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Hi from Spain

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I have just joined this forum as I have part exchanged my caravan for a motorhome which I should get next month.


My caravan was an Adria Adora 593UP bought at the beginning of this year. My wife was getting stressed with the size as it is 8m long and also the inevitable surging was causing issues with her bad back.




As a result we have now ordered an Adria Sonic I700SC from the same dealer we bought the caravan from. They have given us virtually what we paid for the caravan in part exchange. We are looking forward to joining the motorhomer's next month when the Spanish workers come back off holiday and can PDI it for us.



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Hi Valkrider,

I welcome you to Motorhome Talk and hope you will find this a friendly and informative forum. I am sorry to hear that your caravan was unsuitable, though having owned and towed caravans of similar dimensions yours is towards the top end of acceptable for a single axle configuration. We've had caravans of all sizes as you can see from the images below but our present RV works well for now. 


1983 Orestes Classic   7.jpg

Outfit 2003.jpg

2009 Four Winds Hurricane and MGF.jpg

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