others have a flat rate per day. Its as was stated, it can get expensive though if propane is not available. Many, such as ourselves that travel to Germany on a regular basis will make sure that they have 2 full 11kg bottles at the start of the trip. If our Camper did not have the storage for two bottles, quite honestly, it would not have been bought!


I suppose what I am trying to say is this. Just like Campsites, there are good and bad stellplatz. This particular one was better than a 5 star campsite we stayed on last year. In comparison to that one, not only did it feel more secure, it was more suited for the disabled as well.

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If they were all like the Fussen one I would be more than happy to use the. We had intended to stay at another one near Heidelberg but when we got there it was full so we carried on to a campsite we had used before about 20 miles away. If you ever get to Austria and want to visit Graz this camperstop is worth considering, really excellent facilities, 

It was previously a campsite.  http://www.davidklyne.co.uk/stellplatz_graz.html





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