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We switched from a rather lovely Eriba caravan to a very gorgeous motorhome in January this year.   Our Eriba afforded us wonderful travel experiences over 7 years but it was time to move on so we bought a used Adria Coral Supreme 680ST and love hime to bits.   We have just returned from a 2 month trip down to the south of Spain - Cadiz which was pretty wonderful...and a very different experience to travelling in the caravan in so many ways.... better in all aspects but one...the only thing we missed was the car....soooooo...we're now in the process of purchasing 2 ebikes for our next trip in the autumn.  We'd been thinking of a motorhome for some time so had a pretty good idea of the layout that would work for us...we love Harvey (that's his name) his layout is absolutely perfect for us.

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