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2014 Elddis Accordo Motorhome Preview

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Explorer group flags


The Explorer Group have certainly been busy recently. In addition to reviving the much missed Compass touring caravans brand and revamping all the Elddis, Xplore and Buccaneer models, they have also found time to produce a brand new motorhome for 2014 - the Elddis Accordo.

Elddis Accordo 105 & 125


The Accordo’s compact dimensions will be a key selling feature, and could be a particular hit with new motorhomers; with an exterior length just shy of 6m, and an interior width of 2m, a raft of benefits present themselves - easier maneuverability, cheaper ferry crossings, more parking options and greater fuel efficiency. 
However, the interior headroom of 6ft 4in (and aren’t you glad I switched to imperial there?) means that unless you are hosting a small on-board convention for the National Basketball Association, you shouldn’t be pushed for standing room.
You may be wondering if such a daintily proportioned motorhome has room enough for your desired lifestyle specification. Well, both Elddis Accordo layouts includes a 95-litre fridge, combi oven and grill, 3-burner hob, 90-litre fresh water tank and 70-litre waste water tank. 
Speaking of layouts...
The new Elddis Accordo 105 is a 2-berth, end-washroom model; the 3-berth model is the Elddis Accordo 125.

Elddis Accordo layouts


The third birth in the 125 model is small, designed realistically for a child.
Both models follow the Elddis Belts=Berths rule; all potential sleep-ers are safely catered for by the Accordo’s seatbelts.

Elddis Accordo Belts=Berths


The Accordo 125, in addition to its fixing points for a rear mounted bike rack, has a rather large rear access locker which caught our eye as were made our way appraisingly around the exterior. You can see exactly how large for yourself in our preview below.
The Elddis Accordo is made with Elddis’ pioneering SoLiD Construction method, and comes backed up by the 10 year water ingress warranty. Both models boast Silver GRP sides, with an aluminium roof and rear panel.
Cab Spec.
The Elddis Accordo is built on the low-line Peugeot Tempo Libero medium wheelbase chassis, powered by Peugeot’s 2.2 litre 130bho turbo diesel engine.
The cab has an openable sunroof and comes with air conditioning and cruise control as standard.
The Accordo 105 model is priced at £36,349, while the 3-berth 125 model will cost you £36,649.
Elddis Accordo 105 & 125 preview...

Elddis Accordo 105 & 125 close-up

Elddis Accordo 105

Elddis Accordo 125 rear corner

Elddis Accordo 105 cab

Elddis Accordo 105 interior

Elddis Accordo 105 kitchen

Elddis Accordo 125 decor

Elddis Accordo 125 interior

Elddis Accordo 125 rear locker

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