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Hi to all.We have just (sept 2018) purchased our first new motorhome being a swift kontiki 669 hiline.We have been caravanning for the last 30+ years and tenting before and inbetween changing vans.both myself and my good lady wife come from tenting and caravan backgrounds with my parents liking touring and the wifes like statics.So Now that 3 of the 4 of our children have flown the nest and got there own caravans,the wife and i decided to try a change at motorhoming.So approx 4 years ago we thought that we would hire a moho first(ford cab based chasson 3 ) to make sure that we did like it before jumping in at the deep end.The layout wasnt to our liking but it gave us a basic idea of what to expect. leveling ramps and things like that,that are totally different to a caravan.

Although we still have the caravan,it seems that our daughter has had more use since buying the moho.But thats children. So we have always liked the idea of max space in either the van or a moho as it saves thing like awnings and being cramped up.So that why we decided on the Twin rear axle mohome giving us the extra payloads too. I know they have there dis advantages but we think the more pos outways the neg.

Another reason for moving to the moho was that of more recent year we have found that we dont tend to take longer stops in 1 place but do like only 3 or 4 days in 1 place then move to another site.secondly if we dont like the pitch but like the site and dont have the best of neighbours we can just come back and pick another pitch.(seems to me that smaller children dont have the manors they used to have with ball games and bike etc) last year on 1 pitch we had a football kicked under our van must have been 20 times by a 3 yearold.and what can you say to them really.So this was another trigger of moving to the mohome.

So this year we have decided that we wanted to take the plunge and go on a 3 week hols to france and maybe top of spain.We will be looking out for any tips of any type with regards to this.we have been all over the world with work etc in the past so taking our own home will be nicer than living out of a suit case holiday abroad.Saying that we did have a good run of sunshime in the uk in 2018 and lets hope this year will be the same or more.

We do try and go away most weekend and every other oportunity we get,or even just days out at the seaside NT. we have 2 litle Daxxies that do like to come as they love there walks too.So all in all moving over to the Moho will be a good alrounder.

many thanx for allowing us to join

Simon and Carolyn

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Hi Simon, welcome to the forum.

I have recently completed an extensive tour of Spain & France so if you know roughly which area's you have in mind I would be happy to help.

If you look in Motorhome Holidays under 'Forum Browse' that's where to find good advice and idea's.

I'm off for my second tour of France end of May for 5 weeks. See you in Saint Tropez:D




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Hi Brian.thanx for the replies and help.there is a question i would like to ask.

1) i understand that you have taken out the ADAC and have tried to read about it but most is in german(obviously).but i can see anything about terms and conditions.I have also been thru the caravan clubs re pennant and it states about the size and weight restrictions.Most of these are outside of our moho,so where does that leave us to look.

Ive tried the uk site of adac ,but as said it a bit hard to follow.so do you have any linkl as the the cover policy etc etc.tia.


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Hi Simon, ADAC no longer accept new memberships from anyone outside Germany but do renew existing customers.

The subject of European Breakdown Cover has been debated on Forums (Browse) so try looking there or place another 'Topic' asking Forum members who they use.

As far as I remember AA does not do it and RAC charge a fortune but some Camping Clubs offer it to members I'm told.




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